Some more awesome things from the Alternative Fair!

From Moloko, the Cut-X Shirt is a sexy addition to any wardrobe. Available in a range of colours and affordable price, you can pick up just one or a few for your inventory. Little Boy Blue has the stunning Castalia's Song jewellry in their donation vendor. Gorgeous paua and delicate flowers and beads combine to make this a set that will dress up any outfit.

The Black Canary's donation vendor has Demure, an aptly named outfit. The black and white dress looks amazing with or without the black undershirt, and with the gloves and headdress, its perfect for the lolita in everyone.

Acid and Mala have a very elaborate and gorgeous Dragon Tattoo in their donation vendor. Its unisex, with layers for men and women.

And some Fair Freebies. The skin from Mango Mango, Collar from *Dreams* and the Rene Shirts from Sn@tch (link broken) can be found lying around the sims in boxes.

Taxi 1 Pulse
Taxi 2 Snatch City
Taxi 3 Nomine
Taxi 4 New Kadath

I have a few more fun things I found at the Alternative Fair to share today.

I was browsing one of the stores at the Fair and this tornado attachment screamed at me that I had to have it!!! Called Tornado Twister, its an fab addition to your inventory, especially when you want to get creative with picture taking, or just feel like causing a bit of mayhem. Its from WorN and is just awesome!!!

By far, my fav freebie at the Fair is the Indequate Mozzie Squasher from Grim Bros. It comes with three attacking mozzie groups, the swatter and some tees. Its a bit of fun and highlights the theme behind the event - raising money for Mozzie Nets.

Sn@tch (link broken) has another donation vendor item - the uber smexy Dirty Pop dress in a Fair exclusive colour, wine. It has two skirt options - flared and skintight, and the most adorable and sexy shoulder straps. Its definately one of my new fav dresses! The skin is a donation vendor item from Ironik Kitties, called Griselda. Its a sexy, sultry dark eyed look in a pale tone. It also comes with a shape.

There is a super adorable collaboration between *Dreams* and Snatch at the *Dreams* store. Called Captain Kitty, it has a tank from *Dreams*, jacket and pants from Snatch and the tail and hat with ears has elements from both stores. Its a must have!

Taxi 1 Pulse
Taxi 2 Snatch City
Taxi 3 Nomine
Taxi 4 New Kadath

The Alternative Fair has just opened and is choc full of some of the best alternative stores and fashions in Second Life. Featuring over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles, its an exciting place to explore and maybe get some inpiration or experiment with your look.

World Malaria Day is April 25th and In partnership with the Nothing But Nets Campaign we hope to raise a lot of money for our Charity Team and raise lots of awareness and interest for the often overlooked Alternative Clothing, Accessory, Hair and Skin designers in Second Life. Malaria is preventable, but causes nearly 500 million illnesses each year and kills more then 1 million of them who become infected. Ninety percent of deaths caused by malaria happen in Africa, where the disease is a leading killer of children. Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria and we CAN do something to stop that. Every 10 dollars USD that we raise buys a bed net for a family and protects them for years.

Sn@tch (link broken) has one of their amazing skins in their donation vendor. The Bruised Plush Skin comes in two make up options and tone 1 - which as you can see is a sexy pale tone. It looks incredible with other donation items - the Ribbon Corset and Cheekies from Frick, Ondine Wings in Black from Material Squirrel, and the Crown of Darkness from Black Arts.

Crown and Bruise 2 make up close up shot.

Loving this!!! From Gauze comes the Elistyl outfit which comes complete with pinstripe pants, a fabulous vest top and gloves. Best yet, its unisex, so guys and gals can rock this look. Its got a very "Elvish" feel to it...and looks great with my new wings! Its in their donation vendor and a must have buy!

I grabbed the gift box of freebies that U-neek has out. In it are five great pairs of pants (pant and underwear layer) and the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt tee! I was camming around and saw something I just HAD to get just for the name alone. The Hornswaggle Hair is only $10and is fun, so its a win-win!!!

Sn@tch (link broken) also has a free gift for all visitors. Wish I Could Stop is from The Hunger, their more Gothic inspired sister store and is just gorgeous. With purple satin latex pants and a crop top with puffed sleeves, you will look great. Also worn is the Bruised Skin in the other make up option in the pack.

Check out the Alt Fair and the special items in the Donation Vendors - where 50 or 100% of the purchase price is donated to Nothing But Nets. There are also donation kiosks dotted around the place for random donations. Its a great cause and awesome showcase for the creativity of the designers who dance to their own beat in Second Life.

Taxi 1 Pulse

Taxi 2
Snatch City

Taxi 3 Nomine

Taxi 4 New Kadath

Phoenix Rising is having a sale at their Icon Fashion District store, so run on in to pick up a couple of exclusive gifts for under $10 and to save some money on some fabulous clothing.

The gorgeous Forte Skirts are great for spring and look great with a simple white top or dress them up and they will take you to any event. In a range of colours, you will find the one for you. The Innocence Dress moves beautifully with you whether you are walking or dancing. From the halter top, thick band of colour and swirling pattern around the hem, its another winner for spring.

Impede is a sexy skin tight dress that accentuates every curve and makes any woman look a million lindens. The bodice has a lace detail across the top of the decolletage which makes it one of the sexiest out there. Brace is another sexy outfit that not only looks amazing worn altogether, but can be broken up into seperates. The colourful corset top looks great worn with just jeans. The skirt and waistband corset is a fabulous highwaisted skirt you can wear with anything. It is sold as an outfit complete with the leggings, or as seperate components.

Facade is one of my favourite outfits. The outfit comes complete with jeans, shirts, the gorgeous jacket and double belt in a range of stunning and vibrant colours. All pieces are also sold seperately. The jacket looks just as good worn with nothing underneath!

Run on in to Phoenix Rising at Icon Fashion District to save 20-50% on these and everything else in store...cos who knows when this sale will end and you will kick yourself if you miss out!

Taxi to Phoenix Rising

I enjoy a good hunt, especially when its at one of my favourite stores! Until the 30th of April, Dyn has hidden 9 balloons around the store packed full of goodies. Some are brand new releases...and some are soon to be new releases - so you win bigtime!!!

The sexy Freya top in lilac is hiding in one of the bright green giraffe/llama balloon animal thingies and looks great teamed up with the sexy 2010 Hotpants which you will find in another balloon.

There's just something wearing The Man Shirt and it looks cute with the Black Denim Miniskirt. Keep it for yourself, or drag your male sig other or friends in to grab it for themselves. The Revilio Jeans look awesome with the Black Jess shirt.

The Emma Sequin Top in silver goes gorgeously with the Sequin Cropped Jeans in teal. They look great worn with boots or cropped with the prim attachments.

The last Partytime Hunt outfit is the stunning Kirsten Dress. While I was searching for all the balloon animals, I stumbled across the Diamond in the Rough hunt item and picked up the uber-dazzling Neve Dress.

If you have a bit of free time and want to add a bit of dazzle to your inventory, head over to Dyn and grab these gorgeous outfits!

Taxi to Dyn

New seasons bring fresh new designs and ideas from creators and designers all around the grid.

Indyra Originals is proud to announce the release of the Minerva Dress and Belts and also the Porta Nova Jewellry Sets.

Minerva is a gorgeous empire line dress perfect for the warming up days. The chiffon skirt dances around the legs in a colourful swirl underneath a washed leather belt and stunning halter neck bodice. Available in 10 vibrant colours, you will find one or more to suit your style.

Worn with the dazzling Porta Nova Jewellry, you will make a statement this spring. With faceted clear stones and sunbursts suns with coloured stones in the centres, its a whimsical and delightful way to dress up any look this spring. There is 11 coloured stone sets available.

The Minerva Belts are available seperately and in 16 gorgeous washed out leather finishes, all which have a gold tone finish to give them a slight metallic tinge. They are scripted for easy resizing and come in bright on and off versions, as well as two point attachment. They will add a special touch to any outfit. The classic pearl Porta Nova set worn above is included free with every coloured stone set purchase.

Taxi to Indyra Originals at Icon Fashion District

Taxi to Indyra Originals Main Store

Its Pink Shirt Day tomorrow and the creators of Second Life are so fabulous in creating something pink to share with us in support of this awesome day!

La Petite Morte is one of my favourite places for photography props and sets. To celebrate Pink Shirt Day, they have this fabulous Alley prop on sale at half price! Its not texture changeable, but it is copy/mod, so you can have some fun with it.

Larnia Kids is a store for child avatars, and they are also joining in Pink Shirt Day. As you see, you don't have to be a child avi to wear their PSD contribution. The shirt says "Bullying Stops Here" and looks great with the shorts or jeans which come with it. Another awesome addition is the bright pink Khuckers.

Vanitas Vesture has a pink version of their Lapin shirt out for only $25 as their PSD contribution...and its a great shirt. I love the asymetrical neckline, prim sleeves and the bunny print. Its a fabulous shirt that you will want to wear long after tomorrow!

A-Bomb have the right idea with their PSD tank. Its unisex, so guys, you can wear it too and let the whole of SL know only dicks bully!

[LAP] have this great pose out as a PSD gift. Its called Stronger Together, and is a great pose for showing support for a friend when they are down. Picture by [LAP].

=Hoot= are being a bit different. Instead of a pink shirt, they have a pink pack full of stuff which includes this cute cherry blossom bracelet and colourful panties - cos after all, you need something to wear with all your new pink shirts!

There's also this adorable birdhouse in the pack. It has 5 poses built in, so you'll have a lot of fun with this!

And lastly in the pack...these two gorgeous sets of eyes. I don't know about you, but one is about to go into my eye rotation! =Hoot= has all these in a pack for just $75! You sooo need to grab this pack!!!

Thank you to all the fabulous designers and creators around the Grid who are joining in the call to make a difference and to stop bullying!

Pacadi Jasha has been a force in Second Life fashion for exactly 12 months and one day. Sadly the designers behind the brand have decided to call it a day as real life commitments have become more important.

Whilst its sad to see them go, they have marked everything in store down and are having a huge Closing Sale! You would be silly to miss the fabulous designs at rediculously low prices. And on Saturday 17th at noon on their sim, the Miracle Fashion Show will be their farewell. You don’t want to miss it!

The newly released Kreatura Collection is also reduced in price by 50%, so run in and pick them up before they leave SL!

Aditi is a stunning visual masterpiece. Comprising of a sexy bodysuit with a structured skirt with two wings floating around the whips linked up to a thick belt around the waist, its a showstopping dress. Take off the skirt and you have a sexy bodysuit to wear alone or with pants. I teamed it up with the Square Print Leggings, also from Pacadi Jasha.

Nadei Yada is another sexy bodysuit dress, this time teaming up with a contrasting wool knit skirt which is topped with a gorgeous thick leather belt around the waist.

Riffle is a stunning babydoll inspired dress that is designed to look like petals around the body. Worn with or without the black collar, its a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe and looks good worn alone or with leggings underneath.

Naala is another showstopping dress. With delicate layers floating over the dress and daring see through bodice with nipple tape (included), its a stunner that will make jaws drop when you wear it.

Thank you to the designers behind Pacadi Jasha for making us all look amazing and good luck with your future RL and SL ventures!

Taxi to Pacadi Jasha

The Grid will be awash with pink this Wednesday thanks to Pink Shirt Day. I dunno about you, but Barbie Girl will definately be playing in my head!

*Dreams* has these fabulous shirts in light and hot pink shades, along with a sexy pair of pink jeans. Swing by the store and look for the big pink box to grab some awesome pinkness! An added bonus - everything pink in store will be 50% you definately want to support *Dreams* and support Pink Shirt Day!

Bliensen + MaiTai have gone all out and created a whole ensemble for you for Pink Shirt Day. There's the fabulously kooky hair, gorgeous earrings, sexy strapless dress and pumps - all for a super $150! Its worth grabbing just for the hair and earrings - the pumps and dress are just a great bonus!

Kissed by Lithium has these two fabulous unisex shirts out, along with a special pre-release of an upcoming outfit, all for the super low price of $100. Stand Up and Speak Out. You'll be making those statements in style!

Chartreusia is a new store for me and according to the notecard, these are the first items of clothing made by the designer behind the name, so show some support for a new designer and for Pink Shirt Day.

Look for the amazing Rainbow Eyes in store while you are picking up your Pink Day Shirts ($20 ea btw). They are the Day of Silence promo item and are just a great colourful touch to any look.

April 14th is Pink Shirt Day. You will have to have been hiding beneath a rock to not have heard of this.

Pink Shirt Day was inspired by the true story of a male student from Nova Scotia who wore a pink polo to school one day. The resulting bullying lead more students to buy and wear pink shirts in support of him and showed the bullies that people weren't afraid to stand up to them.

Bullying takes many forms, and it is something that is becoming epidemic in our online world. Its time to stand up and not take it anymore. Say something if you see it happening, because turning a blind eye to it is just as bad as the bullying itself.

Cupcakes & Poetry have this amazing shirt as their contribution to Pink Shirt Day. Make Cupcakes Not War! Words to live by...and who doesn't like cupcakes??

Before Sleep has a cute baseball shirt and denim miniskirt, as well as an outfit for the guys...cos real men wear pink too!!!

Sn@tch has a cute dress out as a Pink Shirt Day gift to everyone. It comes with a prim mini skirt attachment and a flared skirt with two pink tones.

Check out the wonderful creators and designers who have stepped up and are making contributions to make Pink Shirt Day 2010 in SL something we can all be a part of.

I love the tees you can find in SL. I love the witty and funny things people think up to emblazon across them. They never fail to express my moods or give me a giggle when I am in need of one.

Dreams is a fairly new store for me, but its one full of surprises and creativity, with a slight neko twist. But you don't need to be neko to rock this store!

Less Than Three. Took me a sec or two to figure out what exactly it meant, even though it had the symbol <3>

*runs and hides from the one blonde reading this*

Its a cute way of expressing love. Available in a range of colours, you can show your love too in your favourite!

The perfect shirt to explain my lapse in cleverness above. I can't brain today...I have the dumb. Definately the right shirt for this blog! It will also give your friends a giggle and give you the perfect shirt to wear when you are feeling a bit ditzy.

Whether you are a fan of fishing or not, this set is a must! Not only do you get the totally adorable shirt, but also a lipring set, collar and belly ring (not shown) with a cute little goldfish on them. I'll be wearing mine when I go fishing next!

Taxi to Dreams

Nothing says "Easter" like hanging around in a giant basket full of easter eggs (well it was full when I got there!), wearing the new smexy Frisky Bunny Pasties from Nymphetamine!

The most fun thing about them is...they glow in the dark!!! You and your loved one will have lots of fun with these. You can turn out the lights and let them rip them off you, cos they come in rippable and non-rippable versions, depending on how adventurous you feel! Also included are the bright pink full length gloves.

While you're there checking out the fun pasties, look for the big bunny thats by my leg, buy him for $0 and inside is Paeoti's Easter gift for you...this shirt in three versions. One for men, and a jacket and shirt layer one for women.

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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