Introducing Flirty Fannie!

by - Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nymphetamine was one of the first stores I discovered in my early SL days...and its remained a personal favourite of mine. With stunningly theatrical lingerie, outfits and gowns, paeoti Pomeray has outdone herself with her new releases.

Flirty Fannie PeekABoo Bordello Set features rich red, white and black textures in a burlesque type outfit which will cause jaws to drop when you wear it. It comes with two top options, covered and uncovered (nipple tape NOT included), lacey topped stockings, a gorgeous ruffled and lace skirt and top hat. Simply an incredible outfit.

Flirty Foxy Fanny Set is one of my new favourites. A black bodice with white bow and lace detail teams up with a sexy black thong with white lace skirt, full length gloves, stockings and top hat. Just watch them go crazy when you wear this sexy number.

Flirty Flaming Fanny Lingerie Set is the real jawdropper though. Sexy white thong and underbust ribbon with lace teamed with a top hat will drive any man (or woman) totally out of their mind when you wear this for them.

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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