Saturday, May 28

Thursday, May 26

Today Wearing - Asteria!

I hate trying to come up with titles for blog posts, so gonna be unoriginal and simple for a while and see how that goes!  Today's look comes from Asteria.  Check it out at Ultra.

Wearing - Belen Top. Belen Pants, Belen Arm Wraps from Asteria (Ultra
Hair - Belle from DeLa (Uber)
Skin - Claudia from Belleza

Wednesday, May 25

Corset Yumminess!

It's no secret that I am a corset junky, and the new corset from DE Designs is just epic!  Not only is it sexy, but it's very stylish as well, and I bet you will love it as much as I do!

Top - Azreal Corset from DE Designs
Pants - Arya Capris from DE Designs
Gloves - Coraline Gloves from RealEvil Industries
Necklace - Love Me Not Collar from Cila (SaNaRae)
Earrings - Tukemono from Mandala
Hair - Fenella from Truth (Uber)
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley

Create Your Fantasy with Storybook!

Storybook has a gorgeous outfit just waiting for you to love at this month's round of The Fantasy Collective.  If you are a corset lover, you need to check this out!

Wearing - Bard from Storybook (The Fantasy Collective)
Bracelets - Zaria from RealEvil Industries
Hair - 73CB from DP YumYum
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Makeup - India Lace Face from Son!a
Pose - Night Breeze 02 from Body Language (The Fantasy Collective)

Tuesday, May 24

I Wear The Mask!

I'm in love with the fabulous events going on right now, and all the goodies they are bringing to my life!  Check them out and see what you can find!

Wearing - Willow Bra, Shorts and Shirt from Asteria (Cosmopolitan)
Mask - Nights Dream Mask from Gabriel (The Fantasy Collective)
Collar - Nuria Collar from Aisling (The Fantasy Collective)
Rings - Ice Queen Rings from RealEvil Industries
Hair - Arwen from Truth (The Secret Affair)
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley

Monday, May 23

Under the Sea with White Widow!

I love the tattoos from White Widow.  They really fit any look and any style.  Even a mermaid can rock the stunning new tatt waiting for you at Shiny Shabby.  And if mermaiding is your thing, check out the awesome poses from La Jolie Rose at The Fantasy Collective.

Tattoo - Zoom from White Widow (Shiny Shabby)
Top - Ursula Bra from Astralia
Tail - Female Mermaid Tail from Jomo
Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Underwater Symphony Pose from La Jolie Rose (The Fantasy Collective)

Sunday, May 22

Purse First!

Not only has !gO! released a gorgeous dress at this month's round of The Fantasy Collective, but there is hair as well!  Be sure to check both out asap!

Dress - Anawa Dress from !gO! (The Fantasy Collective)
Purse - Bad Kitty Clutch from RealEvil Industries
Bracelets - Zaria Bracelets from RealEvil Industries
Earrings - Emma Earrings from RealEvil Industries
Hair - Anawa Hair from !gO! (The Fantasy Collective)
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

Saturday, May 21

Friday, May 20

Beach Bunny Hotness!

Want to look hot at the beach or when you are lying beside the pool?  Then get your heiny to Whimsical and try to pick your favourite bikini from Cynful...and grab the bodychain to accentuate this hot look!

Bikini - Poolside Bikini from Cynful (Whimsical)
Bodychain - Poolside Bodychain from Cynful (Whimsical)
Hair - Chocolat from Spellbound (Whimsical)
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

Thursday, May 19

Casual Look in GizzA!

Gorgeous hair, comfy clothing and fabulous sandals...that's all you need for a sexy casual look!  GizzA Creations, Nardcotix and Tableau Vivant hit that mark dead centre, so check these awesome releases out asap!

Top - Ellie Knotted Tank from GizzA Creations
Jeans - Ronee Boyfriend Jeans from GizzA Creations
Sandals - Carla Slides from Nardcotix
Hair - Mango from Tableau Vivant (Kustom 9)
Skin - Camille from Laqroki

Wednesday, May 18

Feeling Naughty!

Who doesn't love a harness?  They are sexy, a bit naughty and oh so yummy!  Check out these delicious new harnesses out now at two great events!!

Wearing - Isfyr Harness from Aisling (Whimsical)
Arm Harness - Cora Harness from RealEvil Industries (Tres Chic)
Boots - Azalea Boots from Empire
Hair - Runaway from Stealthic Hair (Whimsical)
Skin - Rie from Lara Hurley
Chair - Boudoir Settee from Nomad
Pose - Pose 169 from FMS Poses

Tuesday, May 17

Saturday, May 14

Friday, May 13

Caged Angel!

Haven't hit The Fantasy Gacha Carnival yet?  It's mind blowing how much there is to play for and to collect!  Here's a few more items to add to your list!

Wearing - Dali's Leather Set from Kibitz (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Tattoo - Ares from Ghost'Ink (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Wings - Oakley Wings from Blueberry
Hair - Urei from Argrace
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Blown Away Rare 1 from Infiniti (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Set - The Cage from Come Soon Poses

Enchanted Inferno!

I love White Widow, and this is one of the most gorgeous tattoos ever!  You don't have long to wait till Enchantment opens so you can run on in and snap it up!

Tattoo - Inferno from White Widow (coming to Enchantment May 14th)
Panties - Cerise from Erratic
Piercing - Dermal Wings from Secrets
Hair - Mayu from Argrace
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Secret Window from Purple Poses

Thursday, May 12

Fire Warrior!

The awesomeness just doesn't end at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  I swear Aisling sees me coming and rubs their hands together!  Look how amazing this set is...and Poseidon's poses just rawk!!!

Wearing - Meave from Aisling (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Head - Melissa from Genesis Lab
Face Wounds - Genesis Lab Applier Wounds from Bite & Claw (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Burn Down from Besom
Pose - Riddle of Steel Fire 8 from Poseidon (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Wednesday, May 11

Fallen From Grace!

Just another quick look at a fabulour pose and outfit for you to play for at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  There really is something for everyone there, so check it out soon!

Wearing - Sheer Silk from Kaithleens (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Wings - Oakley Wings from Blueberry
Hair - Haruka from Argrace
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley
Pose - Blown Away from Infiniti (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Gorgeous GizzA!

Just super cute...that's what this new dress release from GizzA Creations is...and the best comes with two colours in each pack.  try it now!

Dress - Iris Crossed Dress from GizzA Creations
Clutch - Monroe Clutch from RealEvil Industries
Bracelet - Aeternum Bracelet from RealEvil Industries
Hair - Yeemi from Pritty (Hairology)
Skin - Paige from Belleza

Tuesday, May 10

Getting Devious!

Uber sexy...that's what the outfit from deviousMind is and it fits mesh bodies perfectly!  You will love this well as fabulous poses from NRage!

Wearing - Gwynevere from deviousMind (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Linger from NRage (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Tabou's Thief!

I'm loving this round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival and all the fabulous things in it.  Here's another incredible outfit you will need if you love role play and looking gorgeous!

Wearing - Thief from Tabou (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Tattoo - Gravity from White Widow (We <3 Role Play)
Hair - Mayu from Argrace
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley

Sunday, May 8

Mix It Up With Belleza!

Thank you Belleza for remembering not everyone in SL wears a mesh head and giving us non-meshies a gorgeous new skin!

Paige is out this month for Mix and is simply gorgeous.

With ten stunning new makeups and so many extra layers like hairbases, cleavage and lipsticks, you can mix up your look and be beautiful every time.

Don't miss out on this yummy new skin, especially if you refuse to give up looking original and not like everyone else in SL.

The Moon is Out!

Moon Elixir knocks it out of the park with a fabulous ensemble with everything from sexy boots and glasses to arm straps and hat.  You definitely need to play for this!

Wearing - Coven from Moon Elixir (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Blood - Splish Splash from Nefarious Inventions (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Cup and Pentacle - Hands of Fate from Random Matter (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Quinn from Elikatira
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley

Saturday, May 7

I'm a Slave4U!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened!  I hope you all have a heap of fun and get those rares you want...even though I didn't get mine!

Wearing - Persian Dancer from Belle Epoque (out now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Windy from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Belly Dancing 7 from Black Tulip

Friday, May 6

Zenith Goes Berserk!

There's less than 12hrs now until The Fantasy Gacha Carnival try to contain yourself just a little longer and be ready to play your heart out!

Wearing - Berserker Set from Zenith (coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Pose - Riddle of Steel Fire Mystery from Poseidon (coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Wisteria from Exile
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley

Gorgeous in Luas!

There's only a few more days until The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens, so keep saving those lindens and be ready for so serious gacha-ing when the doors open on May 7th.

Wearing - Amina from Luas (coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair - Wisteria from Exile
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Pose - Bimbo 001 from Another Attitude
Set from Come Soon Poses

Thursday, May 5

I Love Role Play!

Fantasy is what makes SL such an amazing place!  Whether you role play or just enjoy mixing it up, there is always just the right thing for whatever look you want.

Tattoo - Gravity from White Widow (out now at We Love Role Play)
Pose - Fire 07 from Poseidon (coming soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Outfit - Winter Queen from Alchemy
Hair - Windblown from Tableau Vivant
Skin - Pearl from Lara Hurley
Makeup - Wrecked from Pekka

Wednesday, May 4

In Da Club!

Show some skin and get ready to hit the clubs with a sexy new dress and look sure to turn heads and get attention!

Dress - Tina from DE Designs
Tattoo - Criminal from White Widow (out now at Cosmopolitan)
Clutch and Cuff - Bad Kitty from RealEvil Industries
Hair - Keri from Tableau Vivant (out now at faMESHed)
Skin - Paige from Belleza

On The gO!

Short sassy hair and a cute summer dress....a perfect look for this time of year.  Freshened up with the gorgeous new skin from Belleza and you are good to go for any occasion!

Wearing - Fiona Dress from !gO!
Bag - Gathered Tote Bag from GizzA Creations
Drink - Pomegranate Fizzer from Reign (out now at The Epiphany)
Hair - Akira from Tableau Vivant (out now at Shiny Shabby)
Skin - Paige from Belleza

Monday, May 2

Lady D Demolishes It!

Can I just say this hair is epic!  Not only is it a stunning windblown look...but it comes with a mirror version too!  No matter which way the wind blows, you now have a hair to blow with it!  The tattoo was at the Black Fashion Fair and should be showing up soon at the store, so keep checking back and snatch it up!  And who doesn't love playing around with poses?  Poseidon doesn't do your usual static model type poses, but more action, unusual and creative ones, so add something more to your pictures and check this amazing store out!  Lastly, fall in love with Belleza's new skin - part of Mix, this month only!

Wearing - Yayoi from R2 Fashions
Boots - Azalea from Empire
Tattoo - Demolition from White Widow
Hair - Mayu from Argrace
Skin - Paige from Belleza
Pose - Lady D from Poseidon