Its the Year of the Rabbit, and to celebrate Fierce Designs has a cute little dress with bunny ears to help you celebrate.

Ring in the Chinese New Year in style on February 3rd with the Chinese New Year Dress.

The Sexy Leather Jacket is certainly that. With a sexy bikini top and trousers included, its going to get you noticed around the grid.

Perfect for keeping your footsies warm are the Uggy Boots. These boots come with socks and will keep you snuggly and cozy in the cooler days.

If you are a makeup layer freak like I am and you haven't checked out Kosmetika yet, then RUN! Its full of fabulous tatt layer makeups to add new life and options to your skins. Boom has so many awesome makeups for your eyes and you will love them!

Love My Eyes is a range of liner and mascara ranging from top/bottom lyers, sparse to thick (worn above).

The Liquid Glazed makeups are must haves. Its a vibrant slash of liquid colour and comes in lashed and unlashed versions.

Down to Basics is a subtle shadow with a splash of colour.

Flatter My Eyes has more colour and looks great with any skin. Check out Kosmetika and the new makeups from Boom.

Adam n Eve has released some slinky latexwear that is fabulously sexy! The Strapped outfits come with a cropped top that has a strap running down to the bottom. There is catsuit pants, a sculpted skirt...

..and a slinky mini skirt. With a choice of textures, you will love this set and so will anyone who sees you in it.

It's newness from T Junction time!

Which team are you on? Team Me! There's one for the ladies and one for the gents.

There are three new tees in store for the ladies and three for the men. They are what you would expect from T Junction - funny, quality shirts!

I know a couple of friends who need these tees! They describe them to a t! No pun intended.

The Chic Ltd event is opening in an hour for your shopping pleasure, so here's the last few goodies for you to snap up.

I just love the Wicked January outfit from Indyra Originals. It has sexy laced pants worn with a bikini top underneath a sheer top with collar and cape. Its a stunning outfit!

So Many Styles has this stunning little dress just perfect for any occasion. Its colourful, its fun and flirty, its simply gorgeous!

Chantkare has three outfits available at Chic Ltd and all three are fabulous. The Funky Giraffe Dress is just lovely and the Hari Ensemble teams up a cute blouse with harem type pants.

The No Resistance dresses from Absolution are so cute. They will add a fun touch to any Winter look. Add some tights and jewellery and you are good to go. Available in 4 fabulous colours, there really is one for you there!

Cheerno has the Brent Bronze skins for men at the event. There are several versions for you to choose from - balds, hairbased etc, and all come with eyes, a nipple piercing and "manparts".

From LG Peau d'Ange - skins, hair attachments and eyes! The Dumah skin comes in three tones - Clair, Lumineux and Tanne. The hair attachments match up to those skin tones, so buy carefully.

You'll also find some sexy avatar packs from KMadd made especially for this event - so guys - check these out cos they are yummy with a spoon!

Not much longer to wait until the Chic Ltd event opens to the public. Its full of some fabulous items from so many great designers and you will go nuts!

Grixdale has some amazing skins for you to snap up! The Emery skin comes in 3 tones and two versions - Caustic (face paint) and Saccharine (without) - with and without freckles. Acid and Mala has the Sweet and Sour Eyes - four gorgeous colours available in a fatpack or individually. And finally from AddiCt - HAIR!!!! The Brielle hair is a lovely casual style perfect for dressing up or down.

The Maisy Necklace from Iced comes in 3 delightful colours and will be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery collection.

NSD has the fabulous Alexander Ponchos in some stunning colours. These will look great on the guys as well and are a great finishing touch to your winter ensembles!

A - Berries Inc has the adorable Amalia Skirts which come in three gorgeous colours (sold seperately). You will love the exquisite tailored look of the front and sweet ruffled layers down the back.

B - Pididdle's Dim Sum Dress is simply lovely. The sculpted prims add detail to the dress and the shoulders add an Asian flair reminiscent of the rooftops of Japan.

Something for the boys! They will love love love the Sweet and Sour Pant Sets from no.7. There is two pairs of pants that come with prim cuffs to match or you can wear the legwarmers. Either way, these are fabulous pants!

I was naughty and snuck into the blogger preview for the uber-awesome Chic Ltd event a day early, which means I have the jump on the other bloggers! But only by a few hours. This event opens to the shopping public on the 15th, so you only have a couple of days to wait before running in to snap up some exclusive and stunning items. Unlike other great events such as The Dressing Room, you won't find discounted prices, just great stuff from some fabulous stores around the grid and they won't break the bank!

I think 2011 is the year I start my love affair with Glam Affair. They have already got me in their skins, and now the fashion is winning me over. Amara is their offering for this event and its a MUST HAVE. It comes with a sexy bra top, pants and sculpted corset, collar and hip attachments. Its smexiness at its best!

Adorkable does it again! Not only will you love the Brazen Hussy Chair, but omg, the name alone is worth the purchase! It has 5 great poses and the chair is texture change. Those fabulous shoes are from Peqe and you will find them at the event too.

From the lady behind the event, Magoa's Wild at Heart dress is a winner. It has a lovely print bodice and the skirt is amazing! I love the more architectural sculpted skirts coming out these days. I am having the biggest lusties over G Fields new shoes. The Eve Flower Pumps have so many features that each pair is like a dozen! You can wear them with the roses or without, change their colour, change the colour of the soles - you will just love these shoes!

Peqe also has some adorable dresses at the event. There are two versions of the sparklie Blender Dress. One has a black lace layer under both skirt attachments, the other only has it under the bottom layer (not shown). You can also grab the Tights to add more to your look.

Orion has three fabulous items out, and they will work great together or mixed into your wardrobe. The Loose Sweater has prim sleeves and body and its so easy to fit to your body. The Denim Flower Leggings work with the sweater or you could wear them with any top. Add the OG Boots and you have a great look for any casual outing.

Je Suis has two gorgeous jewellery sets you will love to add to your collection. Both sets have colour changeable flowers, pearls and metal options, so you can create the perfect set to suit your look. A - The Douce Bright Set. B - The Douce Soft Set.

This event is gonna be epic and you'll be crazy to miss it! I can't give you a LM yet cos its not open till the 15th, so expect a bit more teasing till then.

You no doubt have heard about the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia.

The wonderful Sanura Sakai of Sanu is organizing an SL fundraiser that will contribute directly to the recovery of the more than 20,000 people who have lost their homes and livelihoods to the floods, and are exposed to the imminent dangers of malnutrition and disease that follow in the wake of this crisis. An area larger than Germany and France combined has been affected by the flood-waters, and the impact will still be felt for some time to come.

Many wonderful designers have contributed goods for the Extend A Helping Hand fundraiser, that will send all proceeds to Premier Disaster Relief.

Evie's Closet is one of my fav indulgences in Second Life and you will find a special version of Milli at a reduced price with 75% going to the fundraiser.

A - Fashionable Dead has the fabulous Champagne Fog dress in Magenta with 100% going to the fundraiser.

B - By Snow has two chokers and two sets of eyes at the event. The Steel eyes are a gorgeous deep blue/green and look so natural. The Tribal Heart Choker has a silver and gold version and the gems are colour change.

A & B - A-Bomb has the fantastic Phoxxe Shoes as one of their donation items. They are colour change and 100% goes to the fundraiser.

C - Speranza Innocenza is an elegant pair of heels that have prim feet and a HUD for changing so many options that its like a wardrobe of shoes in one pair from Red River Saloon. 100% goes to the event.

D - Also from RRS is the Urbanite Oceana boots which have with sock top and without. This contibutes 75% to the fundraiser.

The images coming from the flood in Australia is heartbreaking and so much help is needed. Please check out the event and show your support. There are some fabulous stores participating and donation vendors so even if nothing tickles your fancy, you can make a donation, cos every little bit helps.


I thought I would do something a bit different and show off a couple of pairs of my latest favourite shoes.

Essential Soul is known for making fabulous poses, but look what else they make....fabulous boots! The Nirvana Boots come in a range of stunning colours and are just so perfectly made, they look great with anything. The slouched leather adds such a gorgeous touch to the boots and the cuffs and leather belts long the side have a colour changing option on the HUD. Try a demo asap!

I stumbled across these stunning Tropica Flip Flops from Addictia on Marketplace and so many friends received these as Xmas gifts from me, cos they are just so gorgeous and perfect for summer looks. There are lots of options and you can buy nail and tattoo plugins to add even more to these. You will love these as much as I do!

You will really make a statement in the new Pogo Boots from sYs. These chunky boots add a real urban touch. They are worn with the new Parys Outfit which is just stunning. These will be amongst the new releases at the grand reopening of sYs this Friday at 2pm!

The River Queen shoes are from Red River Saloon and are just so neat! You can change the colour using the HUD so they will match any outfit and the butterflies on the back of the heel - cute!!

I'm not really a big shoe person, but I could be persuaded!

BeScene has just released some fabulous poses to bring out your inner fashionista. The Couture Editorial poses will add something more to your pictures and you will love them!

Pose - Couture 2 / Lingerie - Dazzle in Green from Blacklace / Hair - Zero Gravity from Dernier Cri / Shoes - Kurvy Ruby Slippers from Nardotix / Skin - Jadis Natural 06 from Glam Affair

A - Pose - Couture 9 / Top - [Nero] Ruffle Shirt from Glam Affair / Pants - [Nero] Spiker in Fuxia from Glam Affair / Earrings - Pear Gems from Glow Studio / Hair - Fiamma Attachment from Baiastice with Hairbase from Amacci / Skin - Jadis Natural 04 from Glam Affair

B - Pose - Couture 10 / Outfit - [Nero] Black Peahen from Glam Affair / Earrings - Iroha Earrings from Mandala / Bangles - Takara Bangles in White from Mandala / Hair - Fiamma Attachment from Baiastice with Hairbase from Amacci / Skin - Jadis Natural 04 from Glam Affair

A - Pose - Couture 8 / Top - Ballone in Gold from R.icielli / Pants - Eta Jeans in Fresh from R.icielli / Bangles - Takara Bangles in Inca Gold from Mandala / Hair - Muirne from Axiom / Skin - Jadis Natural 11 from Glam Affair

B - Pose - Couture 7 / Dress - Barbbara in Red from R.icielli / Choker - Look At Me Collar from Glow Studio / Hair - Muirne from Axiom / Skin - Jadis Natural 11 from Glam Affair

A - Pose - Couture 1 / Dress - Elusyve in Amethyst from Miao / Earrings - Lulu from Fairy Tail / Hair - Manhatten from Analog Dog / Skin - Jadis Natural 10 from Glam Affair

B - Pose - Couture 5 / Dress - Elusyve in Sapphire from Miao / Earrings - Rigoletto from U & R Dogs / Hair - Manhatten from Analog Dog / Skin - Jadis Natural 06 from Glam Affair

Run on in and pick up this gorgeous couple pose called Come Here. Its available till Sunday, so don't miss out!

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