Makeup and Latex!

by - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you are a makeup layer freak like I am and you haven't checked out Kosmetika yet, then RUN! Its full of fabulous tatt layer makeups to add new life and options to your skins. Boom has so many awesome makeups for your eyes and you will love them!

Love My Eyes is a range of liner and mascara ranging from top/bottom lyers, sparse to thick (worn above).

The Liquid Glazed makeups are must haves. Its a vibrant slash of liquid colour and comes in lashed and unlashed versions.

Down to Basics is a subtle shadow with a splash of colour.

Flatter My Eyes has more colour and looks great with any skin. Check out Kosmetika and the new makeups from Boom.

Adam n Eve has released some slinky latexwear that is fabulously sexy! The Strapped outfits come with a cropped top that has a strap running down to the bottom. There is catsuit pants, a sculpted skirt...

..and a slinky mini skirt. With a choice of textures, you will love this set and so will anyone who sees you in it.

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