I thought Paeoti had outdone herself with her last releases...until I saw this week's new releases! Le Roche is a gorgeous addition to her line of gowns and when you see it, you have to add it to your wardrobe!

One of my biggest fashion weaknesses is corsets! I just can't cannot get enough of them, which makes Nymphetamine one of my biggest weaknesses too! This gown has a stunning corset bodice featuring lace trimmed black satin cups and lacing which make the sparkling fabric used for the rest of the bodice stand out and catch all eyes.

A form hugging skirt in the same sparkling fabric is overlaid with delicate panels with black trimming which swirl about your legs when you walk or dance. Its the gown to get noticed in.

Available in 6 incredible colours, you will find one to fall in love with too!

Nymphetamine has done it again. I am in lusties with these new releases!!! Such love and detail has gone into them that you will not only look amazing, but dazzle everyone who sees you!

You will knock them out wearing the new Las Pas Lingerie Set. The simple mauve thong lets the top half take all the attention, and it deserves it. A simple black corset top is elevated by the mauve edging, the design along the torso and my fav touch, the three fabric roses with ribbons that hold the fans of black at the front and at the back. Love love love that back one!!!

I am so in love with the Las Pas Formal Gown. Like the lingerie set, it has the same mauve trimmed corset style top, along with the fabric roses and fabric fan, but its the skirt that takes my breath away. Its like wings or petals flying out from your hips to give movement and just amaze anyone who sees you in it. the scalloped edges are also trimmed in the same mauve colour, and they have a gorgeous print on them as well. The back also has the roses, ribbons and black fabric fanning out. This is a MUST HAVE gown!!!

Also included is a more playful and flirty version called Las Pas Bounce. And bouncing is what you will want to do to watch the movement in the skirt of this gorgeous dress. Worn with the corset top, it has a ballet tutu inspired skirt in the same scalloped design as the gown. The edging and print is featured, along with a smaller version of the back roses. Its perfect to bring out the ballerina or fairy in you!

So thats two gorgeous dresses in one set. The Las Pas Dress Set includes both the Formal Gown and Bounce.

With each new release I fall more and more in love with Nymphetamine. Take the taxi and see if you fall for Nymphetamine too!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and instead of more lingerie she will never wear, or hearts and flowers that will fester away in her inventory, why not give something she (or even he) can enjoy day after day?

Swirling Disco Flames is a recent (and new fav) find of mine and it doesn't sell clothes, anims, poses or any of the millions of things I am addicted to buying. It sells unique and fascinating artwork, which look fabulous displayed in the home or business.

For Valentine's Day, a new series of artwork, named Aroha, has been released.

Aroha is a Maori word meaning love. The English word "love" does not demonstrate the true depth of aroha. Other ways to translate aroha might include compassion, affection, respect, sympathy and mercy. It encompasses so much more than merely love.

I have my favourite from the new collection hanging above my bed. If you want to show your love in a way that can be remembered all year around, check out Aroha at Swirling Disco Flames and maybe you will find something for the special person in your life, or even for just a friend to show that you love them too.

Taxi to Swirling Disco Flames

Wow! Thats all I have to say about the Nymphetamine newness this week...and I think you will have to agree!

The Teoni Formal Dress is just gorgeous. A strapless sheath dress hugs the curves with a slit up both legs to mid-thigh. Delicate silver embroidery decorates the bodice as well as the edges of the dress. The highlight of this gown though is the ruffles down the front and back of the dress, which attach to the bow beneath the bodice. Its also edged in the same stunning silver embroidery and just elevates it from a gorgeous gown to something showstopping! It is available in four stunning colours - Red Grapefruit and Hummingbrid Green (shown here) and Blue Grape and Carmel. Its definately worth adding to your inventory for those great formal occasions...and after all, Valentine's Day is coming up and this would be perfect for a night out dancing.

And then when you get home, you can slip into the Cha'Tulio Corset & Stocking Set. The sexy underbust corset has an overlay jacket layer which has the bow and silver detailing. Why, you ask? Well thats because you can change the colour of the base corset to any colour you wish. Here I chose purple and teal. The panty colour can be altered as well. The set comes with stockings and the panty overlay comes with garters running down the thigh to the stockings, or without. NIPPLE TAPE NOT INCLUDED!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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