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I said Huggles was a collection of 5 mermaid poses from HopScotch. In fact its one pose out of a collection of 5 mermaid poses. Sorry for the misinformation.

Operation Squeegee opens to the public tomorrow...and you have a ton of goodies waiting for you. Not just fabulous items out from the vendors, but events, concerts and there is even a little mini hunt for fabulous little items. You will DIE if you don't find the Snorse!!!

Snorses are the new black! Hidden in two of the green ribbons are a blue and a pink Snorse. Each ribbon will cost you $11, but omg...SO worth it. Thanks Victoria Sabra, my Pink Snorse model. She is also wearing a hat from the hunt, and if you look closely behind her, you can see the hunt poster.

One of the many wonderful items out from Sn(a)tch is the Squeegie Necklace which has the Operation Squeegee logo squeegee on it. Its a fabulous way to show your support and look pretty too!

Wheeee....CORSETS!!!! Also from Sn(a)tch come the fabulous 7 Seas Corset Tops. With 5 in the pack, you will look stunning every day of the week! I'm wearing the Squeegie Necklace, as well as the new Solstice Chick's Beach Tone 3 Skin. 100% of all clothing proceeds and 50% of the skins are going to OS.

*Dreams* has some adorable tees with 100% of the proceeds going to OS. They have a little motif on the front and on the back is a larger version.

There are four shirts in gorgeous rich colours. You can choose between Whale, Dolphin, Dragonfly and Praying Mantis (eeeep!). At only $50 each, you can afford to get them all and know that every linden is going to a good cause.

The Lacey Tease Set is a collaboration between *Dreams* and LaLa FooFoo. You have plenty of mix and match options with black and white wifebeater tanks and leggings with lace detailing in the opposite colour. I love the white set and you will too!

From Pig...a playful playsuit called Heather Goes Hunting available in a variety of colours. I love the sexy bodice to this and its a perfect outfit for the beach or summer picnic. From ~Le~ Fashions comes one of my new fav minidresses...the SunFlower Minidress. I love how alive and colourful and vibrant it is. It has an adorable poof skirt and armbands and is just the dress for summer!

And lastly - for this post anyway - the gorgeous Frankie Gingham Kinis with a playful flexi skirt you can wear, or go without, the Chick's Beach Skin in tone 4, and the ubertastic Shore Drive Sandals from Sn(a)tch. While you are there, grab the fabulous Beach Ball Photo Prop from [Lyndz-Matic]. You just wear it and click to use one of 7 great beach ball poses. Its SO much fun and a must have for summer pics!

Taxi to Operation Squeegee

Its no secret that I am a total pose-whore! I just love them and cannot stop myself collecting them. Couples, groups, male, female - I've got a huge collection of all!

BeScene has some fabulous new Flamenco Poses out. These are stunning and just perfect for long flexi and poofy gowns...and add a real touch of spice to your pictures.

They are sexy, seductive and look fabulous. A lot of thought and care has gone into these poses to make them just perfect!

Bring out your inner dancer with these new poses from BeScene. You will love them!!!

NLimbo has released a series of poses called "Librarian"...for the good girl in SL. Yes we do exist!!! Librarian 1 is a comfy reading pose. It comes with pillow and book, so find a secluded corner and enjoy some quiet alone time.

Librarian 2 is another quiet reading pose complete with book. Imagine sitting in the stacks quietly reading before being disturbed by...well those are other poses that need some male help...to be continued!

Taxi to BeScene

Taxi to NLimbo

Its almost time for Operation Squeegee to open its doors and for some of the fabulous stores in SL to share wonderful creations with us all...all in the name of helping contribute to raise funds and awareness for the National Wildlife Federation.

Huggles is a collection of 5 mermaid poses that come with a cute fishy for you to huggle from HopScotch. Its a great way to show you love for our fishy friends. Its a donation item with 50% of the proceeds going to Operation Squeegee (OS). They also have more Mermaid poses, so its well worth checking out!

HopScotch also has a collaboration item with Sysy with 50% of proceeds going to OS. This comes with both male and female versions - a scuba set with 4 poses, flippers and mask, and an outfit.

Sysy also has its own contribution...a sexy bikini in four colour packs. 100% of the proceeds go to OS.

A Netherworld has several items at OS. One is this adorable bench with planters called Sitting by the Sea on a Mossy Bench - quite a mouthful! I'm not sitting by the sea, but its rustic charm will add to wherever you find to place it.

Also from A Netherworld are these two sexy minidresses. Now I'm not 100% sure if they come together in a pack of two or seperately, so bear that in mind. The Green Seas and Blue Oceans dresses are strapless with a band of the other's colour running along the top. I love the belt detail around the hips too. It comes in lots of layers and has a traditional and sculpted skirt option.

I know I can't wait to see what is on offer from our fab designers, and also to do my bit to contribute to what has to be one of the biggest disasters of our time. There's little so many of us on the other side of the world can do...so lets do a little and together it will become a lot!

A few days ago LaVie released Demi Reloaded, available in 5 skin tones with 15 make up options...and she is gorgeous!!!!

The skin tone I wear is Pale. I usually don't find many pale skins I actually do like enough to wear, but Demi is being added into my skin rotations cos I am in love! Wearing Pale 003.

With a gorgeous mouth, sculpted nose and playful beauty mark on the cheek, you will love Demi Reloaded too. The skin comes with loaded of options too. Wearing Pale 008 Cleavage. I think this is my favourite make up so far.

Strong smokey eyes are always a must have option in your inventory, and this one is perfect for when you want to make a statement. Wearing Pale 013.

A neutral make up is also another must have option in your skin collection, and this one is stunning. Wearing Normal 001.

Blue eyeshadow is back and making a huge statement! Its no longer an embarrassing 80s memory, but a fashion must! Wearing Normal 006 Cleavage.

Dramatic eyes are what makes a skin pop and adds so much to your look. With liner, shadow and lashes, you can stand out of the crowd just by your skin make up choices. Wearing Normal 011 Hairbase + Cleavage.

All LaVie skin packs come with normal skin, cleavage, hairbase, cleavage + hairbase options, plus as an added extra, a catliner skin is in there too, so you are really getting two makeups with all the options instead of one. BONUS!!!

Bounce on in and try out some demos asap and see if you fall in love with Demi too! I still have 3 more skin tones and 9 makeups to come, so stay tuned!!! And don't forget about the free group signup and $1 women's group gift skin of Demi Reloaded Summer Fun!!!!

No editing at all was done to the pics, except for a few pose smoothing corrections (wrists, elbows etc).

Taxi to LaVie

Mish Mash!

I have another mixed bag for you today, so lets jump into it.

Total Knockout is a new store from an old name! Kirsty from Dyn has branched out on her own and is bringing you clothing that lives up to the store name - total knockouts! Above is the June dollarbie available in store right now. Its a sexy denim minidress with lace bodice. Love it!!!

Also from TKO, the Jules set is a sexy legging and top outfit that looks great on its own or can be mixed and matched into your wardrobe. Both parts feature lace along the top and the leggings also have lace along the bottom. Leggings are always a wardrobe staple item and you cannot go wrong with these! Available in a selection of colours, you can add them to your inventory with ease.

By now you should have heard about Operation Squeegee and if not, check it out by clicking the link. From Zanzibar creationZ comes the absolutely adorable Octopus Rescue outfit. It comes with the top in a selection of layers, shorts with tights, wellies in high and ankle versions - and you need to check out the squelching noise when you walk - and a cute little octopus to rescue!

The little frog on the wellie is adorable too, and he talks if you touch him. 100% of the proceeds from this outfit are going to The National Wildlife Foundation. The Octopus Rescue outfit comes in three colour choices and there is also a Turtle Rescue set available too. Both come in male and female versions. Look for them during Operation Squeegee which runs from July 1st - 15th.

New from Hair Solutions - Fefe! Its a tangle of curls and waves for that sexy 'just tumbled out of bed' look. Its perfect for a casual, or playful look.

I bounced on into Hair Solutions to use the generous giftcard that was sent out as the latest group gift and I picked up the lovely Stefani. I'm a fan of braids and hats, so this was a must have buy for me. You can change the hat colour through the edit function. Just remember to "edit linked parts" first.

Taxi to Total Knockout

Taxi to Hair Solutions

Most groups these days have joining fees which average around $250L, but the gifts they generous give their members more than makes up for that little cost.

To celebrate SL's Bday, LaVie has dropped their joining fee for two weeks, so now is the perfect time to join if you have always wanted to but couldn't spare the lindens! Perfect cos they have just released a new group gift for the ladies using the Demi Reloaded skin in three tones!!! You can find these in the ladies skin store at the LaVie sim for $1.

LaVie's gift skins usually come with little florishes, tatts or wounds to really make them stand out from the average skins. Summer Fun has a cute flower florish on the side of the right eyes and another one under the left eye. Above is Tan.

It also has tan lines (top and bottom) to give the impression of a day spent at the beach working on the tan. Above is Bronze.

I think my favourite feature of these skins would have to be the lips. They are so beautifully shaped and the subtle pink is a gorgeous shade for them. Above is Dark.

Taxi to LaVie

Magnolia Designs is a store I started blogging a long long time ago, back in my early days, and like me, its grown and only gotten better over time.

The Leopard, Tiger and Cheetah Print Minidresses are all sold seperately and are so cute! When you want to bring out the animal in yourself or just look hot for a night out dancing in the clubs, these are perfect! To complete the look, they all come with matching animal print shoes.

Also perfect for the hot summer days are the Watermelon Seed and Summer Watermelon dresses. In gorgeous pink, you will look amazing! They both come with a watermelon emitter and with shoes as well.

Summer Flirt is a lovely dress in cream and mauve tones that moves beautifully with the body when dancing or just looks great when you're out and about. It also comes with a second top layer that you can wear with the plaid pants for two totally different and flirty looks.

The Freedom Minidresses have a playful halterneck and flower power fabric in two versions - blue and cream (sold seperately). Another perfect look for the season! Also comes with shoes to complete the look.

Keeping with the flower power feel, Peaceful Serenade comes in two colour versions (sold seperately) that will stand out in any crowd and have you looking stunning. They come with visor, shades and platforms.

Taxi to Magnolia Designs

I think the number one essential thing all photographers, bloggers or anyone who just likes to play with picture taking in SL needs is a great pose stand. Sure you can pick up basic ones that you can load and change poses with pretty much anywhere, but if you are serious about your picture taking, then Essential Soul has the pose stand for you - with all the bells and whistles!

The PoseRight Stand System comes with a copiable pose stand which you can load with all your poses, or if you are anything like me and have thousands, break down by store name (ie Essential Soul, LAP, Striking Poses etc) or types of poses (ie standing, sitting, lying etc). It comes with a HUD (shown in minimised and full mode above) which controls the stand. I love HUD controlled stands. It does everything for you at the click of a button. You can change poses, rotate the stand to get the perfect angle, freeze the camera (which comes in very handy if you are like me and have a nasty habit of bumping it all the time and losing the shot), and so much more.

A fabulous extra feature of this HUD is the landmark saver. All you do is load your LMs into the HUD and when you want to move to your next hot photo spot, you just hit a button and the up pops the little blue window with all your landmarks ready to click!

Its easy to use, full of everything the budding photographer, model or enthusiast needs to make taking pictures so much easier!

Taxi to Essential Soul

Another new store I have been introduced to is Totally Random. Its a store that cannot be pigeon-holed and has everything from lingerie and bikinis through to jeans, tees and gowns. It even has clothing for guys!

Scrabblin' is my new fav pair of jeans. With colourful checkboard design on the denim and sparklie sequin detailing...I love them. Plus look how great my butt looks!!! Its worn with the optional green twist bikini top.

Laid Back is a casual outfit that is so cute you can get away with wearing it everywhere. The ripped jeans have prim cuffs and look so good on. It comes with a white blouse with a corset top overlay, and also has prim cuffs and collar.

Keep your eyes open for this cute dress free in store. Called Summer Fun, its totally gorgeous and perfect for having fun in the sexy summer days.

Taxi to Totally Random

New from Hair Solutions...

Kaylee is a gorgeous tousled long hair with side swept bangs over the left eye (brunette hair pic reversed). Its a perfect casual hair for jeans and tee days or even when you are clubbing.

Regina is a cute and flirty short curly hair with side swept bangs over the right eye (auburn pic reversed). Its a hair that can take you anywhere - jeans and tee casual days through to formal nights out!

Heaven is an updo with a difference. It has long side pieces, a bouffant top and french twist at the back with a section of hair flowing down the back of the neck. A four colour pack was sent out to the Hair Solutions group recently.

Taxi to Hair Solutions

*Dreams* has done it again...released some tops you just cannot live without!

Layerable Tanks is THE look this season. I swung by and lucked out picking up a set of three during the HumpDay sale yesterday. In it are three bottom layer tanks inblack, white and brown, and three top layer tanks in pink, blue and purple. With so many layering options, you have so many cute looks! If you run on in, you will still find them set out in store!

By now we all know that my fav clothing item is corsets. Imagine my squeeeees when I saw the Gatcha Machine in store filled with nothing but corsets!!!! How this works is you pay the machine $15 and it gives you an Argyle Corset. The machine is packed with them! I grabbed #13 and #15 - cute brown corsets with pink and beige argyle patterning. If you love corsets, this is one machine you need to hit up!

One things *Dreams* is known for...Neko stuffsies! Added to the collection is Black Night and Blue Blood in Vices, Tied With a Bow and Plain. Vices has all those little things we're addicted to added on - smokes, pills, a lighter. Bow has cute little bow ties to dress them up and Plain - self explanatory really. They come in three varieties - Fluffeh, Inner Puff and Simple.

Also included are the tails. After all, you can't Neko it up without them! They come in fluffy and smooth (not shown) and also have tie attachments to match the sets - vice, bow and simple.

Taxi to *Dreams*

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