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by - Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Dreams* has done it again...released some tops you just cannot live without!

Layerable Tanks is THE look this season. I swung by and lucked out picking up a set of three during the HumpDay sale yesterday. In it are three bottom layer tanks inblack, white and brown, and three top layer tanks in pink, blue and purple. With so many layering options, you have so many cute looks! If you run on in, you will still find them set out in store!

By now we all know that my fav clothing item is corsets. Imagine my squeeeees when I saw the Gatcha Machine in store filled with nothing but corsets!!!! How this works is you pay the machine $15 and it gives you an Argyle Corset. The machine is packed with them! I grabbed #13 and #15 - cute brown corsets with pink and beige argyle patterning. If you love corsets, this is one machine you need to hit up!

One things *Dreams* is known for...Neko stuffsies! Added to the collection is Black Night and Blue Blood in Vices, Tied With a Bow and Plain. Vices has all those little things we're addicted to added on - smokes, pills, a lighter. Bow has cute little bow ties to dress them up and Plain - self explanatory really. They come in three varieties - Fluffeh, Inner Puff and Simple.

Also included are the tails. After all, you can't Neko it up without them! They come in fluffy and smooth (not shown) and also have tie attachments to match the sets - vice, bow and simple.

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