Adam n Eve is not just a store. Its like a mini-mall all in one. You can find skins, hair, clothing, shoes and makeups - everything the discerning avatar needs.

Some newness that is high on the "need" list is the JDS Dress. Who says denim should only be for jeans? Adam n Eve have taken denim and made a dress so cute that you will never want to take it off. Available in 6 gorgeous colours, it has two skirt versions and has sculpted cuffs and collar. Its so easy to dress up and wear your way too. Add a belt (wearing Nomi from WoE), maybe some chunky jewellery, stockings or tights and you are good to go anywhere.

Or you could team your new sexy dress up with the fabulous Western Waistcoat. This is completely sculpted and has flexi fringe on both sides that moves with your body and adds such a great touch. This also comes in 6 colours, so you can mix and match to find your perfect combination.

Make sure you pop in before Monday and grab this adorable cardigan which is only $10!!! In a vibrant pumpkin shade, its perfect for this time of year. The pumpkin button is cute too!

All poses used for this post are from one of my favourite stores - Striking Poses.

Word came through Facebook a couple of days ago that Zelly Mornington, the fabulous woman behind the store, had passed away from the health issues that forced her to close the store and leave Second Life.

Zelly was truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. From the first conversation when I was a total noob bothering her about how to use poses to being her sim manager, she was never once rude, short or too busy to be there.

I'll be thinking of Zelly every time I use one of her poses, and remembering the vibrant, amazing woman she was. The one who loved old Hollywood movies, who would faint at the size of my inventory (sorry Zelly, its hitting 52k now!!!) and who loved a good party - and we had a fair few!

You are a huge loss, and I am all the better because I knew you!

Kirsty Oherlihy has joined Khush and has kicked off her new partnership with some fabulous clothing!

The Backless Dress is a great addition to sexy up your Autumn wardrobe. Available in a range of colours, it also comes with the sexy fishnets that go from mid-thigh to mid-calf.

Zara is a halterneck dress with shiny leggings and belt. Its a great look for any occasion.

The Chex Waistcoats and looks fabulous with the very very low Jeans.

For a more dressy, but still casual look, the Masey Top with Lacey Capris and belt is perfect!

Check out all the fabulousness at Khush asap and pick up some sexy and stylish clothing for your Autumn wardrobe soon!

There are some stores that just keep getting better with age. Son!a is most definately one of these stores. From gorgeous bridal gowns to gowns and sexy dresses, casualwear and clubwear, hair and jewellry, you will find it under one roof, and be in love with everything you see.

I remember when I found it. I was probably only a couple of months old in SL and wandering around a mall and wandered into one of her satellite stores. I was in awe of the designs and beauty of the dresses and wanted everything.

I still have the one thing I did give in and buy though! I just had to have the Grey Superstar Jeans set. It came with the jeans, two belts, a bra top and two sheer jackets. I lived in this for the longest time! I wonder if Son!a still sells this or if its long been retired. Something to go check for on my next shopping trip!

Son!a still does fabulous casual wear, and one of my most favourite tops is the Glory Crochet Tops. Available in many colours, this is a sexy addition to your wardrobe, and look at the back!!!

Just perfect for the approaching winter is the new Super Chic Sweater. This cuddly sweater comes in a variety of colours and is sure to warm up your coldest days. It comes with a belted bottom and without the belt, so you can wear it your way. I love the deep cowl neck too.

But what Son!a is most known for is the sexy skimpy dresses and elegant gowns. A couple of years ago I entered one of the competitions to find the Face of Son!a. I didn't win, but I did score these two fabulous dresses...and I love them! Carolina is just right for a night out clubbing when you want to make your date's jaw drop, and for a more romantic night out, the Stigma gown is gorgeous! From the lacey top through to the hem design, its a statement of elegance.

I would have to say my most fav outfits from Son!a are Unfaithful. This comes in seperates - skirt and top (sold seperately) or as a dress. Love love love!!!! Black is my fav, but maybe you prefer it in one of the coloured versions.

You can't beat sexy lingerie either, and if you look carefully, you will find it! The Lima Bikini was a group gift (I think). The lace detailing adds so much to it and makes it a set you will fall in love with and wear every chance you get. Facial tattoos and make ups are becoming so popular in Second Life, and the two varieties you will find in store will blow you away. Top is the Eden Butterfly Face Tattoo in Silver, and on the bottom is the Fairy Face Tattoo in Black, which comes with prim-glow diamonds for a glamour touch. Both come in fatpacks as well as in seperate colours.

Its well worth popping in to help celebrate 3yrs of Son!a in Second Life and checking out the amazing designs. While you are there, pick up Sonia's gift to us all - the stunning 3yr Dress. You will definately be the belle of any ball in this, or take off the skirt and collar and throw on a favourite jacket (Atomic's Ritzy in this case) and I think it can be a stylish pant outfit too.

Congratulations Miss Sonia28 Jie on 3 glamorous years of Son!a in Second Life. Thank you for beautifying the grid with your gorgeous designs. I look forward to the next three with baited breath!

I can't sleep, so thought I would sneak another quick blog in.

*Dreams* is a great store filled with loads of awesomeness. They are also taking part in a couple of the best events on the grid at the moment...Dive and Murder in Skull Creek. Above is the Skull Creek gift. In it you will find 4 fabulous skull corsets with a pair of black and blue jean capris.

The Verdomme Tops are new from Skream. In a variety of colours with gold or silver trim, you will love these halter tops. They will dress up a pair of jeans or look fabulous with a skirt. Beer+Eggs is a new hair store and from the looks of the adorable Bebe hair, they are going to be big! Make sure you check them out and fall in love with them too.

Pavo explodes in a riot of peacock feathers and gorgeous greens from LaVie. Its a statement dress that will stand out in any crowd and you will love having all eyes on you.

Bedlam has the perfect outfit for the sexy urban chick. The Urban Posse outfit has everything for the girl ready to take on the world. It has fully sculpted pants with extras like slingshot, lollipops and hip flask, boots, necklace, bikini and sunglasses. Its totally awesome!

There's new hair at LeLutka and its fabulous!

I love long styles with bangs. But sometimes those fabulous styles poke through the body and are not pose friendly. Aradia 2.0 is a long style that works perfectly. The long hair is swept over the shoulders and hangs down the back. Its an elegant look. Cleo is lets the hair hang free and over the shoulders. Its a good look for casual as well as more formal occasions.

Perfect for this time of year is Ofra. A warm scarf wraps around the head and hangs over the shoulders covering the hair and adding a gorgeous touch to any winter look. The scarf is colour change so you can match it to any outfit or add a totally contrasting touch.

Swing by LeLutka and check out all the new hair out now. There are so many new styles for some gorgeous new looks. Grab some demos today and fall in love with them too.

Its Caroline Apollo's 7th rezday today. Wow what a milestone!!! Her store is Caroline's Jewelry and its some of the most beautiful, intricate and fabulous creations out there.

At the moment, there is a sale at Caroline's Jewelry with selected items at 50% off. You could grab the gorgeous Lust Have Pink Drop Set with earrings, necklace and ring, or the Carlotta Set in ruby, also with earrings, necklace and ring.

Or you could play with the Gatcha Machine and grab some of the fabulous cake rings. I nabbed the Cherry Cupcake Ring. What will you nab?

I love this the most though. The Orchid Hair Flowers Set is a great way to add something special to your favourite hairs. There are four types - left side, right side, horizontal and vertical - and each has two attachment points.

Happy Rezday Caroline. Thank you for making Second Life a little bit more beautiful in your own special way.

Its a fun time of year with stores coming out with fabulous and creative goodies for us. Here's a few of my new favs.

MW ilweran have some special Vampire Elf Ears out to celebrate the season. Called Bat Cave, these have little bats decorating them and are a very special price for the holiday season. You do not want to miss out on these.

While you are there picking up your new ears, pick up the Bat Wings - a special free gift from MW ilweran to you.

One of my favourite stores is part of a magical collaboration project this Halloween season. The FrankenFae Collaboration has everything you need to make a special Fae this season. I picked up the gorgeous Will O' The Wisp outfit from Evie's Closet. With it are the FrankenFae Wings from Frippery. Look how intricate and gorgeous they are. I just love these!!!

I lucked out and caught a J on the lucky board at Evie's and picked up the Fable Halloween edition dress. There's only a 5 min waiting time on it, so while you are checking out the FrankenFae's, try your luck. Pixeldolls has a new release and are giving away a special autumn edition of it in deep red and orange. Diane is a stunning gown with an olden day inspiration and feel. Its just gorgeous with its inner dress and overlay. Its a gown you will adore and want in other colours as well. Check them out in the lobby soon.


The thing I like most about Second Life is the freedom we have to be whatever we want. No-one thinks anything of the nekos, furries, vampires or whatever you choose to be. If only it was like that in real life too...but its not.

On August 24th 2007, Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were attacked because they were Goths. Sophie was killed in the attack, and a foundation has been set up to help stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere.

The Guild of Gloom has gathered together some fabulous vendors in Horrorfest, a festival of the hottest in Second Life horror! Selected items are on sale there with proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

I love the Butcher's Secret Room from Sacred Roses. The super creepy room is perfect for playing a game of Operation with your friends. The room is decorated with rats, a bloodsoaked table and has poseballs for some funtimes!

In Sawblade Nightmare you will be a new horror movie legend. Razorblade Jacket has put together the perfect outfit for a new villian. It comes with the pants, blood and dirt layers and the saw blades for the hands. Its awesome!

The one thing you can always count on, its always the scantily clad bimbo who gets killed first! Dreams has the First Victim set of pink halter top and shorts, perfect for the bimbo who wants a horror villian target on her butt! The Jill O Lantern outfit is from Zanzibar Creationz. The skirt is decorated with pumpkins and has a very 80s flair to it and is just adorable!

There's usually always one survivor, and Dreams has the Survivor set of capris and v neck shirt which comes in blood covered and clean.

This would have to be the CREEPIEST costume EVER!!! Clowns are creepy!!! And Ol'Dirty Bastards have the scariest clown costume for the ladies. It comes with skin, eyes, nose, shoes and outfit. Grab the Tricks Skullie basket and you'll be ready to go trick or treating!

If you are a face tattoo junky like I am, you will need to run and grab the Houven facial tatt from AQ Face Tattoos. Its a great way to add something extra to your Halloween look!

Check out Horrorfest and grab some horrific goodies for Halloween and support a good cause.

The Jewellry Fair is ending very very soon, so if you need more pretty shiny things in your inventory, then run on in and snap up some gorgeous things!

Bliensen + MaiTai

A - La Belle et la Bete is a gorgeous hanging necklace with a difference. It draps around the neck and flowers hang down one side and claws down the other. They are both colour changeable as well.

B - Pompeii Sweets is a gorgeous set including earrings, necklace, ring and necklace in a stone mosiac texture in varying shades so you can find the perfect colour set for you.

A - Kiss Me, Alligator is a quirky and interesting set of necklace and earrings. It alternates alligator eyes and lips.

B - Beauty and the Beast is a colourful beaded necklace and earrings which has pendants featuring sepia photographs of Beauty and the Beast.

The Rustique set has collar and bracelets with panels laced together in either worn leather (red nails) or tarnished metal (black nails).


A - Coveted is a dazzling collar and cuffs in silver with big chunky gems covering both. This is a Jewellry Fair freebie.

B - Black Serbet is a set including necklace, earrings, cuffs and a belly jewel. Its stunning design makes this a stunning addition to your jewellry box. Also a Jewellry Fair freebie.

A - Beauty's Revenge is a gorgeous design in gold and roses.

B - Deco Necklace is a geometric collar in gold with four gems in decending size. They are colour changeable too.

The Lunatic Fringe is a beautiful collar in two versions. There is the simple one which has one row of gems hanging down and the other has gold arms surrounding it.

Ear Candy

A - The Amazon Inspired Set comes with earrings, necklace, bracelets and even prim nails!

B - Beauty and the Beast Set has a pearl choker with gems decorating it and a cute basket of flowers gem pendant hanging from it and a matching pair of earrings.

A - The Opal Stone Rose Set is gorgeous. With roses decorating the necklace, petal earrings, cuff and jewelled bracelet (which I forgot to slip on), its a beautiful set that you will love.

B - The Elegant Crescents set has a large pendant hanging from a gold chain, earrings and a thick cuff.

A - Vacation Set is perfect for the woman on the go. It has everything - earrings, necklace, two different bracelets and a messanger bag.

B - Special Moments is a set for all those special moments in life. In pretty pink, it has necklace, earrings, cuffed bracelets as well as a flower bracelet. It also includes a pair of matching pink bonage shoes with a skin, nail and resizing hud.

Forest (North)
Forest (South)
Beast's Castle (North)
Beast's Castle (South)
Beauty's Castle (North)
Beauty's Castle (South)
Village (North)
Village (South)

Wow is this event full of yumminess or what? Keira has done an amazing job finding designers with such big hearts and talent to participate in the Call for Couture and its for a very good cause!

Stand out and be glamorous in the Wild Jungle from Fume. The design is sexy in a subtle way. The patchwork of fabric and pattern creates two gorgeous outfits for the woman on the go. You get the dress and a pantsuit.

A - Osakki will make you Bipolar with this stunning dress of black and white. The shoulder pads, assymetrical use of fabric and pattern makes this a dress to impress anyone.

B - The Necro Dress from Lark is simply gorgeous! I love the fabric, the sculpted halter straps and the bone detail down the front add a touch of underworld glamour.

A - The Niven Collection has lots of goodies for you at the festival including the Raven Flown II which comes with everything, including the face makeup!

B - From Hyper Couture, Aphrodite is a vision in golden glamour. The dress floats around the body and the bodice is stunning with the gold lace trim and sculpted collar.

A - More from The Niven Collection. The make up is Devine Lash White Dot and the stunning jewellry is their Liquid Sparkle Set. I love the necklace, how the design is so different from what you usually see and the gems add sparkle and colour.

B - The jewellry is from Caroline's Jewelry and is as beautifully named as it is designed. Butterflies in Paris includes earrings, necklace and ring. The Mask Kabuki Brow makeup is from The Niven Collection.

A - The Secret Store is not going to be so secret after this event. Their October Bloom outfit is just lovely and quite 60s retro in feel. Its the ensemble for the high fashion hippy!

B - The LBD Ensemble from Chantkare is perfect for garden parties, a day at the races or just dressing to blow socks off. It has a gorgeous skirt over a system layer, fabulous collar and the belt is just lovely. The hat is also included.

Glow Studio has a gorgeous set for you to snap up. The Body Cyan Birds has a beautifully textured one shoulder top in such a pretty shade with a cute birdie on it. It comes with matching panties and also cutout leggings.

RezIpsa Loc has some fabulous items for you to pick up that you will just love to wear. The Fall Poofy One-Sleeve tops are great for this time of year. The autumn leaves falling down the shoulder adds colour and dress up the top. The Cout hairs are fabulous and will stand out in a crowd. I feel like a Who! But its the Couture Jeans that are really great! The paisley inserts at the calf really make these jeans something special.

I see the light at the end of the CFC tunnel and will be back to my normal blogging soon. I haven't forgotten about the fabulous review items I have been sent. I will be showing them off asap!!!!

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