Some Costume-y Goodies!

by - Friday, October 22, 2010

Its a fun time of year with stores coming out with fabulous and creative goodies for us. Here's a few of my new favs.

MW ilweran have some special Vampire Elf Ears out to celebrate the season. Called Bat Cave, these have little bats decorating them and are a very special price for the holiday season. You do not want to miss out on these.

While you are there picking up your new ears, pick up the Bat Wings - a special free gift from MW ilweran to you.

One of my favourite stores is part of a magical collaboration project this Halloween season. The FrankenFae Collaboration has everything you need to make a special Fae this season. I picked up the gorgeous Will O' The Wisp outfit from Evie's Closet. With it are the FrankenFae Wings from Frippery. Look how intricate and gorgeous they are. I just love these!!!

I lucked out and caught a J on the lucky board at Evie's and picked up the Fable Halloween edition dress. There's only a 5 min waiting time on it, so while you are checking out the FrankenFae's, try your luck. Pixeldolls has a new release and are giving away a special autumn edition of it in deep red and orange. Diane is a stunning gown with an olden day inspiration and feel. Its just gorgeous with its inner dress and overlay. Its a gown you will adore and want in other colours as well. Check them out in the lobby soon.

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