There's a new wearable pet hitting the grid from Oopsie...and its mega-adorable!  The Minitulus Noctis, Noctis for short, were discovered in the Amazon Rainforest back in 2001.

The Noctis is a social animal, living in little family groups and so it's better to grab a couple to keep these little critters happy.

There are many colour and pattern variations to collect...and they are available through try your luck and start collecting these uber cute little friends now!  They will add some fun and love to your SL.

Nardcotix is back!!!  Well in a limited way for now with a release of gorgeous shoes for the Belleza body and Slink feet.

The La Nuza Stilettos are stunning in their simple, but sexy design, the perfect shoe to accentuate your gorgeous feet and add a lovely finishing touch to your outfits.

There's the Patent Stiletto Collection with ten gorgeous colours to choose from, or grab the fatpack and have shoes for every outfit!

And the Stiletto Collection which comes in eight yummy colours, and there is also a fatpack featuring all these fabulous colours too!

It's almost time for the next round of Uber, and Belleza will be there with a new gorgeous skin - Brooke.  Uber opens September 30th, and will be 50 Shades of Sexy!

Brooke will be available in two great tones, Tan (above) and Medium (below).  

There are eight stunning new makeups available for you to fall in love with, from subtle to bold, colourful and muted.  This new face will be one you will enjoy wearing and look incredible in every time!

Each skin also includes four brow colour options, hairbase, cleavage, freckle and matt/gloss lip layers.

It's time to get your pose on with some great poses out now from Rack Poses.

Earth Girls Aren't Easy - a three girl pose that comes with the laser guns and is available at The Liaison Collaborative

Pew Pew - five static single poses that come with the laser guns and is available at The Liaison Collaborative

And now for the NSFW poses available at The Rack's Adult Store now!

Quietly, Mine - rawr who doesn't love a sexy St Andrew's cross pose...and yes it does come with the cross!

X-tasy - another delicious cross pose that comes with the shackles.

Bon Appetit - well what more can you say...cept eat up!

Passion - look for this pose may still be free, but even if its now...rawr its a must have!

Belleza has opened its new main store, and not only is Venus waiting there for you, but also a new skin release - Yasmin.

Yasmin comes in all the Belleza skin tones (fair, pale, medium, sunkissed, tan, dark tan and mocha) and is just perfect for wearing with the new mesh body!

There's 10 fresh new makeups, each one with 5 brow colours, cleavage and hairbase layers, a blush layer, as well as matte/gloss layer for the lips.

There's also a lipstick bundle available including all these fabulous lip colours, and a bonus red, all with matte and gloss versions.

Grab the fabulous new mesh body and snap up this gorgeous new skin to make it look even better!

After having so much fun playing with Venus from Belleza, I decided to showcase the new goodies from GizzA Creations and DE Designs wearing it, so you can see how easy it is to wear your favourite clothes with this amazing mesh body!

Anne Marie Outfit - comes with matching shoes for Slink feet from GizzA Creations

Macha Outfit (Tuxedo - full outfit) - comes with gloves, bow tie, glasses and shoes for Slink feet from GizzA Creations

Macha Outfit (Embroidered - top only) - comes with armband and shoes for Slink feet from GizzA Creations

Ariana Halter Top and Ariana Shorts (sold seperately) - both come in a range of colours and sizes, including fitted mesh, and include a HUD to change up the detailing from DE Designs


With Venus from Belleza due out any day now, creators are getting ready to dress it with their awesomeness!  Today I'm going to show off some fabulous shoes from L. Warwick which come in versions for Venus and also Slink feet, so even if you don't get Belleza's body, you can still wear them!

Luscious Platform Heels

Elation Platform Heels - coming to My Attic Sept 19th!

Aurora Oxford Heels - coming to Le Ponpon Sweet Oct 15th

Flup Flops

Aurora Platform Heels

Revelry Platform Heels

Unless you have been living under a blog rock lately, you will have no doubt heard that Belleza is FINALLY set to release it's mesh body!!!  Venus is well named...cos it is a body made for loving!  Be sure to demo it and see why it is named for the goddess of love herself!

 Need to know stuff...this is a fitted mesh body, so you can play with your sliders and get the look you want for your new body.  Bigger boobs?  Just nudge that slider up a few degrees and there you go!  It comes in two versions - one for using with your Slink hands and feet, and the all-in-one Belleza body, which has awesome hands and feet already - but more on those soon!  There's also two pairs of Just Design shoes included to get you started, which are compatible with your Belleza body version.

Included too are three pairs of sexy lingerie to get you started!  But it's the HUD that is truly amazing.   For starters, it has preloaded the 7 Belleza skin tones so you don't need to buy appliers or try to figure them out for yourself.  It also has 16 skin tones to work with other popular skins on the market and some space for other appliers when they become available.  And then there is the alpha layer options.  With the body cut up into many little sections, you have no trouble at all getting them to work with most mesh clothing out now.  You may need to adjust your breasts and butt a little in some cases though.  Or you can use the tabs and make whole sections vanish!

The Belleza version of the body uses a HUD option to change the position of the hands into 16 different positions for left and right, 20 different nail polish colours and 3 nail lengths.  And then there are the boobs!  You can have a natural cleavage or pump those puppies up and really make a statement, and don't forget your nipples - there is 14 colour choices there too!  And those feet!  You can change the foot position from flat, medium or high and there is a special button for the Just Design shoes.  Keep watching, cos there are already some designers starting to make shoes for this awesome body, including Nardcotix and L. Warwick!

There's so much sexy goodness out at the moment from Haste!  No matter if you are a kinky vanilla, Gorean goddess or just enjoy mixing your SL up at times, it's well worth checking out the yummy goodies out now!

Cross Lip Ring - this sexy lip ring comes in several different cross metals and each includes a HUD for changing the chain metal.

Karada Rope Harness - this intricate harness is sure to satisfy your inner shibari desires which comes in 10 colours sure to dazzle and spice up your SL.

Kinbaku Rope Harness - another hot rope harness twisting around the body, also available in 10 colours.  (Wearing the new Belleza Venus Body in this one shot - just check out my sexy as heck navel!!!!  Blog post to come on this!)

Madeline Corset - an underbust corset with a leather harness, this is just uber-sexy!  Using the included HUDs you can change the corset colour and laces at the back, and just try choosing between the 10 harness colours!  You will find this at The Secret Affair - opening soon.

Annabel Corset - a sexy full corset that can be worn alone or with the added straps.  Here I wore the black ones with the red corset, but each one comes with matching straps.  Also coming soon to The Secret Affair.

I'm playing catch up today with stunning new releases from some wonderful creators you are sure to love!

Melissa Hoodie and Melissa Skirt from DE Designs.  Perfect for mixing and matching, these are sold separately and both come with HUDS for changing up the look of your items.

Charlotte Outfit from GizzA Creations.  Exclusive to The 24 Event, this gorgeous outfit comes complete with a stunning dress, mesh gloves, a hat and shoes as well.

Also new from GizzA Creations is the adorable Boston Outfit.  With six combinations to choose from, each one comes with a top and skirt, collar and flat shoes.

Collabor88 has started again for another new round and you can snap up Upshaw, a sexy updo from Tableau Vivant which comes in three sexy versions, each with two versions in the pack - a big and smaller poof!  Above is Side Bangs worn with the Temptation I eye makeup from The Wicked Peach - coming to The Countdown Room September 12th.

Above is Upshaw with Long Bangs worn with the Temptation II eye makeup from The Wicked Peach - coming to The Countdown Room September 12th.

And finally Upshaw with Straight Bangs.  All come with a HUD for different colour pack hair choices and will add a touch of glamour to any look!

Just a quicky tonight to show off some more fabulousness waiting for your Slink parts at My Slink Obsession this month.  Once again, Slink hands, feet and Physique body worn in all pictures, along with the Skye II skin from Glam Affair in America.

Shooting Stars Nails (in Light and Dark packs) from Somnia and Royals Tattoo from Stellar

Lootia Top (in Darks and Light packs) from Somnia and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar

Lootia Top and Twinkle Toes for Slink mid feet (in Darks and Light packs) from Somnia and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar

Selena Sequin Top and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar and Rihanna Studded Pumps from Licked and Painted

It's time for another round of Slink-y goodness with My Slink Obsession!  If you have an obsession with Slink mesh body parts, then this is one event you need to check out.  In all the pics I am wearing the Slink Physique Body, Slink Hands and Slink Feet with Glam Affair's Skye II skin and applier in America.  

Suane Lingerie from Miamai - available in black and crimson.  Florian Bed from Ispachi and Whimsey the Unicorn from Intrigue Co (both available at The Arcade if you play your gacha right!)

Sheer Bodysuit from Lacuna - available in nine sexy colours.

Corset Socks from PerveTTe - available in black, white and pink and Dream Tattoo from Stellar.

Leather Anklet from Blushed.

Vegas Heels from Licked and Painted - available in five colours (for Slink medium feet) and Oopsie Micro Skirt from Stellar.

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