Adam n Eve have done it again - released fabulous makeup layers to add some sexy fun to your looks.

A - Bastet Blue
B - Bastet Red

A - Eye of Horus Black
B - Eye of Horus Blue-Gold

A - Hepsut
B - Nefertiti

So next time you want to play Cleopatra or just to add something a little more creative to your looks, check out these fabulously stunning eye make ups!

There are some gorgeous new releases at Out.Rage and they are well worth checking out.

Mia Bella is a stunning gown for your special nights out. It can be worn with the train skirt, or remove it for a slinky nightclubbing dress.

Klaudia is a stunning sundress that can be dressed up for a more dressy look, or slip on sandals and you can wear it to the beach.

The Clearly Lovable sets come in pinks or reds with both solid and sheer versions in each pack.

All poses used in this post are new from Everglow!

Khush has been busy and the new releases are flying into the store lately.

The Lourdes Tops are a cute strapless tube in all the layers with a lovely star motif. The will look great worn with jeans, a sexy skirt, or the Nuria Pants, as above.

Halter tops are fab, and the Sophia Top is certainly that. In a variety of colours, they are great worn with the KO Joggers or dress them up and look stunning!

The sexy Hepzibah Dress has lacing down the front and thighs and is a perfect little black dress for a night out clubbing or just hanging out with your special someone. It comes with the bangles too.

There are even new tattoos in store. These are for the back and are just lovely! Above - Te Amo and This Too Shall Pass.

Above - Barcode and Trailing Stars.

I love face tatts and makeups and I know I'm not alone in that love. Adam n Eve have some gorgeous new ones out in their skin and makeup store and you are going to squeeee over these!

A - Free Valentine's Makeup in store. There are two to pick up!
B - Raining In My Heart.

A - Bedazzled.
B - Buttons and Bows.

A - Blossoms Lemon.
B - Fae Titania.

These are so gorgeous and add so much to a look. You will love them!

Chic Ltd has opened its doors for the February cycle and its AWESOME!

Somnia has 4 sets of fabulous lingerie. There are several colours in each pack and you can choose between black and white, coloured and reversed. I just love these!

Skin from sYs, Hair from Raw House and Necklaces from Laciecakes.

Fabulous shirts from DeeTalez!

Super sexy dresses and you can also pick up the necklace and earring from Line.

Gorgeous skin from Mango, Mango! It also comes with freckles on a skin and seperate tatt layers.

Stunning dress A with matching shoes (sold seperately)....

...and/or stunning dress B with matching shoes (sold seperately), both from Peqe.

Chic Ltd was so much fun last month, and February's cycle is about to open to the public. Its chock full of fabulous designer items from some of your fav stores. Landmark will be posted when it opens to the public in a couple of days!

How fabulous is Heartbreaker from Miamai! Love love love this!!! The incredible dress comes with hat, stockings and teddy train in two versions.

Hucci has a gorgeous black and gold outfit sure to please called 24 Karat. It comes with the beautiful matching flats too.

You need the adorable Peepshow Shirts from Magoa. In stunning textures, there are with and without bow versions.

Zeery's Skinny Scarves are a fabulous finishing touch to your outfits. They can dress up or down and look fantastic!

A - Gos has amazing GTFO Boots in Savage for men and women. You NEED these boots!

B - More boots you need are the gorgeous and colourful Blind Date Boots from Lassitude and Ennui.

Bounce has three stunning items at Chic Ltd which look great together or mix and match them into your existing wardrobe. There is the Anais Top, Gypsy Skirt and Bolero. You will love these!

A - Intrigue Co has the cute Sgt Pepper's Lonely Cat's Club Top which has a gorgeous cat motif symbolising the crazy cat ladies who end up alone.

B - Diavolicious has the stunning Venus Chasseresse which comes with a lovely dress, the back arrows, a hand arrow, two poses and beating heart necklace.

V Day Tees

Its almost Valentine's Day and T Junction has released its limited edition holiday tees perfect for the occasion.

For the ladies, there are 6 new tees that will suit whatever mood you have about V Day.

These are funny, cute and bound to make people smile or laugh when you wear them.

There's bound to be something for you or your friends and loved ones here.

For the guys, there is also 6 new tees for them to snap up and to celebrate the occasion as well.

These are fabulous shirts and gave me the giggles when I saw them, so I know you will get the giggles too.

So pop on in and pick up your favourites now, cos some of these are only out for a limited time. You'll kick yourself if you miss them!

There's some new goodies waiting for you at T Junction this week.

I love this shirt! I admit it took me a second to work it out, but when I did I had a great laugh. I'm also not going to ruin it for you.

Another two funny shirts that will give you and your friends a few giggles.

The adorable Sanura Snowpaw has been a busy wee kitteh lately and has released lots of fabulous newness at Somnia. I love the Untamed Heart lingerie. Its just so cute and available in tons of colours and clothing layers!

The Dippin' Dots Tops are comfy and sexy without giving away the cow with the milk. These also come in a ton of colours!

The Turtlenecks are another comfy and cozy addition to your wardrobe. The look great with the new Cords. You can mix and match up the colours and create some fabulous looks.

Hit the Gatchas and add colourful tees or leggings to your collection. You can mix and match to your hearts content!

Poses Used :
T Junction Female - Adorkable
T Junction Male - MadDesigns
Somnia - Everglow

But first, you do not want to miss this sale!

Awesome shoes, huge savings and teen friendly, what more could you want...cept maybe that fabulous pose from BeScene!

Violator has just released some new jewellery sets and these are not to be missed. The Rametti Argentati set has stunning earrings and a necklace with an elaborate flower motif. My favourite thing about their earrings is how they are not matching. One ear has a flower and the other has a dangling cluster. The necklace is just as eclectic and combines flowers with leather straps and chains. Simply stunning.

The Leash Me Up sets have the same flowers and combines earrings and necklace with cuffs. Its a stunning set that is sure to grab lots of attention when you wear it.

Ever been to sYs? If not, you are soooo missing out on fabulous avant garde cyber fashion, skins and yumminess! New out this week is the gorgeous Mercury outfit. You will be ready for anything when you slip into it. Pop on the Oz Boots in Boreal and Pulsar Glasses and you are looking gorgeous!

I love the Myladie Gown! Its perfect for the more adventurous out there who are not afraid to show a bit of skin....or wear spiders as fashion accessories. This gown has shoulder and hip spiders, and if you are in the sYs Group, you can pick up the Myladie Garter which features another spider. The Oz Boots also features a Myladie version with spiders on the heels, so you can complete your look.

I promise I will make more of an effort to credit poses in upcoming blogs cos without them, we couldn't blog and they deserve recognition. I took these pictures a few days ago and fudged if I can remember which ones I used!

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