A Little Avant Garde

by - Wednesday, February 02, 2011

But first, you do not want to miss this sale!

Awesome shoes, huge savings and teen friendly, what more could you want...cept maybe that fabulous pose from BeScene!

Violator has just released some new jewellery sets and these are not to be missed. The Rametti Argentati set has stunning earrings and a necklace with an elaborate flower motif. My favourite thing about their earrings is how they are not matching. One ear has a flower and the other has a dangling cluster. The necklace is just as eclectic and combines flowers with leather straps and chains. Simply stunning.

The Leash Me Up sets have the same flowers and combines earrings and necklace with cuffs. Its a stunning set that is sure to grab lots of attention when you wear it.

Ever been to sYs? If not, you are soooo missing out on fabulous avant garde cyber fashion, skins and yumminess! New out this week is the gorgeous Mercury outfit. You will be ready for anything when you slip into it. Pop on the Oz Boots in Boreal and Pulsar Glasses and you are looking gorgeous!

I love the Myladie Gown! Its perfect for the more adventurous out there who are not afraid to show a bit of skin....or wear spiders as fashion accessories. This gown has shoulder and hip spiders, and if you are in the sYs Group, you can pick up the Myladie Garter which features another spider. The Oz Boots also features a Myladie version with spiders on the heels, so you can complete your look.

I promise I will make more of an effort to credit poses in upcoming blogs cos without them, we couldn't blog and they deserve recognition. I took these pictures a few days ago and fudged if I can remember which ones I used!

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