LeLutka has been busy rebuilding their sim and is back, better than ever with a brand new build for their stores and brand new designs, skins and my fav addiction, hair!

My favourite new release is Megan, a sexy shoulder length style reminiscent of Veronica Lake with its peekaboo fall over the right eye.

Ruby is pulled back in an elegant knot at the base of the neck, and at the front the hair hangs loose, giving it a messy casual look perfect for any occasion.

As well as releasing new styles, they have been busy updating older styles. I love Samara 2.0. A long style, its layered and falls beautifully around the face. Its a style you will love too.

If you are in the LeLutka Group, you will have picked up the stunning Seth hair. Its for the guys, but ladies, it looks super sexy on you too!

I went to a store opening yesterday for Nefertiti Kimagawa's new store. If you are looking for fabulous accessories, then you should pop in and have a look around.

While I was there I picked up a few things. The Queen are shoes I just had to have. They are made for guys, but have a resize script inside them so it was easy to downsize them to fit me. I also picked up the Shibuya Bag in cheetah. Its a big bag full perfect for those shopping expeditions. The Romihi Bag is a cute messenger bag perfect for the ladies (or gents) on the go and need something to keep all their goodies in.

The Make Him Over Hunt is in full swing and its chock full of goodies to make you (or your man) look stylish!

From Casual Couture you can grab the Brown Linen Zebra Pants with the ComfiJumper in "Man Salmon". I love the male shapes at Maverick Design. The faces are just so yummy and Goal is not different. Slip him into the Black Star top from G-Series and he is ready to enter the Mr MHO Contest!

How to Enter
1. Be a member of the MHOH Group and have finished the hunt.
2. Build a complete Avatar using ONLY hunt items.
3. Submit a 512x512 full permission photo of your look by Midnight October 13th.
4. Make a notecard with a style credit list of items PLUS the LMs to the stores they are from.
5. Send the completed notecard and pic to Ivy Maverick.

For full prize and FAQ details, check the group notices or drop into Maverick Design and click the poster.

And for the ladies, new from DK Designs meet Andrea, a sexy mini jumpsuit available in a choice of colours.

Sold with Andrea is Carla, a gorgeous shirt with puffed sleeves that looks great worn under or over the jumpsuit. You can even wear it alone with your fav jeans.

Random Goodies

I've been a bit lax in my blogging again this week due to being wrapped up in other projects. I took a break from that today so I could share some goodies with you!

Concrete Flowers have the adorable Fallen Leaves Scarves just perfect for the change of seasons. Available in 6 colours with male and female versions, you will look great this Autumn.

[BAIT] has some sexy stuff for the guys! A - Tribal Tank and Jeans. B - Don't I Look Yummeh Top and Lil Fire Jeans.

New from OuTRage, the cute Sweet Dreams PJs. The boyshort/tank sets come in 3 colours (Orange/Light Blue, Two Tone Pink, Yellow/Blue) with an added bonus grey set in each pack.

Also from OuTRage, the Queen of Hearts outfit. This comes with everything including boots, crown and staff. There are so many ways to wear this, and you will have fun with the staff. Just wear it, touch someone and wait for the surprise.

A - Last Kiss from The Black Canary. Elegant, classic and sumptuous, its everything the store is known for. Its gothic lolita at its best. You will love it!

B - Honey Bee, a collaboration between *Dreams* and Mango Mango. A gorgeous skin in Honey Bee Vamp, and a fabulous dress in warm honey browns , its a great look. Throw on the Diamond Vest from [BedlaM] which is colour change, and you're good to go!

Magnolia Designs has an exptremely sexy release out in store. The Snake Skin Laced Corset Dress will drop jaws. It has three skirt options, or wear it without for a sexy lingerie look sure to make your significant other want more.

Make Him Over!

We all know a lot of guys are still quite "avatar challenged" in regards to fashion, skins, hairs and all the yummy things that make our pixels look so good. The Make Him Over Hunt is now up to #4 and it just keeps getting better and better. All poses used in this post are from the MHOH BeScene gift.

Nikita Fride is a fabulous place to find more alternative hairs, skins, clothing etc and in their hunt gift you will find a shape, skin, hair and piercing. I simply love the hairbase on the skin!

From Hardwear, there is a sexy outfit perfect for the clubs and dancing the night away. It has jeans, a silver mesh tank and rich red shirt. And ladies, it looks good on you too!!! So does the Nikita Fride piercing and hair. Just add your favourite hairbase and you are good to go!

Wilson's Designs has a pair of grey leather pants and jacket in their gift. BedlaM has a pair of baggy leather pants, boots and dogtags. In these I'm ready to run off to play Rambo!

From Shape It Up, the Lee male shape is made in proportion and looks great. Included is a couple of pairs of flip flops - cos everyone needs some of those. Bliensen+MaiTai have the Fire Walk With Me necklace as its gift. The zipper lighter on the necklace can be turned on or off.

Bellies have the Biker Leather Jacket in black and white. Its fully sculpted, so expect to do a bit of modifying to get it looking just right. The PARX gift is the Corduroy Shorts in baby blue. These have prim cuffs and will look great with the Shape It Up flip flops on any beach in SL.

So ladies, grab your men and do the hunt. Its full of things you could find uses for too - poses, hair, even clothing.

You still have 3 or so days to go before Wear Gray ends for this year. Run on in and snap up the goodies and help make a difference.

One of the neat things about Wear Gray is the one of a kind auctions. Many of the designers have generously donated items which are being auctioned off to raise money. I just had to have the one from WoE...so I stalked it and taa-daa!!! I won!!!

For the sporty gal on the go, Myth has just the thing. In one of their donation vendors you can pick up this outfit consisting of pants, sports bra, sweater around the waist, belt and visor.

Broken Doll has two exclusives only available at Wear Gray until the event ends. You can grab the incredible Patchwork Dresses and/or the sexy Sparkle Dresses. Both come in a variety of colours and will look great around SL. Check out the other stunning items in their booth.

Killer Beauty has some killer tees in their hunt ribbon that you will love! Everyone says the "Brat" one is just me. I don't see it myself. Like my huggable little friends? *Boof* has a pack of three - star, heart, moon (not shown) - in one of their donation vendors. They are simply adorable!

You can never have enough corsets. Alexohol has the super sexy After Hours Corset in light grey as their $20 hunt item. I also had to have the Texture Inlaid Bangle Stack from Puarangi Designs Jewellery. While you are checking out the fabulous jewellry in their booth, grab the dollarbie box, cos its chock full of goodies like the gold hoop earrings I'm also wearing.

Kouse's Sanctum has two more gorgeous gowns that I just HAD to share them with you. Its the stunning Kiwi Gown in two versions. You can have the knee length for a gorgeous cocktail type event, or grab the full length empire version. Both also come with the cute little crown. These were must haves for me, cos technically I'm not a Kiwi, but I do live there!

SE*Designz has the uber-adorable Princess Shirt and Heart Hotpants in their $20 hunt item, along with some Plumber's Briefs (not shown). The swag bag was changed at Sn@tch after I did my previous post featuring it. In there now is They Talk in grey - a fabulous striped tank dress.

Perfect for your garden, from Foxworth Creations, grab the Carved Garden Cuddle Bench and your best friend, loved one, or in my case - male alt, and have a cuddle!

There is still a few more days of Wear Gray left, so if you haven't popped in to check it out or make a donation, there is still time. Its a fabulous cause and I am staggered by how well it is going this year. Well done Sanura, Arora and everyone who has contributed time or items to helping raise money for the American Brain Tumour Association.

Sn@tch and Dreams have teamed up and the result is a Rainbow Haleigh Dress with the Plum Positive Solstice Skin in tone 2 and Gacha Socks.

Swansong has the Luxxe Dress and Mwah! Flats in a stunning turquoise in their vendors. From Chartreusia you can try out prim eyes with the stunning EyeScream FireEyes or grab the Kaleidoscope Top and Shorts in vibrant green.

A-Bomb has an exclusive Sweater Coat in pink, just right for a cooler day and a pair of sexy Leopard Print Wedges. The skin is Fresh Vamp from Mango Mango, perfect for any vampire or gothic look.

Also from A-Bomb, two unisex items - the Zebra Print Deck Shoes and Striped Polo in an exclusive colour just for Wear Gray.

Two of the fabulous items from Magoa are the slinky and sexy Maia Dress in two colours - Silver (100% donation item) and Sky (20% donation item). You can also grab the gorgeous Sanura Dress (wonder who thats named after) which is also a 20% donation item. There is a gift, $20 hunt item and many donation items to choose from.

RezIpsa Loc has hair and clothing in their Wear Gray store and you will be hard pressed to leave without buying something. The Graphic Polos are fun and look fabulous with your fav pair of jeans. There is one special polo in the donation vendor. They have also recoloured some of their fabulous and more popular hairs, along with one special exclusive just for this event.

New from MW ilweran are some very gorgeous fairy eyes that will have you in love with how colourful and beautiful they are. I've teamed them up with eye makeups from Kosh - which as you should know by now - are my must haves!!! The skin I am wearing with them is Elena from Laqroki.

Wearing the Fairy Eyes in Grey with Gala Shadow in Silver.

Fairy Eyes in Blue with Shimmery and Smoke Shadow in Peacock - Fairy Eyes in Green with Shimmery and Smoke Shadow in Petrol.

Fairy Eyes in Silver with Glossy Shadow in Silver. Fairy Eyes in Gold with Glossy Shadow in Gold.

Fairy Eyes in Brown with Glossy Shadow in Choco. Fairy Eyes in Red with Shimmery and Smoke Shadow in Red.

Fairy Eyes in Pink with Gala Shadow in Candy. Fairy Eyes in Purple with Gala Shadow in Violet.

So the other night I was talking to a friend about tattoo layer makeups (my new addiction) and she mentioned Kosh had some out, so I checked them out and fell in love! If you have seen previous blog entries, you will have seen some of them as I am rarely without them these days. I will be doing a post featuring these soon, but for today, I have some of the fantastic furniture and other things you will find at Kosh, as well as their "sister" store, Concrete Flowers.

Concrete Flowers has some fab shorts just perfect for this time of year. The Misha Shorts come in 5 colours and have prim cuffs, belt and a pocket on your butt. The belt is texture change with 5 leather, loop and metal buckle colours. While you are there picking up your pair, check out the Neck Pouch. Available in 5 colours with texture changing flap, its a perfect accessory! Kosh has the Multiplex Necklace and Bracelet (sold seperately - red tank pic) which are a great finishing touch to a more casual look. The necklaces come in male/female versions and have two options - with tag and without. I picked up the Bent Nail Bracelet (bronze/blue tank pic) from the matching game at Kosh.

Looking for furniture with a more "urban" feel to it? Then Kosh is one place you need to swing by. I love the Bookworm Bed. It has a great bookcase headboard, perfect if you are a bookworm like me, and I love how the cover falls to the floor and is texture changeable so you can match it to your decor. Add the Rods Commode and Dresser and the Sol Mirror and you have a great looking room.

The bed also has a jumping anim which is just soooo much fun!!!

If you like your furniture with a more gothic feel, then maybe the Olen Bed is for you. It also has a selection of anims (20 in total) and has a texture change cover too. It comes with a free copiable night table too. Sheesh all this furniture moving is exhausting!

Or if its living room furniture you are after, the Sunderland Couches are super! They are well loved and a bit worn, and have some great anims for up to 2 avatars.

Available at Kosh in your choice of 7 colours, they are copiable and only 15 prims each. They are just soooo comfy!

If you have a bit of a greenthumb, then Concrete Flowers has just the thing for you. The Gardening Desks are just what the SL gardener needs for when they want to potter around planting or just as a finishing touch for their garden. It comes with the plant on the seat, the Buckets of Plants on the ground are sold seperately.

A perfect finishing touch to any room is pictures of the people who mean a lot to you in frames dotted around your house. The Alessa's Frames from CF are not just adorable, but they add a touch of glamour too.

Wear Gray has opened for all your shopping delight and is supporting a fabulous cause - The American Brain Tumour Association. Show your support by donating, buying items from the donation vendors or by supporting the DJs who will be rocking the grid in support of Wear Gray. Today its the super adorable Alicia Chenaux and tomorrow, one of my bestest buds....Marcus32 Vyper. Check out the schedule and come party hard for a great cause!

Vanitas Vesture has some awesome things you will be wanting to add to your inventory. First up is the Victoriana Silk Top which is only available at this event and comes in sooo many colours that you are really spoilt for choice. Red and Purple are in the donation vendors.

You will also find the adorable Opiate Dress which is just lovely and available in a wide range of colours too. Grey and blue are in the donation vendors.

WoE gave me the mega-happies by helping me add to my corset collection!!! In their donation vendors are the super sexy new Wrinkle Corset in a choice of 4 colours. You will love this too!!!

{what next} has some great additions for your home! I just couldn't resist the Chocoholic's Set which is perfect if you are like my hunny and me and love chocolate! Its has a tray with 2 mugs of hot chocolate and muffins. There is a decorative only version of the mugs, or touch the tray for a mug of choccie you can wear. I also grabbed the Lilac Daisy Set which has a vase of 3 daisys and two box framed daisys which look great on any wall!

Or maybe the Fall Garden Treestump is for you. It comes with 4 places to sit and each one has a variety of sitting or lying poses. its so much fun and will look great in your garden!

My fav tee store in the whole of SL is at Wear Gray too. Check out T Junction for the most fun and awesome tees. They have some fabulous vendor shirts for guys and gals, so be sure to drag your hunny along to grab one or two or three...

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