Concrete Flowers & Kosh!

by - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So the other night I was talking to a friend about tattoo layer makeups (my new addiction) and she mentioned Kosh had some out, so I checked them out and fell in love! If you have seen previous blog entries, you will have seen some of them as I am rarely without them these days. I will be doing a post featuring these soon, but for today, I have some of the fantastic furniture and other things you will find at Kosh, as well as their "sister" store, Concrete Flowers.

Concrete Flowers has some fab shorts just perfect for this time of year. The Misha Shorts come in 5 colours and have prim cuffs, belt and a pocket on your butt. The belt is texture change with 5 leather, loop and metal buckle colours. While you are there picking up your pair, check out the Neck Pouch. Available in 5 colours with texture changing flap, its a perfect accessory! Kosh has the Multiplex Necklace and Bracelet (sold seperately - red tank pic) which are a great finishing touch to a more casual look. The necklaces come in male/female versions and have two options - with tag and without. I picked up the Bent Nail Bracelet (bronze/blue tank pic) from the matching game at Kosh.

Looking for furniture with a more "urban" feel to it? Then Kosh is one place you need to swing by. I love the Bookworm Bed. It has a great bookcase headboard, perfect if you are a bookworm like me, and I love how the cover falls to the floor and is texture changeable so you can match it to your decor. Add the Rods Commode and Dresser and the Sol Mirror and you have a great looking room.

The bed also has a jumping anim which is just soooo much fun!!!

If you like your furniture with a more gothic feel, then maybe the Olen Bed is for you. It also has a selection of anims (20 in total) and has a texture change cover too. It comes with a free copiable night table too. Sheesh all this furniture moving is exhausting!

Or if its living room furniture you are after, the Sunderland Couches are super! They are well loved and a bit worn, and have some great anims for up to 2 avatars.

Available at Kosh in your choice of 7 colours, they are copiable and only 15 prims each. They are just soooo comfy!

If you have a bit of a greenthumb, then Concrete Flowers has just the thing for you. The Gardening Desks are just what the SL gardener needs for when they want to potter around planting or just as a finishing touch for their garden. It comes with the plant on the seat, the Buckets of Plants on the ground are sold seperately.

A perfect finishing touch to any room is pictures of the people who mean a lot to you in frames dotted around your house. The Alessa's Frames from CF are not just adorable, but they add a touch of glamour too.

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