New at Dyn!!!

Dyn has some wonderful new tops in store ranging from sexy and flirty through to stylish and cosy. Whatever your style is, there is sure to be one that appeals to you.

My fav are the Mariska Tops. Not only do they come in a stunning range of 6 snakeskin colours, but they are just sexy and look fabulous on! The back is the real showstopper of this top. It has a halterneck which is connected down the middle of the back to a strap running across the middle.

Also available in 10 solid colours, Mariska is a versatile and great addition to any wardrobe. The black lace adds a stunning touch to dress up the tops too. With jacket layers for an untucked look and shirt/underwear layers for the tucked in look, you can wear them any way you like.

Hoodies are always in style and the new Backless Hoody is sure to jazz up any outfir when you wear it. From the front its your normal every day zipper front hoody in charcoal, but turn around and it exposes plenty of skin. With the strings dangling down you r back under the hood, its a great statement making top!

Sure to dazzle in the cooler days is the Scoop Neck Sweater. With 7 amazing colours, prim cuffs and the incredible prim scooped collar, its just the sweater to wear with jeans for a more casual look, or you can dress it up by slipping into a skirt or dress pants and some accessories and you are ready for a night out.

Taxi to Dyn

There's a special event happening tomorrow in some of the great stores around Second Life. Instead of having sales, they have decided to have a special one of a kind auction and limited edition sales.

From the 7th - 10th of January, you will be able to bid on a one of a kind - never to be sold again - item. How you do this is to pay the bid box with your bid on the item. If someone comes along and ups the bidding, your cash is refunded and you are notified that you no longer hold the top bid, so you can run back in to top them if you so desire. The highest bidder will receive the item when the auction closes.

From Out.Rage, one of the sponsors behind this event, is Gemma. Inspired by the facets of gemstones, this is truly a dazzling dress. There will be two colour packs containing three colours up for bidding. The first contains Emerald, Garnet, and Hematite and the second Hematite, Ruby, and Sapphire. There are also three ways to wear it. You can wear it as a full length evening gown, a tea length dress, or wear it with just the system skirt for a tight sexy minidress. So you will be ending up with 9 dresses if you win one of these auctions.

Another store participating in this special event is Tat'Tash Ink Tattoos. Up for bid is two amazing and hot off the design table tattoos, one for men and one for women. The male one is a Tribal Dragon design. Down the arms and across the back are designs synomous with tribal tattoos with a colourful dragon design covering the entire back. For the women is a Dragon Star design which has colourful stars along both arms and underneath their colourful dragon design.

There are 17 stores participating in this incredible event, so check out what they have to offer.

Part two of this event is the limited edition sale, but more on that another time.

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