Ducknipple has some awesome new releases that you need to see, demo and add to your wardrobe!  Everything includes colour change HUDs so you have lots of mixing and matching fun!

Lease Bikini and Piggy Boots
Hair - Empty Gold from Magika.
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Amacci and lipstick from Glam Affair.

Lease Bikini Top and Blame Skirt
Hair - Empty Gold from Magika.
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Amacci and lipstick from Glam Affair.

It's time for another quick catch up post featuring some stuff I just love, and you will too!  Be sure to check out the events going on right now, and get ready for some awesome ones coming soon!

Jezebel's Body Chains from The Forge at Uber
Hair - Ryleigh from Truth.
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with makeup from Essences.

Runyan Gacha from Charm - coming soon to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Flutterbee hair from Olive at The Epiphany
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with face tattoo from Little Pricks

Skull Dress from Dead Dollz at The Fantasy Collective
Hair - Iola from Elua.  Skin - Camille from Laqroki.

Cali Girl Forever Dress from Le Fil Casse at The Epiphany
Chanel hair from Oleander at The Epiphany
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with makeup from Adored.

Enchantresse Audacieux from Faida & Little Gods Inc at The Epiphany
Hair - Cashmere from Little Bones.
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with makeup from Essences.

So much to catch up on lately, so I'm just jumping on in and showing off some of my fav goodies from recent events and releases from some amazing stores!

Abby Sweater Dress from DE Designs
Rain Weather Necklace from Izzie's at The Epiphany
Molly Bag with gift Coffee from Tentacio at Kustom 9
Hair - Drive from Magika.  Skin - Camille from Laqroki

Gia Dress from DE Designs
Taylor Hair from Bold & Beauty Hair at The Epiphany
Skin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair

Chloe Cropped Sweater and Chloe Asymmetric Skirt from GizzA Creations at Shiny Shabby
Lilith Skin from Atomic at The Epiphany
Bones Hair from Moon at The Epiphany

Desi Cocktail Dress from GizzA Creations
Lilith Skin from Atomic at The Epiphany
Cinnabun Hair from Besom at The Epiphany

Graveyard Guard from GizzA Creations
Hair - Girl 62 from Dura.  Skin - Grace from Belleza.

I'm still waaaay behind in my blogging, and today it's catch up with Supernatural day....with a few other awesome things thrown in.

Juliet Headpiece - a gacha item you can play for at the Freak Show Gacha Carnival now!  The necklace, dagger, skull goblet and candelabra are all from The Occultist Set from The Forge, out at Tag Gacha now!  Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Hime Stockings - super cute, you will just adore these stockings.  Look for them now at The Pastel Goth Fair.  Play for the Creepy Lolita wings, doll, creepy muffin and candy apple from May's Soul as part of Tag Gacha.  The arm tattoo is Vertigo from White Widow, another gacha item, this time from the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Sae from Argrace. 

Amable Stockings - another super cute pair of stockings, this time from Designer Circle.  The Vertigo tattoo is from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Shiori from Argrace.

Juno Leggings - hurry and run in to Suicide Girls if you want these as it closes tomorrow!  And some more of the Vertigo tattoo from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Kaede from Argrace.

J'dore Lingerie - sweet and sexy, it's lingerie you will J'dore when you wear it.  Grab it now at Lubbly Jubblies.  And a little more of the Vertigo tattoo from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Tsumugi from Argrace.

Skin - Camille from Laqroki.

I'm so behind in my blogging at the moment, so its catch up time with some awesomeness from some of the incredible events going on right now.  Take some time to check them out and have fun creating some sexy and fun looks with the goodies you find.

Morrigan Top and Juliet Panties from Dead Dollz - not a set, but they look so good together!  Skeleton inspired, this top is gorgeous and so much fun!  It has a HUD to change up the colours and mixing and matching is the way to go.  The top can be found at the Pastel Goth Fair and you can play for the panties at The Epiphany.

Cute & Crazy Sweater and Cute & Crazy Leggings from GizzA Creations - super cute and super fun, its a look you will adore.  The sweater comes in packs of two with the bat brooch, and the leggings includes the tutu.  It's another awesome find from The Pastel Goth Fair.

Max Bones Mask from Astralia and Luci Dress from !gO! - the mask is just awesome and comes with a HUD to change up the colour, but the dress...oh I am in lust with this dress!  It comes in some amazing colours, as well as this bloody version perfect for Halloween.  The mask can be found at The Pastel Goth Fair, and the dress is at The Fantasy Collective, opening October 22nd.

Vamp Dress and Vamp Cape from Peqe - just hot!  This gorgeous apron dress is the rare you can play for if you are playing Tag Gacha!  Get the HUD and play!!

Underworld Gaia and Hades Crown from Storybook - this is a look that just screams sexy!  Bring out your inner hot goddess when you play for this great outfit at The Epiphany.

Relyn from Charm - who doesn't love jewelry, and this set you can play for at The Epiphany is just spectacular.

Hair - Crave You from Lamb.  Skin - Eva from Belleza.

If you have been trying for hours to get into the new round of The Epiphany, do not give up!  The pain is going to be so worth it!!  The special thing about this event is you can either decide to keep your gacha prize (click KEEP when you rez it) or you can redeem it for points (click REDEEM when you rez it).  If you collect enough points you can redeem them for special exclusive prizes from Epiphany vendors.

Devil from Blueberry - with dresses and horns and gloves and the exclusive pitchforks to collect, this is one sexy devil set!   14 commons and 5 rares
Southpaw Tattoo from White Widow - with gorgeous tattoos for various parts of the body, you can mix and match them to create your perfect tattoo for your perfect look.  12 commons and 3 rares
Hair - Strange and Unusual from Exile.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Marion Hero Costume from Addams - who doesn't like being a superhero?  With a sexy bodysuit, gloves, boots and mask to play for in six colours, you will save every day!  16 commons and 8 rares
Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Halloween Dressing from Zenith - play for a complete look with dress, shoes, fur, headpiece, skull bag, ring and creepy dolls.  19 commons and 2 rares
Alissa Hair from Bold and Beauty - new hair is always a good thing, and playing for your colours just makes it exciting.  This gorgeous style will become a firm favourite.  7 commons and 1 rare
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Coven from Reign - creepy has never been this sexy!  There's dresses, shoes, necklaces, totes, an umbrella and hats with hair to collect.  19 commons and 3 rares
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Provocateur Lingerie from Dead Dollz - with five gorgeous styles of lingerie to play for, you win no matter what you get!  12 commons and 2 rares
Witcher from The Forge - there are harnesses, headdresses, rings, necklaces, staffs and headbands that are just gorgeous and fun!  16 commons and 3 rares
Rose Hair from Little Bones - a fun and flirty short bob style that looks amazing!  It's going to be a go-to short style for any occasion.  21 commons and 5 rares
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

Bat Queen from Altair - dress, collar and cuffs, it's a lovely combination in beautiful colours, that you will love to wear!  21 commons and 3 rares
Gothic Headpiece from Zenith
Rose Hair from Little Bones
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

Seriously adorable!  That's what the Purrrfect Angel gacha from Precious Angel is and who doesn't need some adorableness in their lives?

Not only are you playing for the adorable kitties, but there is also everything you need for them as well.

So if you love cuteness and kittens, you need to get on in and get playing for these gorgeous additions to your Second Life now!!!!

20.Five has some super cute and sexy releases out now.  The great thing about these are not only the addition of five colour choices via HUD, but the awesome price too!  Make sure you check these goodies out and you will be in love with this fabulous store too!

Neus Dress - this super cute dress has a HUD with five colour choices.  Hair - Anouk from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

Bombari Dress - a sexy strapless dress in two tone choices, bright and warm.  Each one comes with a five colour HUD.  Hair - Demelza from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

Berlin Dress - form fitting and sexy, you will love this dress, especially the five colour options you haves via HUD.  Hair - Arden from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

Smakkers Tanktop and Smikkers Skirt - great worn together or mixed and matched into your existing wardrobe, the top and skirt both come with HUDs for five colour changes.  Hair - Bronwyn from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

Stoop Tank and Smikkers Skirt - another great top to team with the skirt that comes in two packs, warms and brights, and a five colour changing HUD.  Hair - Finn from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

Dement Dress - another super cute dress with two tone packs available with a HUD for five colour changes.  Hair - Charlize from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with PXL Sweetlips.

It's another event madness post with goodies you will find out now at the events dotting the grid.  From gachas to sexy harnesses, these will add some zing to your every day or your fantasy looks.

Sanquin Sandals and Wrought Iron Angel Wings from The Forge - perfect for role play looks or just for a casual outfit, these sandals come in black and brown, and fits for Maitreya and Slink feet.  You can snap them up at We <3 Role Play.  Then hit Uber for the awesome wings, available in four colours and enjoy creating new and beautiful looks.  Hair - Breeze from Wasabi Pills.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Moon Dancer from May's Soul - bring out your super sexy side with this stunning set available to play for at The Gathering.  It is available in black as well and is gacha items with six commons and two rares,  Hair - Feline from Little Pills.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Moon Moon Harness from Haste - just what every girl needs...a statement making collar with chain accent making this a very sexy addition to any playtime wardrobe.  It's a rare gacha item available now at The Gathering.  Hair - Transmute from Little Bones.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Hex Harness from Haste - if the harness above doesn't do it for you, then play for this ultra-rare one and really make jaws drop!  It is also at The Gathering.  Hair - Akane from Argrace.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Minnie Romper from Peqe - playful and flirty, and just a little bit naughty, rompers are great for just hanging out at home, or dressing up for some special time.  This one comes in a range of colours and is sure to become a favourite.  Grab it now at Romp.  Hair - Haute Wrap from Rezology.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Monster Vest from Peqe - unisex and a great finishing touch to any role play look, this vest will look just as good on him as it does on her.  Snap it up now at We <3 Role Play.  Hair - Suzana from Argrace.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Tattoos are gorgeous and add such a unique and special touch to your look, because no matter what your style or taste, there will be one out there for you.  White Widow has to be one of my favourites for delicate and stunning tattoos, and after you check out these new releases, I know they will become one of your favourites too.

Divergent Tattoo - this gorgeous tattoo for the neck and shoulders is compatible with your mesh bodies and is available till Sunday at Cosmopolitan.  Be sure you do not miss out!  Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Wild Tattoo - be sure not to miss this gorgeous tattoo at Cosmopolitan...because it's free.  That's right, as part of the 3rd Birthday celebration going on, this wonderful tattoo is a gift for you.  So if you haven't yet discovered the wonderful tattoos from White, Widow, here's a great start!  Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley. 

It's a great time to shop!  There's so many events just opening, stores releasing fabulous new items and all of them well worth checking out!

Cameron Hair from Tableau Vivant - love love love this style.  Its short and flirty and will suit anyone!  It's a must have that you will find out now at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Knot Hair from Tableau Vivant - a great unisex style, this comes in the frizzy chic textures and includes hairbases.  Try it out now at We <3 Role Play.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

Tonya Corset from DE Designs - sexy and stylish, this great top is mesh body compatible and has a HUD to change up the metal and lacing. If you love it as much as i do, grab the multipack of all six colours.  Hair - Emerson from Truth.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

Natre Bodysuit from Supernatural - just RAWR!  This super sexy bodysuit comes in two colours and will add some raunch to your Halloween!  You need to grab this now from Totally Top Shelf.  For the shoulder and mouth spiders - see below.  Hair - Editorial Western from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers and Morgana eye makeup from Glitzz.

Natalie Outfit and Natalie Spiders from GizzA Creations - a gorgeous bustier top and pleplum skirt, this comes in three colours, add the creepy spiders for shoulder, neck and mouth and you have an awesome and spooky look.  Both will be available at On9, opening October 9th.   Hair - E817 from Tram.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

Haley Denim Jacket from GizzA Creations - team it with your favourite jeans or skirt and you have a fabulous look for Autumn with this great jacket, out now instore.  Hair - Girl 55 from Dura.  Skin - Faye from Belleza with Lara Hurley Sweetlips appliers.

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