Aphotic Gloom is releasing some new eyes...and they are so gorgeous!!! They are my eyes of choice in SL and I've even bought packs for my alts!!!

The Clarus Special Edition pack is so yummmmy!!! It has 4 colours in it along with prim eye parts, which I will have to learn how to use one day.

A - Cherry Pie
B - Crystal Blue
C- Elikateal
D - Pumpkin Pie

If you are into a fantasy role or just like being different, then check out the new Asami Eyes.

A - Blue
B - Chrome
C - Green
D - Purple

It's been one heck of a week and I need the cheering up only T Junction tees can give me!

There are some really great ones this week. I especially love the pink one. It still makes me giggle!

Gotta love the ole F-Bomb! There is one for the ladies and one for the men!

The only thing worse than a zombie apocalpse is one that ruins your shirt!!!!

Check out these and so much more at T Junction soon! You can also find them on Marketplace for shirts you know your friends will need!

Time for a quick catchup post featuring some fabulous new items you will find at KOSH and Concrete Flowers!

Concrete Flowers has the Tinman's Heart Necklace for you which features a heart pendant with a clock on a long metal chain. The Olen Ring and Olen Necklace can be found at KOSH. Both are sold seperately and are texture changeable.

Got a hot date? Then Concrete Flowers has the perfect thing for you. The First Night Kit has everything you need to make it a special night!!!

And KOSH has the perfect addition to make it a really special night. The Sexytimes Lamp comes in three sizes and has a colour changing scarf over it and when you turn it on you'll get a softly coloured glow in the room.

If you are looking to decorate your home, then the Baby's Breath Vase from KOSH could be just what you need. With two base versions (gold and antique) and three flower colours to choose from, you can find just what you need to match your room's look.

The Ivy Amphora will add a classic and elegant finishing touch to any room. You will find this at Kosh.

I have a new store to add to my "Fav Store Name" list...Shitz N Giggles!

The Flowered Jackets are fabulous. With stunning colours, awesome textures and cute flower details, these are jackets you will love and will look great with a pair of jeans, a flowing skirt or over a sexy summer dress.

I love prim nails and these are new favourites. The Checkered Prim Nails come in a range of 7 colours in a checkerboard pattern in sizes 10 and 20. They are must haves for your prim nail collection.

Fashionably Late is a new discount store on the incredibly fabulous Chic Sim, which is home to such mainstores as Magoa, Peqe and Orion, and more! Each week a new fabulous discounted item will be put out for you to snap up and love. Here's a few goodies currently out.

From Miamai, the Prue Bikini in purple will make a big splash this Summer. Nyte n Day have two colours of the new Flowie Bikini for you to choose between, or take both. I picked up Sand.

Bring out your inner ninja with the unisex Ninja II from Ladies Who Lunch. The fabulous poses are from the Refined Line by Di's Opera.

Magoa has two fabulous peacock necklaces you just need to add to your collection. The top is just gorgeous isn't it? It's Gleam Top from Fishy Strawberry and there are three colours to choose between.

Grab this new skin called Camden from Haut Monde...it's so pretty!

If pose props are your thing, the London Wall is a great addition to your collection from Synt. It has 8 built in poses with mirror versions, so you have 16 overall.

Check out Fashionably Late and the Chic Sim (it has SHEEP!!!! - I'm a Kiwi, sue me!) and have fun shopping!

T Junction has some awesomely funny new tees out in store now.

These are bound to get you and your friends chuckling as you wear them around the grid.

Full of brightly coloured tees with classic and funny slogans, this store just rocks!

You can also find them on Marketplace, in case you find a shirt you think a friend just cannot live without.

Check out these tees, and so much more soon at T Junction. Your sides will split!

Alphamale Menswear is having a contest to find the "Essence of Alphamale" 2011!

For many years, Alphamale has been one of the leading stores for male fashion in Second Life. The reason our customers list are many - but mainly because of our masculine and simple style. An Alphamale can be anything from a dapper gentleman to the bad boy image showing off muscle and grit. Now it is your time to inspire us. What do YOU feel is the "Essence of Alphamale?". Need inspiration? Simply walk the store and get an impression about our style from the vendors. Then take part in our once a year contest! Last year saw over 250 submissions. Still... those are good odds at winning our first price of 25.000 lindens!



* The model in the photo must be wearing Alphamale items.
* Only the model in the photo please
* There is no theme, but be creative. You do not have to just send studio shots. *Photoshopping is allowed.
* A head shot AND a full body shot please. (Full body shot means down to your knees)
* By entering your image you are agreeing to allow Alphamale to use your photo for display both in-store and as promotional material

- Make a folder in your inventory called !Alphamale Contest
- Upload your photos which must be square, and either 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024. Letterboxing is ok if needed.
- Change the permissions on your texture to FULL PERMISSIONS this is very important
- On a notecard put your name, your SL age, and one paragraph telling us why you think you should be chosen as the Essence of Alphamale. DO NOT PUT YOUR PICTURES INSIDE THE NOTECARD PLEASE.
- Put your information notecard, and your photos into the folder and send it to ALPHAMALE CHROME no later than 15th July 2011. Please do not send the entries to any other members of staff.

The Prizes
First Prize
A feature in Too Sexy Magazine

2nd Prize
L$5000 Alphamale Gift Card

3rd Prize
L$2000 Alphamale Gift Card

Your entry will be disqualified if:
There is more than one person in the photo
Your photo doesn't have full permissions
Your entry is sent to anyone other than Alphamale Chrome
You send your entry in after 15th July 2011

Staff of Alphamale & Blacklace are not eligible for entry.
If you have any questions or need clarification on any point, please send a NOTECARD to Gemini Galatea.

There are new shoes out at Addictia, and they are not only perfect for this Summer, but they are incredibly sexy too!

The Platforma Wedge Sandals look amazing on with their stunning design, awesome colours and seamless join to your legs. It took me a few mins to get the colour just right and then to resize, but if I can do it, anyone can! There is also three colours to choose from - Black, Silver and Champagne.

Not only is the HUD easy to use, but you can buy extra nails and even tattoos to add to it so you can customise your shoes further. One set of nails comes with the packs to get you started. Try a demo soon and start your Addictia addiction!

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