The one thing I love about SL is that you can dress anyway you want and have fun while you do it.

Being a fairy is one of my favourite ways to dress up in Second Life. There are so many cute outfits around and Angelwings has released a new fairy outfit called Trixy. It comes with dress, wings and flowers for your hair.

If you love Trixy, then you need to run into the store and hunt for the blue version which is in a mini-hunt instore. You need to find all 8 pieces and buy them for $0. You will love this!

Fantasia is a fabulous place to find sexy and fun fantasy wear and one of the newest releases is Feathered. Its a sexy feathered bikini with a prim black leather belt with feather attachments.

Reasonable Desires has been a name in good quality and sexy costumes for a long time now. Jackie Hammer is a fun construction outfit that comes with many clothing layer options and two jackhammers - one for posing and one animated. It also comes in two versions...clean (above)...

...and dirty. The dirty version has dirt layers and comes with panties instead of shorts. It also has everything else the clean version comes with.

The newest release is Cabaret, a sexy multi-layer outfit reminiscent of the 30s cabaret girls. The outfit comes with posing barrell, top hat, monocle and so many clothing layers that you can create many saucy looks.

You can find the 30s Vamp and Retro Pinup poses also instore which work fabulously with the outfit. Its a totally fabulous outfit that is not only sexy but versatile.

Second Life is the place to explore, have fun and let your creativity costumes are a great accessory to help you have fun!

So I am still desperately trying to dig myself out from under a mountain of blogging stuffsies, and I think I see daylight finally!

A new store for me is (Hot Mood). The Black and White Dresses are super sexy and sure to add dazzle to your night when you wear them. The come with stocking and are just gorgeous.

Also from (Hot Mood), the Naughty Tops come in a range of colours and are sexy with a side of naughty.

Fresh from BoHo, the Donna Top will dress up any pair of jeans or simple skirt and make your outfit something special. With prim bow, ruffles and shirt bottom, its a lovely top. The Anya Babydoll is simply gorgeous and perfect for a warm summer day. The paisley overlay front lifts up a simple babydoll and will make this one dress you will love.

From Boom, the Carbon is a sexy strapless dress that comes with different top colour options to suit your mood and tastes. Team it up with the Bangled Mess Earrings and you are ready to go!

I love catsuits almost as much as I love corsets. They are just so teasing and seductive. Vesna has the very sexy SQ Overall in a range of mouthwatering colours that are sure to be a big tease to anyone who sees you in them.

The Li Dresses are gorgeous wrap dresses that look like molten liquid has been poured over your curves and allowed to dry there. They are simply stunning and sure to drop jaws. These are also from Vesna.

Vexed has some yummy latex teddies with underlay and without. These are sure to make a splash wherever you decide to wear them.

Want gorgeous lingerie? Then get into SE*Designz and check out the uber-scrumptious Lovely Flowers bra and pant sets. In so many delicious colours, you will be lost for choice. Bring out your inner Gaga with the Gaga Hoody Bodysuit. Its sure to have the paparazzi out while you just dance the night away.

Also from SE*Designz, the Punk Shorts are a definate must-have in my books. With tartan detailing, low-rise and normal waist and a fabulous belt, these are winners! You will find a selection of Fun Shirts in store which will look great with any pair of pants or jeans, or for a battered and bruised look, check out the Fighter Reloaded Tattoo.

[III] has had a rename and is now Magoa, but still full of the same fun and flirty designs. The Maia is the newest release and is so cute. With a twisted wrap top and gorgeous colours, this is a lovely summer dress.

I was wandering around Magoa last night and lucked upon a J on one of the lucky chairs and picked myself up the Nauty Dress in silver. The striped strapless dress is adorable, and when you add the shirt layer lace strap under it, its a stunner. The Think Pink Hunt is on and if you find the little pink and white candy in store, you can pick up the new Maia dress in a special colour combination.

I found more awesome recent releases in my Sn(a)tch folder that are super-awesome!

I love the Faded Summer tops in a pack of 7 colours. With a gorgeous brocade and silk strapless top and ruffled bottom, these will not only look gorgeous with jeans, but can be glammed up for a special occasion.

Long Ago & Far Away is a pretty fairytale floral ruffle corset dress that will make you feel beautiful when you wear it. It swirls around the legs with every movement and comes in a pack of 5 stunning colours.

With the adorable name of Checkboard Chick in the Catskills, 3 pairs of checkboard jeans are teamed up with 2 sculpted belts and crop top with ruffled sleeves. The jeans also come in a seperate pack of 7 colours.

Sultry Days is a lovely set with a striped miniskirt and cropped top with flexi sleeves. There are 6 colour combinations in the pack and you will have fun mixing and matching to create dozens of looks.

Couples Skate is a denim jumpsuit in two colours - black and blue. Each colour set comes with 6 coloured ruffled tops and cuff attachments.

The Popped Jumpers minidress comes in two colours packs each with 5 colours in them. They are a sexy addition to your wardrobe.

I love corsets, and the Frosted Cake Corsets are a gorgeous floral cropped corset top. In a pack of 7 colours, you can accessorise any outfit and look amazing. The Hardware Pants are made for heavy duty wear and tear. With 8 colours, these jeans have leather buckled lower parts which really make these stunning pants!

The Racer dresses come in two versions - The Day Racer Mini Dresses which come in 5 pale pastel colours, and the Night Racer Mini Dresses which are 5 darker colours.

Taxi to Sn(a)tch

Today's theme is sexy stuff and minidresses. I found I had a lot of review copies in my inventory that I had been overlooking, so I threw them on, drooled a bit and did some piccies...and here we go! Hopefully I'm not too out of date with some of these...

DK Designs isn't a new store to me, but it is one I had forgotten. They are taking part in the $55 Thirsty Thursday event (which is tomorrow btw) by putting out the Jewell Top in purple for $55. It looks great untucked with jeans or tucked in with a favourite skirt.

While you are there, you might want to check out the other great sexy stuff at DK Designs. The Nuria is super sexy with the lace panel giving it a total tease look. Tracy is a sexy slip dress for those who like to make a subtle impact.

Also remember to hit up the subscribo in store and see if Amy is still hiding in there. Its a super sexy welcome gift from DK Designs to you. Rose Choker is from G Fields. Recently House of Hucci sent out a subscribo gift too. Start Your Engines is sure to get motors running when you wear it out and about. Two very good reasons why clicking subscribos is a sure fire winner!

WoE has released the Tatiana Ruched Minidresses finally. You might have picked up one in the Platinum Hunt or found one in the WoE Gatcha. If you love them and want more, head into store and snap up the fabulous colours which are out now. The earrings and necklace are from U & R Dog and are my current favs!

DCNY has a super sexy cheongsam inspired dress out in store. The Jasmine has the flowers of the same name decorating it to give it a glamour touch. And just cos you can never have enough, Vextra Design has a super sexy Little Black Dress for you to add to your inventory!

Taxi to DK Designs

Taxi to House of Hucci

Taxi to WoE

Taxi to DCNY

Taxi to Vextra Design

Fab.Pony is joining up with Aleida and opening a new sim for their mainstores this weekend (Aug 21st and 22nd) and its sure to be full of fun, bargains, new releases, music and dancing.

The Wilde Romper is one of the new releases you will find instore during the opening at Fab.Pony. In vibrant black and coloured zebra stripes, its going to create an impression when you wear it. It has prim leg cuffs and chain around the neck, and fishnet leggings (not worn). Hair from Exile (colour modified).

Freebie #1 - the Sexeh Dresses. Available in 7 colours, this long sleeved minidress is a colourful and great addition to your wardrobe. Hair from Exile.

Freebie #2 - the Desiree Tubedresses. Cute little dresses perfect for summer available in 7 colours. Hair from W & Y.

Freebie #3 - the Stripe Unitard in charcoal. Comfy, casual and still playful and sexy! You'll have fun finding ways to dress this up and down, mixing and matching it into your wardrobe! Hair from Exile.

Magnolia Designs has been busy with opening a new satelite store, but has found the time for some new and sexy releases and even a hunt gift for you!

Blue Ice is one of my fav new releases. I love floaty skirts and this one looks gorgeous when its moving around your legs. Corset tops are another one of my favourite things, making this dress a winner. Hairbase and bun from Amacci.

Fancy is another great moving dress with black, white and gold patterned fabric over a net underskirt. It comes with two waistbands on the jacket layer in black and gold. Exclusive to the new SuperElite store. Hair from Fab-U-lous.

Isabelle is totally sexy gown with loads of options so you can have fun making an imact when you wear this out. I love the sequined strap top that comes with lace underlay in two opaquenesses (new word?) or bare skin. The skirts also come in various transparency layers and in 3 versions - lace, sequin and lace and sequin. Glove layer arm straps in 3 versions also included. Hair from Maitreya.

And now the hunt gift...Jezabel! This can be found at the new SuperElite Sim, where Magnolia Designs has just opened a new satelite store. After the sim hunt, it will be sold in all Magnolia stores. Hair from Kyoot.

Taxi to Magnolia Designs at SuperElite

LP Designs is another new store for me, and its full of sexy and playful clothing you are sure to love.

The Kykla Bodysuit is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and is so versatile. You can wear it as a bodysuit/swimsuit for a bit of glamour and sparkle at the beach or pool party, or add the belt attachment and wear it with your favourite jeans, dress pant or a simple skirt for a cute look for any occasion. Hair from Simply Britnee.

The Tigressa Bodysuit is oddly named, as its more of a cheetah/leopard print than tiger, but its still sexy and fun. It can be worn as a cute top with jeans, or with the pants it comes with as a playful jumpsuit. Hair from W & Y.

Vada is a sexy strapless runched dress in dazzling bright colours that is sexy worn as a minidress, or wear it with leggings, jeans, or stockings. Hair from W & Y.

Nadya is a gorgeous minidress with a runched front panel and lace detailing which makes it a dress you can wear to any party or event. It comes with full length sleeves on a glove layer. Hair from W & Y.

The Cutie Outfit lives up to its name. Its definately cute! It has a bandeau top with a tiny mini skirt to have you looking sexy when you are out and about at the clubs dancing the night away. Hair from Damselfly.

If you like awesome fashion at awesome prices, then you need to check out the Fashion House. Its full of items from numerous stores at bargain prices for you to pick up and love. LP Designs has the Donna Bodysuit there for you. It has the same runching and lace detailing as the Nadya dress, and is just stunning. Hair from Simply Britnee.

Also at Fashion House, the Funny Skirts. In patterned or plain distressed denim, its a great skirt to add to your inventory. Tank from and hair from Simply Britnee.

Taxi to LP Designs

Taxi to Fashion House

Not only is Sn(a)tch a fabulous store for outfits, but its also a fabulous store for mixing and matching to your hearts content.

New out in store, the gorgeous Ever After Tops. With 7 colours in the pack, you can have a top for every day of the week. They are worn with the Danger Brocade Jeans, a sexy patterned pant in both layers and 8 colours.

The Danger Jeans also some on a pack of 8 fun prints including calico and pony (above). They look great with the Keyhole Tanks, a lace trimmed tank that comes in a pack of 7 colours.

Institution is a pack of 5 stunning velvet tees that comes with the black Rorschach jeans, which you can buy in a pack of colours (7 or 8) called Institution Jeans.

Without a doubt this is my fav name for an outfit ever. Muff Punch teams up 4 coloured leather halter tops with 3 coloured pairs of camo capris.

Suitable is a classy, yet sexy, business outfit that looks incredible for meetings or a formal/casual occasion. It has classic pants in black and grey with 5 pinstriped sheer tops.

Sexy and classic, the Jane Ruched Tops come in 8 fabulous colours and look just as good with dress pants or a skirt as they do with jeans, like the Corset Jeans which come in 8 colours.

Last Priority has black and grey tweed highwaist pants with suspenders worn with embossed suede tops in 5 colours. Its a sexy and cute outfit.

Check out Sn(a)tch and have fun mixing and matching or finding a new favourite outfit.

Taxi to Sn(a)tch

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