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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not only is Sn(a)tch a fabulous store for outfits, but its also a fabulous store for mixing and matching to your hearts content.

New out in store, the gorgeous Ever After Tops. With 7 colours in the pack, you can have a top for every day of the week. They are worn with the Danger Brocade Jeans, a sexy patterned pant in both layers and 8 colours.

The Danger Jeans also some on a pack of 8 fun prints including calico and pony (above). They look great with the Keyhole Tanks, a lace trimmed tank that comes in a pack of 7 colours.

Institution is a pack of 5 stunning velvet tees that comes with the black Rorschach jeans, which you can buy in a pack of colours (7 or 8) called Institution Jeans.

Without a doubt this is my fav name for an outfit ever. Muff Punch teams up 4 coloured leather halter tops with 3 coloured pairs of camo capris.

Suitable is a classy, yet sexy, business outfit that looks incredible for meetings or a formal/casual occasion. It has classic pants in black and grey with 5 pinstriped sheer tops.

Sexy and classic, the Jane Ruched Tops come in 8 fabulous colours and look just as good with dress pants or a skirt as they do with jeans, like the Corset Jeans which come in 8 colours.

Last Priority has black and grey tweed highwaist pants with suspenders worn with embossed suede tops in 5 colours. Its a sexy and cute outfit.

Check out Sn(a)tch and have fun mixing and matching or finding a new favourite outfit.

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