Time for another random catch up post.

From K-Code, the Rock'n Style outfit is awesome. It has everything you need to totally rock the grid for any occasion. The prim jacket is so easy to resize and fit, and the boots are a perfect finishing touch.

Like owls? Then Kosh has a fabulous new set of jewellery for you. The Wise Owl comes in seperate parts - earrings, necklace and a ring. And the shirt...well its actually a bloke's shirt, but omg I love it!!!! T Junction remains my fav tee store in SL.

Check out the new remodelled T Junction store and the new tees! They are awesome!!!!

sYs is participating in some hunts that start in September and you will not want to miss the goodies! For the Moolto Hunt, there is the Fall Skin in 6 options - bald, cleavage, with blonde and black hairbases and hairbases with cleavage! For the American Bizaar Bday Hunt, pick up the I Love My Sys crop top and panties set.

SLife has been crazy lately, so when I finally had a quiet moment, I jumped into my "To Blog" Folder to try to catch up on some of the fabulous things in it.

There's a few stores I have drooled over on Marketplace for a while now and one of them is Exxcess. Extravagant, gorgeous and sexy - just a couple of words for the clothing you will find there.

Angelica is the newest release from Exxcess. It has a simple and elegant bodice which is perfect for showcasing the jewellery (necklace, earrings, armbands) that comes with the gown. The skirt flows around the legs, giving it lots of movement and is just amazing for picture taking.

My fav eyes in SL comes from Aphotic Gloom. I delight in pimping them out to anyone and everyone cos I just love them and so far everyone I have recommended them to does as well. Watch for these gorgeous Aquilius Eyes in the next round of Fashionably Late, which will begin this Sunday! (A - Ajardo Green, B - Aria, C - Berry Wine, D - Bethy Brown)

I am hoping these are still available at U&R Dogs. The Le Roi d'Ys Bracelet with its adorable charms is a camping prize you can pick up in store. The Le Roi d'Ys Earrings are a hunt prize. Look beside a river on a sandy area and buy a carrot for $1. I apologise profusely if I am too late in posting and these are no longer available in store.

Somnia has released the super cute Tubular Argyle Minidresses you will just love to wear. With so many colour combinations and layering options it can slip into your inventory and mix and match to create any look!

In loving memory of Ladylara1 Quartz, Tainted has released two outfits which are free to group members (you will find it in the group notices). There is one for women and one for men, both come with shoes too and will never be sold or given out again, so be sure to pick them up in remembrance of Ladylara1, their good friend and Tainted model.

More Platinum Hunt stuffsies for you.

A - Bubbles Dress from Nyte n Day
B -
Tank, Highwaisted Skirt and Glasses from Riddle

A - Taylor Dress (also comes with Gold top) from Paperdoll
B -
Top and Skirt from d. Select

Cirque Dusoleil dress from Royal Blue.

Awesomeness from The Plastik. Comes with skin for the males as well.

Ring from R.icielli
Amelie skin from Glam Affair

Skin from Filthy

Skin from Verve

Here's a few more goodies you will find in the Platinum Hunt, which opens on the 12th!

Corset from PXL and jewellery from Alienbear.

Top from Acid & Mala.

Gorgeous gown from G Field.

Outfit from Indi Designs. Comes with a black top too.

Hair from Loq and jewellery from Donna Flora.

A - Outfit from Tulip
B - Dress from Baiastice

T Junction is having a mystery sale this week and you can save big on some of the fabulous tees in store. And check out the Tee Dresses. The fatpack is reduced by 50% this week only too!

That's right, 5 male and 5 female tees have been reduced in price to just $25L each! The catch, you have to hunt for them...but I'm here to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Btw check out the stunning new Jadis skin release from Glam Affair. It's the Jadis skin we all love, but with vivid and vibrant new makeups!

There is one reduced tee in each room, except for the main rooms, which have two in them.

So ladies, when you have grabbed your great tee bargains, run over to demo the new Jadis skins and fall in love with them all over again!

And now to help the blokes out a bit, cos there are 5 great tees reduced for you as well.

Drag your other half or friends in and have some fun hunting around for these great tee savings.

The Platinum Hunt was one of my hunt highlights last year, and it's awesome to see it's back again this year with more fabulous goodies form the fabulous stores and designers around the grid. Here's a quick preview of some goodies you can find in it. The hunting begins on the 12th, so get ready for fun and a bulging inventory!

Sn@tch - The Primrose Path (looooving this!!!)

Nemesis - Monday Dress in Blue and Honeysuckle

Somnia - Retro Tank
Synt - Poses

Fishy Strawberry - Carioca Dress in Pink and Blue

A - Shiki - Icy White Dress
B - Magoa - Teresa Dress
B - Di's Opera - Poses

A - Khush - Glitter Dress
B - Cynful - Flamenca Dress

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