Catch Up Time!

by - Friday, August 26, 2011

SLife has been crazy lately, so when I finally had a quiet moment, I jumped into my "To Blog" Folder to try to catch up on some of the fabulous things in it.

There's a few stores I have drooled over on Marketplace for a while now and one of them is Exxcess. Extravagant, gorgeous and sexy - just a couple of words for the clothing you will find there.

Angelica is the newest release from Exxcess. It has a simple and elegant bodice which is perfect for showcasing the jewellery (necklace, earrings, armbands) that comes with the gown. The skirt flows around the legs, giving it lots of movement and is just amazing for picture taking.

My fav eyes in SL comes from Aphotic Gloom. I delight in pimping them out to anyone and everyone cos I just love them and so far everyone I have recommended them to does as well. Watch for these gorgeous Aquilius Eyes in the next round of Fashionably Late, which will begin this Sunday! (A - Ajardo Green, B - Aria, C - Berry Wine, D - Bethy Brown)

I am hoping these are still available at U&R Dogs. The Le Roi d'Ys Bracelet with its adorable charms is a camping prize you can pick up in store. The Le Roi d'Ys Earrings are a hunt prize. Look beside a river on a sandy area and buy a carrot for $1. I apologise profusely if I am too late in posting and these are no longer available in store.

Somnia has released the super cute Tubular Argyle Minidresses you will just love to wear. With so many colour combinations and layering options it can slip into your inventory and mix and match to create any look!

In loving memory of Ladylara1 Quartz, Tainted has released two outfits which are free to group members (you will find it in the group notices). There is one for women and one for men, both come with shoes too and will never be sold or given out again, so be sure to pick them up in remembrance of Ladylara1, their good friend and Tainted model.

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