There is no need to say anything about the devastation in Japan, it's already been said. For me, the only thing worse than that is the attitude I have seen the last couple of days aimed at some of the people participating in the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. Instead of judging people and being nasty and petty, embrace the spirit of the event and donate, buy awesome stuff or send your thoughts and prayers.

Reach Out pose that comes with the flying doves from Frozen Panty.

Eye Makeups - Juicy Makeup from Bounce
Vest - Miller's Wife Vest from Grixdale
Hair - Sakura from Exile
Top - Urban Queen from Somnia
Toy - NekoNeko Plushie from Miamai

Eye Makeups - Juicy Makeups from Bounce
Tops - Leather Tops from Cynful

Eye Makeups - Juicy Makeup from Bounce
Tops - RaRa Tops from Cynful

It's inspiring how we can all come together to help when things go wrong, so to those involved, thank you!

There is even more awesome newness at sYs this week and it's so yummy!

Bring out your futuristic burlesque girl with the ultra sexy and sultry Lydo. It's Blade Runner meets Moulin Rouge and you will love it!

New skins!!! The Ysis Skins have fabulous makeups and will be amazing with any look.

Search the store and see if you can find the Twisted Hunt gift. Look for the little red box somewhere in the sYs store!

It's almost time for Chic Ltd's March event to open. In just a couple more days the doors will open with a fabulous collection of items from some super stores with this month's theme - The Elements.

Skin and Dress - Mary on Fire from Glam Affair
Hair - Siren from Shag
Pose and Petals - Petals in the Wind from Adorkable

Outfit and Earrings - Twister from Sn@tch
Hair - Songbird from Shag
Skin - Mary on Fire from Glam Affair

Dress - The Ground Beneath Her Feet from Kyoot
Hair - Siren from Shag
Skin - Mary on Fire from Glam Affair

Dress - No Strings Attached from Grixdale
Necklace - Chrysalis from Mood
Makeups - The Elementss from ee.

Dress - Streamline Dresses from Magoa

Bodysuit - Kate Glitter from Peqe
Pants - Kate Leather High Tights from Peqe

And now for something a bit different from me...shoes.

Addictia is fast becoming one of my favourite shoes stores. The designs, options and colours are just fabulous. The new Organic Ankle Boots are stunning. With wooden heels, floral toe tops and knitted collar top and heel covers, these are like a wardrobe of boots in one pair.

You can change the knit texture from plain to striped, the belts from plain, floral or lining. They are colourful and gorgeous, sure to become your new go-to boots.

I can't let this go without showing off some fabulous shoes from my fav store... Sn@tch. (Taxi)

A - Spinner High Tops. These are the most versatile sneakers on the grid. You can change the textures, lace colour, ring colour, heel colour, tongue colour - pretty much every part of these fabulous shoes.
B - Wild Thing Boots. Gorgeous leather boots with a fur top and a cute heel.
C - T Straps. Chunky t-strap pumps with colour changeable socks.
D - Pouncer Wedges. Chunky wedge shoes with colour changeable flouncy bows on the front.

Avant garde and cyber fashion is a secret indulgence for me, and my favourite place to fulfill my desires is sYs. Not only do I find everything I could want - from skins to makeups and tatts to fashion and shoes, but the store is a fabulous place to just wander around.

Pulsar is a stunning example of the fabulous cyber wear at sYs. There are two different versions - one has a bodysuit and miniskirt, and the other (above) has a catsuit. You can buy them in a pack which includes everything - outfit, boots, skin, glasses etc, or you can buy the components seperately.

Exclusive to their Avenue location is Saphyr. This gorgeous dress is sure to be noticed when you wear it. It comes with the ballet boots as well.

The new Epsilon skins are stunning. The base skin (A) is quite plain and natural, a perfect palette for the tattoo layer eye and lip makeups made especially for this skin.

B - Lipstick - Blue 5
C - Acyd Eyes - Spring
D - Graphyc Eyes - Blue

If avant garde is your weakness too, then scoot on in to sYs and fall in love!

Every release, the hair at LeLutka is just getting better and better. I am so loving the latest styles and you will too!

My absolute fav this week is Lush. The hair frames the face and is gathered in a loose knot at the nape of the neck. Its a style that can be dressed up for a night out, or will look just as good worn with jeans and a tee.

Biel is a gorgeous long style that falls down over both shoulders in a messy-ish tangle a-la Jessica Biel.

A short and sassy style is Addison. It sweeps across the forehead and hangs in soft waves just above the shoulders.

LaVie has released a new skin for the men of Second Life, and it's one of their sexiest yet. Savon comes in 4 skin tones with 9 different facial hair types. Each pack comes with hairbase, chest hair and guy liner tatt layer options.

Pale Stubble with Chest Hair.

Normal Goatee 3 with Guy Liner.

Tan Goatee with Guy Liner.

Dark Full Beard with Guy Liner.

If you are in the LaVie Group, be sure to pick up the new Savon group gift which you will find in the male skin store.

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