Show Your Style!

by - Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avant garde and cyber fashion is a secret indulgence for me, and my favourite place to fulfill my desires is sYs. Not only do I find everything I could want - from skins to makeups and tatts to fashion and shoes, but the store is a fabulous place to just wander around.

Pulsar is a stunning example of the fabulous cyber wear at sYs. There are two different versions - one has a bodysuit and miniskirt, and the other (above) has a catsuit. You can buy them in a pack which includes everything - outfit, boots, skin, glasses etc, or you can buy the components seperately.

Exclusive to their Avenue location is Saphyr. This gorgeous dress is sure to be noticed when you wear it. It comes with the ballet boots as well.

The new Epsilon skins are stunning. The base skin (A) is quite plain and natural, a perfect palette for the tattoo layer eye and lip makeups made especially for this skin.

B - Lipstick - Blue 5
C - Acyd Eyes - Spring
D - Graphyc Eyes - Blue

If avant garde is your weakness too, then scoot on in to sYs and fall in love!

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