Another quick Fantasy Gacha Fair post. This time I'm giving you a better look at some of the headbands from yesterday's post and adding a couple more goodies I picked up. The fair opens on Tuesday, so not much longer to wait!

A - Xanthe Plume rare from Aisling
B - Xanthe ultra-rare from Aisling

A - N3 common from Aisling
B - Catena Corona common from Keystone 
C - Witch Circlet common from Sax Shepherd Design
D - Celtic Headband common from The Forge

A - Ghaaliyas Hairnet rare from G Spot and Lucy Snow 01 from Glam Affair at TDR
B - Ghaaliyas Gems common from G Spot and Lucy Snow 02 from Glam Affair at TDR
C - Ghaaliyas Gems common from G Spot and Lucy Snow 03 from Glam Affair at TDR

A - Dory Corset epic from On A Lark
B -
Babes Romper from Yasum Design

Paradise Tutu from OrsiniSun

The next Fantasy Gacha Fair opens on October 1st (sorry no LM yet!) and it's jam packed of goodies for the more fantasical side of SL. Whether yo uare a Gorean or just like to play out your fantasies from time to time, there is something here for you! And gacha is always so much fun - and addictive!

Crow Witch Gown from BlackPearls with the Ghaaliyas Gems from G Spot

Off Shoulder Gown from Peqe with the Celtic Headband from The Forge

Cage Dress from Haste with the Ghaaliyas Gems from G Spot

Lamia NagaTail, NagaTongue and Trident from deviousMind with the new Cleo Headdress out now at Emo-tions

Allegra Harness and Nipple covers from Luas with the Catena Corona from Keystone

Rope Harness from Haste with the Ghaaliyas Gems from G Spot

Sexy in Sassy!

I have a new store I am a wee bit obsessed with at the moment. Sassy! It's sexy, classy and sometimes a bit naughty. They have just opened a small store on the Pulse sim so stop on in and check out the goodies, and if you like what you see, grab a LM for the mainstore and try not to go nuts!

The Vintage Dress is sexy and elegant and will dazzle at any event or special occasion.

The Ingenue Dress comes with appliers if you like your boobies a bit bigger.

I just love An Afternoon Affair. This cute mesh dress is sure to become one of your favourites too!

Let loose with your naughty side in the Rebel Top and Skirt (sold seperately).

Or be smart in the Spring Jacket and teamed up with the Tweed Skirt, it's a great casual look for shopping, hanging out or exploring the grid.

I have quite a catch up smorgasbord for you today with goodies from Glam Affair, Peqe and Ikon!

First up is the stunning Neva skin from Glam Affair which you will find at The Boutique this month only. In the America tone, it comes in six gorgeous makeups and has a selection of brow colours.

Also at The Boutique this month is the fabulous NY Jumpsuit from Peqe. In six colours and all standard mesh sizes, this jumpsuit is just the thing to glam up your wardrobe.

If you have been living under a rock, then you wouldn't have heard that Glam Affair has reopened and is more amazing than ever. If you are in the update group, then be sure to grab this stunning reopening group gift of the lovely Angelica skin in a special makeup and Europa tone. With it I'm wearing the new eyes from Ikon called Perspective, which you will find in some selected colours at The Boutique this month.

Glam Affair hasn't just been busy with skins, there is also a stack of new accessory goodies just released and they are well wotrth checking out. I just love the Essential Wings. These gorgeous metallic wings will add something special to your looks and photos, whether you are an angel, demon or fairy.

My Cute Roses will add a romantic touch to any hairstyle or add to a hat or headband and look amazing. Available in eight colours, you will just love these!

Everyone needs a stunning pair of glasses and Glam Affair has some stunning new glasses releases. There are the stylish 50s Glasses which are available nine colours and in eyeglasses (top left) and sunglasses (top right) and the very glam Baroque Glasses available in eight very colourful frames and also eyeglasses (bottom left) and sunglasses (bottom right).

And last, but not least, the Indy Headdress. This comes in eight black/colour combinations and will spice up your looks this autumn.

Glam Affair has reopened on a stunning new sim rebuild and what better way to start off then with two incredibly hot new skins for her!

First is my personal favourite - Angelica. Above is all tones in the Clean skin.

There are 12 gorgeous makeups in this set and each one comes with 8 brow colours so you can match up to your hair no probs!

There's also some optional tattoo layers in each pack with lip, nose and hairbases so you can change things up a bit.

Lucy is the other skin just released today at the reopening of Glam Affair, and she is a stunning skin too!

There are also 12 stunning makeups in this skin line, and each comes with the 8 brow colours.

Lucy also comes with the optional tattoo layers as well.

So if you do nothing else this week, grab the demos and fall in love with the new look Glam Affair!

Lots of Haaaair!

Hair is without a doubt one of my biggest weaknesses in SL. I get all excited when new styles come out, and I know I am not alone in my squeeeeing over this! Here's some newness from three great stores!

Exile has always been one of my fav hair stores, and with the new HUD system and styles, its cemented its place in my inventory of "must haves".  Right now I am loving the heck out of Whispers.  This mesh style has the appearance of movement and an adorable headband.  It's just gorgeous!

Wild at Heart is a swept back Farrah-do for the Twen-teenies! This style comes with a boobie version too for you Lola lovers.

New out from Emo-tions this week is Brooklyn, a short and sassy style for those casual looks or add a flower or hair accessory for a stylish formal look.

And there is also a new jewellry set out this week too. Harmony is a stunning detailed earring/necklace set sure to become a favourite.

And finally two new styles from Tameless. Deanne is a lovely swept back style that falls down the back with sexy tendrils framing the face.

And for a more messy look, check out Jessilynn.  It's big, bold and fabulous!

It's been a very busy time for Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant with the rebuild of their sim and stores, but it hasn't slowed down the releases and awesomeness at all! Here's a quick post to show you some of the fabulous stuff currently out at the moment.

First up the uber adorable Fall hair from Tableau Vivant which you will find at The Seasons Story. Each pack comes with a HUD with 12 colour choices for the hair and 8 for the cowl.

Bean is a cute unisex style from Tableau Vivant which you will find at this round of Collabor88. Use the HUD to change hair. beanie and even the ribbon colour.

And pop in to The Arcade, check out the sexy Yazimoto hair from Tableau Vivant. It comes with four rares in an adorable vase with twigs for all seasons that you can keep and use for decorating your home after you open them...

...because the twigs in them you can then add to your hair for a seasonal or avant garde look. All skins in these pictures is the Glam Affair gacha skin, Candy, from The Arcade.

And to finish off, since we're at The Arcade, here's one of my favourite items - the Letterbox Frames from Commoner.  Collect letters and make your own words to decorate your walls with.  They're super cute and add a great personal touch to your home or business.

I'm doing a little better this week with the blogging. I guess having too much time on my hands is finally getting put to some good use. Here's some newness...first from Emo-tions...

Alisha is a rigged mesh/flexi ponytail with hairbase that is not only super cute, but it's a two in one style. Click the hair and you can have a soft and bouncy tail (main) or a sexy wet look one (inset). The band is colour changeable too.

If a more ethnic look is your thing, then Jade is for you - a sexy dreadlock updo with metal band enhancements for a gorgeous look fit for any occasion.

I'm totally in love with the Sensual necklace and earring set. The superlong pendant hangs down the back giving those backless gowns an added oomph!

The Swallow set has stars, swallows and red beads giving these earrings and necklace a touch of whimsy and still keeping it very glam.

And now the new hair from Tameless. First up is Pippa - a big and bold pigtail style that comes in Naturals, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

And Roxi, a rocking style for the more daring or adventurous that comes with a hairbase and in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs as well.

It's Collabor88 time again and once again Glam Affair is knocking it out of the park with a gorgeous new face and makeups sure to make a huge splash this Autumn.

Shanna has a definite Asian feel to it and it's just beautiful! Each makeup comes with a clean, makeup free version (above) so you can be bare or add your own makeup layers.

There are bold eye makeups to choose from or splashes of makeup for a glamorous and more avant garde look.

Not to mention each pack comes with several brow colours so you can match up to your hair easy peasy!

So be bold and different and try Shanna - available in Europa tone only!

And glam up your wardrobe with the Couture Oversize Collars. Available in six colours, these are super cute and super awesome!

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