Adam n Eve has released some new eye makeups sure to have you celebrating May in style.

May Queen has coloured shadow above the eye and ribbons and flowers decorating under the eye.

Or you could bring out your inner nymph with these stunning makeups.
A - Flower Nymph
B - Water Nymph
C - Wood Nymph

It's not long now till Culture Shock opens, and its well worth battling the lag and crowds to go see the fabulousness there, as well as the gorgeous artwork from talented SL people.

G Fields
A - Ruffle Top
in latte and the Maxi Skirt in brown flower
B - Fiona Floral Dress in blue

Hair - Penny from Exile

A - Culture Shock Gift : Chicago Lace Mini and Wrap Top in white
B - Sarah Jane Pastoral

Boho Chic Shirt from Acid and Mala - comes with halter and with sleeve versions in the donation item.

A - Multi-layered Top from Acid and Mala
B - Country Life Shirt
in earth and Wild Nature Skirt in black from Fishy Strawberry

A - Shore Line Lace in olive from Grixdale and Good Girl Tattoo from iPoke
B - My Vintage Frock
in cocoa from Grixdale

A - Siam Maxi in noir from Swansong
B - Mina and Sakura 02 skin in natural from Glam Affair

Glam Affair
A - Sakura 01
in med tan
B - Sakura 03 in tan

Hair - Liv from Exile

A - Corsetta
in petrol
B - Garden Shirt in red

Main - English Rose Dress from Magoa
Inset - Gift
from Miamai

I missed the blogger open day as I actually took time off and went away on a holiday, but a few friends sent me some of their fabulous Culture Shock items to share with you all, so look out for this event, which opens on May 1st, cos it's going to be fabulous!!!

Somnia will have you Tied With Stars in these fabulous tanks.

A - Carea Dress in Green from Miamai
B - Keyla Minidress
in Blue from Miamai

A - Joja Shirt in Blue from Miamai
B - Kiss Me Tee from T Junction

A - Cats in Smurf from Peqe
B - Culture in Vintage from Peqe

A - Denim Flow in Flower Power from Peqe
B - Flow Top in Jewel and Flare Pants in Rosa from Peqe

Inset - Cheshire Cat Hat from Ladies Who Lunch
Main - High Tea Gown
with Flexi Skirt and Bustle from Ladies Who Lunch

Main - High Tea Gown with Sculpt Skirt from Ladies Who Lunch
Inset - Doormouse Veil
from Ladies Who Lunch

I'm playing blogger catchup again today cos I have been slacking off (I was sick honest!) and got buried in fabulous stuff that you need to see!

First up, check out the amazing Divine Sunglasses from Je Suis. The metallic embellishment on the arms is colour change so you can match it to your outfit in one easy click and resizing is a breeze thanks to the easy peasy HUD. You will feel like a million lindens in these!

Also from Je Suis, the Asymetrique Bangles are a colourful addition to any look and the chunky square design is unusual and gorgeous. These are fully sculpted and come in single colour packs or a fabulous fatpack giving you the perfect accessories for Spring. The hair is a new release from Yuna's Hair called 56.

Kazuo has released the most beautiful dress perfect for these lovely Spring days. The Off-Shoulder Dress comes in a range of stunning colours, and pick up the green in store for a special $10. The hair is 162, a new release from W&Y.

I've been having a real love affair with Glam Affair lately. You will too when you check out the new Intima Collection of lingerie just released in store. The blue set is Thabita and the white, Luna. Looking for new hair, try Aino from Heart Softens. I discovered it yesterday and my heart did soften.

One of my favourite places to find face tattoos is White Widow. You will find the gorgeous Sakura set at Chic Ltd. There are 5 colours and multiple wearing options.

New from sYs this week and perfect for Summer are two releases you will love.

Great for the beach on some remote planet, or just somewhere on the grid is Logyn, a strappy white suit with neon blue tubes floating out from various attachment points.

The Blueline Tank Dress is a latex/rubber tube minidress with a blue cyber pattern decorating it. I love the butterfly on the back. It's a cute little detail.

The new cycle of Chic Ltd has started and it's a fabulous one!

Glam Affair - B.t.W. Comes with the skin, bikini and gloves.

A - Elemiah Design - Kali.
B - So Many Styles - Babydoll Dress.

Inset - Donna Flora - Petals Short Cherry. Choose between pink and white versions, or buy both. Main - Donna Flora - Petals White. Choose between pink and white, or buy both of these too.

Peqe - Cherry - strapless tops in a variety of colours. Peqe - Blossom - high waisted pants in a variety of colours.

Magoa - Laura Tops.
Bliss Basics - Tutu Paint Stain Jeans.

Kia Goodliffe has rebranded and is back better than ever with her new store simply called [Me.].

Alexandria is the newest release and its just adorable. Long straight hair hangs down under a knit hat with a cute little bow on the front. The hat is colour change so you can match it to your outfit.

Angelina is a long style with a few wisps framing the face and is a lovely wilder style for when you want to look your sexy best.

Ivy is a cute style with long bangs covering the eyes and ends that flip up giving it a playful look and has a colour changeable band with bow.

Kasia is a curly shoulder length style with a knit hat which is colour changeable to co-ordinate with your outfit and is perfect for a more wintery day.

London is another more wintery style with a cute knit beret style hat and two adorable braids hanging down over the shoulders. And yes, you can change the beret colour too.

All the hairs come with a HUD for colour changing and resizing, and you can add streaks for a more egdy or fun look.

Welcome back Kia!

Kosh really is an incredible store. Is there nothing they don't do? Which reminds me, I really need to drop by and rebuy my fav eyeshadow layers that seem to have mysteriously vanished from my inventory.

If you love earrings, the Gingko Earrings are something unique and different to add to your collection. they will look good with anything!

Add a special touch to your home with the Ronjas Mirror. You have a choice of finishes that will fit into your decorating style and add a gorgeous finishing touch to any room.

Add a gothic touch to your home, sim or store with the Crow Fountain. This stone fountain has trailing ivy and a couple of crows and comes with or without sounds. It's a definate must-have if you like a bit of darkness in your decorating.

Perfect for summer is the In Between Days House. This cute little house comes with so many option and is so adorable you will just love it.

The house comes in a pack with different options. You can just rez the house on your land or my favourite option is the Sky Isle. This is a little island of land complete with grass and flowers and comes in two footprint sizes.

You just can't have Kosh without Concrete Flowers. It would be like peanut butter without the jelly! Check out the store and hunt for the little bee and in it you will find the adorable My Own Tree Necklace in versions for males and females. This is part of the Spring Seasons Hunt which starts on April 16th, so keep an eye out fot that.

I have another mixed bag today, so let's jump into it.

Precieuse are big, bold hoop earrings from Je Suis. If being noticed is your thing, you will love these earrings.

The new releases from sYs are stunning. Inquisition is a gorgeous French coat ensemble that comes with boots, stockings, leather hot pants and cap. Makeup from Sn@tch.

Also from sYs comes the Yron necklace and bracelet sets. The chunky metallic jewellery comes in three versions - diamond and spike (shown) and pur (not shown). Makeup from Sn@tch.

The new Poppy dresses from Peqe are lovely. With two rich colours highlighting the skirt petals and stunning strapless bodice, you will feel so summery in these dresses.

Christensia Parkin is back with a new store - Kazuo, and if her first releases are anything to go by, it's going to be a store to watch. The Tier Dress is beautifully sculpted in two layers and comes in 7 colours.

Also check out the new Jackets. In 9 gorgeous colours, you'll find one you will love.

The Fantasy Faire gives the creators and fans of fantasy, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers a chance to show off their stuff in one place and also help raise money for Relay For Life. It ends on April 10th, so be sure to check it out asap, as this is an amazing event!

I absolutely adore the Naiad Scales Tattoo layers from Fantasia. They add a dazzling splash of texture and colour to your skin and will help you bring your mermaid or naiad fantasies to life. With 6 subtle colours for only $100 - it's awesome value and you will be in love with them too.

Naiads were nymphs who presided over springs, rivers, streams and wells, so after picking up the scale tattoos, indulge yourself and grab some fabulous clothing to carry on your fantasy. Protect your kingdom or just be a sexy warrior in the Nerrin Armour which comes in 6 colours and one special RFL version. Or if war isn't you thing, you will look gorgeous in the Naiad Silks, available in 7 colours and one RFL exclusive.

Indulge in more role playing fantasy with Adam n Eve and the lovely Diana. It comes with the best top I have seen in a while, gloves and two skirt versions. Also worn are two special Makeups which you will also find at the faire.

Morgana is another sexy warrior princess outfit that comes with two skirts and fabulous bronze shoulder, cuff and belt details. The skin is the Astrelle Fae special skin which comes with two versions (with and without bewb enhancement) and some tattoo layer makeups.

Add some colour into your SL with the lovely Fantasia skins. These come with two versions as well (with and without bewb enhancement), hairbases, lip layers and nails.

Evie's Closet is one of my favourite stores in Second Life. Not only will you find some gorgeous clothing and accessories at Evie's, but you can pick up the adorable Avery outfit in a choice of 3 colours for $50L each.

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