It's a Culture Shock!

by - Thursday, April 28, 2011

I missed the blogger open day as I actually took time off and went away on a holiday, but a few friends sent me some of their fabulous Culture Shock items to share with you all, so look out for this event, which opens on May 1st, cos it's going to be fabulous!!!

Somnia will have you Tied With Stars in these fabulous tanks.

A - Carea Dress in Green from Miamai
B - Keyla Minidress
in Blue from Miamai

A - Joja Shirt in Blue from Miamai
B - Kiss Me Tee from T Junction

A - Cats in Smurf from Peqe
B - Culture in Vintage from Peqe

A - Denim Flow in Flower Power from Peqe
B - Flow Top in Jewel and Flare Pants in Rosa from Peqe

Inset - Cheshire Cat Hat from Ladies Who Lunch
Main - High Tea Gown
with Flexi Skirt and Bustle from Ladies Who Lunch

Main - High Tea Gown with Sculpt Skirt from Ladies Who Lunch
Inset - Doormouse Veil
from Ladies Who Lunch

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