More From Culture Shock

by - Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's not long now till Culture Shock opens, and its well worth battling the lag and crowds to go see the fabulousness there, as well as the gorgeous artwork from talented SL people.

G Fields
A - Ruffle Top
in latte and the Maxi Skirt in brown flower
B - Fiona Floral Dress in blue

Hair - Penny from Exile

A - Culture Shock Gift : Chicago Lace Mini and Wrap Top in white
B - Sarah Jane Pastoral

Boho Chic Shirt from Acid and Mala - comes with halter and with sleeve versions in the donation item.

A - Multi-layered Top from Acid and Mala
B - Country Life Shirt
in earth and Wild Nature Skirt in black from Fishy Strawberry

A - Shore Line Lace in olive from Grixdale and Good Girl Tattoo from iPoke
B - My Vintage Frock
in cocoa from Grixdale

A - Siam Maxi in noir from Swansong
B - Mina and Sakura 02 skin in natural from Glam Affair

Glam Affair
A - Sakura 01
in med tan
B - Sakura 03 in tan

Hair - Liv from Exile

A - Corsetta
in petrol
B - Garden Shirt in red

Main - English Rose Dress from Magoa
Inset - Gift
from Miamai

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