Magnolia Designs has some new releases...and they are so glamorous!

Bring out your inner dancer in the Ballerina dress. It comes in 6 colours and has a strapless bodysuit with a layered skirt for lots of movement. Hair from Sirena.

Be ready for a night out in the Classic Evening dress. It comes with two tops options, sheer or opaque, and there is a seperate layer nipple pastie if you are a bit shy, or be daring and go without them! The skirt floats around the legs making it perfect for dancing. Hair from W & Y.

You'll definately stand out in the Backless Mini dress. It has a very low cut back, giving a bit of a peekaboo tease and a sexy halterneck making this a great fun and flirty dress for a night out dancing. Hair from W & Y.

And lastly, the Supreme, which is what you will be when you wear it. It comes with three skirt options, open, long and ruffled (not shown) which is just the waist ruffled frills without the long skirt panels. With so many yummy colours to choose from, you will hard pressed to pick your fav. Hair from W & Y.

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Recently Sn(a)tch has released some stunning new dresses, so I decided to feature my favs from the bunch today!

I love love love this dress!!! Faking Innocence is a gorgeous maxi dress that comes in four colours - champagne, jade, pink and white. It will make you feel like a sweet virginal princess when you wear it. Hair from D!va.

The Marie Corset Dresses have gorgeous bright jewel colours - blue, gold, pink and purple - and the patterned fabric is stunning too! I love the sculpted skirt that stays in place and photographs so well - I just need to get a little better at my prim editing to fit it just right! You will love this!!! Hair from W & Y.

Another dress I love is the Gallery Corset Dress. I'm a sucker for corsets and this is a glamorous dress you can wear anytime for any occasion. It comes with 6 coloured corset tops that you wear with the black skirt. You will love that skirt cos the texture is stunning! Hair from Truth.

The Distress Dress comes in two versions - solid and striped top - and bares a lot of skin for a flirty tease look. The cropped tank is attached to the skirt bottom at the fron and is bare at the back and comes in a pack of 6 colours. This is a cute, fun look sure to impress. Hair from Ploom.

And finally, Out With The Old Sundresses! These have a retro 50s housewife feel to them and such lovely floral fabric that you will love wearing them as you bounce around the grid shopping, exploring or just hanging out. There are 5 colours in the pack. Hair from Lamb.

Whether looking for a glamorous, grunge, edgy, flirty, fun, cute, playful or sexy dress for your special event or occasion, look at Sn(a)tch first. You cannot go past the value and the range!

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Total Knock Out have some new releases out...and they rock!

Roxy is a sexy lil strapless number that clings to your every curve. The shimmering fabric adds a dazzle to any occasion and the two tones gives it a zebra stripe look that is just stunning!

The Mandy Top is a gorgeous halter neck top with a black print that is almost asian inspired. Its a great addition to any wardrobe.

Everyone needs a great vest in their inventory. Its something you can dress up or down depending on how you wear it. The Kelly Waistcoats are perfect for a casual with jeans look, or slip into an elegant skirt and you're set for a more dressy occasion. I teamed them up with TKO's new Nia Jeans. These are daringly low waisted and have prim bottoms so you can take them off and wear boots, or put them on and wear with shoes.

The Becca Tops have cutout sides to add a touch of "tease" to a long sleeved top. They are definately a sexy top to have in your wardrobe.

Last, but by no means least...July's dollarbie - the dazzling Kayla Top in green. With its peekaboo bodice, halterneck design and prim bottom, its the best $1 you'll spend this month!!!

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Did you know that as well as doing fabulous skins, LaVie is also home to some fabulous fashions? All hair in this post is from Simply Britnee.

Who doesn't love lingerie? LaVie's new Desire range is sure to make anyone desire you when you wear it. It has lacey frills on the bra and panties and is seriously sexy! Available in black, rose and blue, its sure to be a perfect addition to your seduction wardrobe.

Another fabulous lingerie set is Luxery. It has many options for wearing it depending on your mood and how much you want to dazzle. The sheer lace corset has diamond detailing to add a touch of glamour and can be worn with or without panties, with or without the garters and stocking, with sheer or opaque panties. Available in green, black or red, there's the perfect set for you!

Capriccio is a very glamorous dress in stunning metallic shine and flower patterned fabric with ruffles at the collar and waist. The red version is the current LaVie Group Gift, and if red is not your colour, then check out the gold or silver versions.

LeBelle is a gorgeous strapless dress and bolero set with a real retro 50s feel. The skirt flows beautifully with your body and looks fabulous when dancing. The earrings, bangles and necklace come with the outfit. Available in gold, blue and purple, its bound to add to your wardrobe and any occasion you wear it to.

My favourite though would have to be Amor Secreto. In stunning black and silvery/white, it has three wearable options for you. For a cute cocktail or clubbing look, you can wear the short skirt version which has a fun and flirty ruffled skirt. There's a pants option that turns it into a sexy bodysuit sure to drop jaws.

For a more formal occasion, there is a long skirt version which turns it into an elegant evening gown with bows at the front and back.

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Yay I'm back!!!! Bout time too...cos my inventory is set to explode with everything I have to blog!!! Well it should keep me busy for a while, which is a good thing! Before my graphics card decided to die on me, I had hit the Summer of Love Fair, which is running until August 8th and is chock full of fabulous things from so many great SL stores!

One of my most fav indulgences in Second Life is the stunning gowns from Evie's Closet. Without a doubt they are some of the most spectacular designs on the grid if you are into period era clothing or just want to feel like a princess for a bit. The Madeleine Gown is one of the most gorgeous gowns to come out of the closet! Its available in Green, Purple, Blue and my fav....Red.

Another one of my fav stores is Acid and Mala. You'll find this sexy bikini in one of the Hunt Question Mark thingies around the fair. With it I wore the Thorn Earrings and Necklace from Amacci. There are three versions of the necklace, and the gems in all of them can be changed into one of 9 options. They are sold seperately at a wonderfully discounted price.

From Holli Pocket come the Seashell Kini Love bikinis in 8 different colours. The pants are very low riding on the hips and do have hip bows which I seem to have forgotten to wear. Worn with it is the Rosary Necklace from Fusion.

This sexy swimsuit is from Lizzie's. The cutouts and white bodice give it a very glamorous look that will be perfect at the beach or any pool party. With it I'm wearing the Crystal Heart Pendant which is a free gift from Darlinks.

My all time fav TShirt store is at the SoL Fair...and I just HAD to pick up these two for my collection from T Junction. My friends would say the Dorkalicious one is sooo me....but I reckon the Virgin one is more me. *wink*

[III] has some fabulous shirts at the fair as well - for men and women. They are perfect for adding to your collection.

Indie Rose has some adorable summer dresses available in 6 colours at the fair. They have a gorgeous beaded detail around the bodice in a contrasting colour to add a touch of glamour and have a hibiscus flower fabric which screams of lovely warm summer days.

Taxi to The Summer of Love Fair

My computer had a bit of a mental breakdown on July 14th and I am STILL waiting for my computer guy to come check it out. I can't log into SL for longer than 5 mins without my computer shutting down and am shocked that I have been cruising blogs for 20 mins and its still on!!!

Thanks to all who are sending me review stuffsies! I promise I will dive in and blog the fudge outta ya all as soon as my computer stops being male and starts working properly again!

Ok I'm pushing my luck, so better log out before it decides to do that for me.


Glance's International Fashion Week has just started and its full of sexy and fabulous fashions from some of SL's great stores! As well as having special one of a kind outfits up for auction with 100% of the proceeds going into the Glance Runway for Life kiosk. But not only are there fabulous fashions to buy...but some of the most awesome gifts from the stores!

From Swansong - a fatpack of sexy Penang Bikinis, just perfect for the beach or pool this summer!

While you are there picking up the free bikinis, you can buy the sexy Mirage gown, which looks stunning with Son!a's gift - the Labordite Set which includes earrings and necklace.

G Sloane Couture has a bunch of gifts for you, including the Paisley Park babydoll dress and Velvet and Fur Jacket.

From Mea Culpa, two electrifying outfits - Electric Temptation and Lava Love. You are sure to dazzle in these!!!

Convoitise has two gifts at IFW10, and my favourite was Delinda, a stunning evening dress in white that is sure to make any evening special.

Be sure to check out the fabulous fashion shows, the stunning auction items and the stores all participating in IWF1o!!!

Taxi to IWF10

Like most women in SL, my biggest addiction is without a! I have some sexy newness from two hair stores - Calla and Hair Solutions.

First up is three new styles from Calla.

Sainfoin is my favourite out of the new releases. Its a gorgeous french braid angles down the back of the head and secures at the nape of the neck by a clip, which make it perfect for a casual or glamorous evening look.

Cereus is from the Sultry Collection and has new textures! Look how it moves when you do! Grab a demo and have some fun moving around to watch how it yourself!

Rosebay is a mix of sculpted and new textured flexi whisps create a shoulder length style that looks and moves great!

Hair Solutions have been busy lately, with several sexy new releases.

Katherine is a waist-length style that falls over one eye and twists down the back. Its a sexy tangled style that is just gorgeous.

Elenita is a sexy tangle of curls that falls over the shoulders and down the back and is a stunning addition to any hair wardrobe.

Mei Ying is a shoulder length bob style that has two longer ponytailed sections. Its a cute and fun style.

Cassie has a bouffant top that adds height before exploding over the shoulder in curls and waves. Its a great style for jeans and tees or an evening gown.

Taxi to Calla

Taxi to Hair Solutions


ICON Lifestyle Magazine and TOO SEXY Magazine announce their first collaborative fashion show which will be presented on Friday, July 9th at 2:00PM. This showcase will feature fashion designs and accessories from resident designers of the Iconically Sexy Shopping District and advertisers from the two magazines.

Fashions to be shown will include some “Fun in the Sun” designs from over 25 designers. Swimsuits, casualwear, and dresses will be showcased. Shoes for the fashion show are being provided by Nardcotix, female skins from Tuli and Aimesi and couture jewelry from Chop Zuey. The stunning set design and runway was built by Flix Saiman of Click, with nature elements provided by 2Xtreme and Botanicals.

Attendees to the show will have the opportunity to use a Teleport Board directly from the show location to the various stores of the featured designs in the show. Many will also be offering gifts in their stores.

ICON lifestyle magazine was born from SLexy Inc Magazine in January 2009, with the first issue hitting the virtual news stands on March 1st. ICON is a publication with a focus on integrity, both in design and content -- a premier lifestyle magazine accessible enough for any SL resident to read and enjoy.

TOO SEXY magazine is all about Everything that is SEXY in Second Life. The creative team, behind the now defunct SXY2ND Magazine, is the creative team of TOO SEXY Magazine with new owners & publishers, Potvin Tigerpaw and Sahara Mehrtens This fun and sexy look at our virtual world launched in February 2010.


Payton Heron
Fashion Show Producer

Potvin Tigerpaw and Sahara Mehrtens
Publishers and Co-Owners
ICON Lifestyle and TOO SEXY Magazines

BeScene has just released five more poses in their Flamenco series and they are dynamite!!!

These poses are sultry, seductive and show all the passion and movement of flamenco.

These work so well with big poofy dresses, or maybe you are lucky enough to have a flamenco dress lying around.

You can really bring out your creative side with these poses and create something breathtaking!

BeScene is making a name for itself amongst pose stores. The poses are always perfect for blogging and picture taking!!! With a growing collection of men's and women's poses, as well as couples, you will find the perfect poses to make your pictures something special!

Taxi to BeScene

I'm still running around like a headless chook trying to catch up with all my blogging and I think I am finally making some headway! To help me catch up, its mixed bag time!!!

Totally Random has just released a couple of gorgeous summer dresses. First up is Sirena, a dazzling turquoise low cut minidress that will have you standing out of the crowd this summer. The skirt is fun and flirty and moves with your body.

Sunny Days will brighten up any day when you wear it. Its cheerful yellow floral print comes in two top options - large print and small, and comes with two skirt options as well - with the green belt or without. The black waist cincher is a seperate jacket layer, so you can wear it or not. It also comes with the cute floral hat in two attachment options, so you can wear it with hair or without.

Sn(a)tch has come a long way from its gothic/alternative beginnings and now encompasses so many looks and even colour!!!! I decided to go "professional" with two of the cutest recently released outfits. Slutwear Finantial (btw how can you not love that name???) has a sexy white sheer blouse with tie and striped capri pants in six vibrant and stunning colours. The pants have sheer gathered poofy bottoms to add something special to the outfit. The top also come in a seperate pack of seven fabulously sheer colours called Finance Tops, which looks great with the Hiya Sailor Button Skirts, a highwaisted wool button flap skirt in 5 colours.

A more playful dress are the They Talk A Lot Don't They stripey tank dresses. The dresses come in 5 stripe combinations and the sheer skirts have two layers of colour for a a great look. The Squeeky Sandals are a great summer shoe option this season and will go with so many looks! Mrs Cleaver is a plaid summer dress with a scultped neck strap. It comes in six colours and is just adorable!

If you are unfamiliar with Sn(a)tch, one thing you really need to know is that when I say it comes in x amount of colours...thats means thats what you get in the pack you buy! You don't just buy one dress when you shop here, you get the whole kit and kaboodle in one amazing value for lindens pack!!!

Taxi to Totally Random

Taxi to Sn(a)tch

This is my new alt. I haven't quite decided why I made her yet, but she's there if I ever need her.

As with all my alt's, I refuse to spend money on them, beyond maybe a couple of items. For this alt, I have spent a grand total of $145 - prim lashes and nails - which will not be featuring in this post.

Shape - Madpea Hunt Gift at Body Doubles
Skin - Cupcakes Gift at Fab Free
Hair - Claudia Gift at Exile (Subscribo)
Top - Glam Halter at Sn(a)tch (Lucky Chair)
Skirt - Long Simple Skirt at Elymode (Under 30 Day Box)
Eyes - Moss from KMADD's Gift at Fab Free

I am sooo behind in my bloggage lately and running around like a headless chook trying to catch up!!! So if you have sent me things, you're not forgotten, I'm getting there!!!

First up more from LaVie. In an earlier blog post I showed you the new Demi Reloaded in pale and normal skin tones in 6/15 available makeups. Here's 3 more - in Tan! Wearing Tan 004.

Remember all packs come with a standard, cleavage, hairbase, cleavage + hairbase skin, as well as a bonus Cat's Eyeliner makeup! Wearing Tan 014 (gold makeup) and Tan 009 (purplish makeup).

Like long hair? Then Hair Solutions have the perfect new release for you. Called Maylin, it has long bangs swept over the right eye and shoulder length pieces falling down to frame the face. The centre is pulled back and pinned to the top of the head and falls down with the rest. Its a cute and very sexy do!

Erin is a short, shaggy style that also covers the right eye in layered bangs. Its another perfect "just got out of bed" hairs, or scruffy urban style that would look great dressed up or down.

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