Its just days until the Black & Blue Fair begins. From June 4th - July 3rd, some of your favourite stores and designers are taking part in the Black & Blue Fair to help raise awareness for Mental Health issues. Around the fair will be visual aids to help educate and inform, so you can become aware as you shop!

One of the stores participating is a new one on me...Hello Dave...and I was lucky enough to have a blogger pack dropped on me earlier today, and after scrambling through everything, its a store I definately want to see more of.

I'm a recent recruit of prim nails and I must say, I am beginning to like them. The Colour Choice Nails come with a HUD with 18 gorgeous polishes, so you can match your outfit or stand out in the crowd. The hand sizes range from 10 - 70 and the glove layer already have most of the popular skins covered. Awesome!!!

I always love finding new shirts to add to my collection, and these are keepers! I like the dressy feel to them with the silky look fabric and belt, and how they are brought back into casual wear by the fun designs on them.

This happens to me more often than I care to admit...bra OVER the shirt! Called The Morning After, it comes in a variety of colour options and with ripped tights. Definately how you would look the morning after a hard night!

How I Love You makes me feel very 80s. Maybe its the ripped leggings which you can wear alone or with the underpant coloured layer - loving them!!! The shirts have a lovely design too. Well worth checking out.

The Friendship Bracelet is just adorable. With chunky squares and bangles, its a statement piece. Dangling from one corner are two little figures with red hearts, which are repeated on one of the bangles with the wording "True Friends Are Forever". Lovely sentimen

The Soul Bracelet has the same chunky design of squares and bangles, with feathers and the wording "True to my own soul".

Hello Dave will be at the Black & Blue check them out! I know I will be.

If you are already in love with *MNA*'s candy colours and cute designs, then these are just what you need to add to your collection, or to start one off.

Cute and colourful Capris are a wonderful summer staple that you can dress up or down for shopping trips, beach parties or even business meetings. In the yummy candy colours (aqua, lavendar, mint and pink), as well as black, red, navy and green, you will have a pair for any occasion. The Varsity Jackets are just a masterpiece of design and look fabulous on. Great detail went into the prim parts to make them look just perfect. Available in the candy colours for a softer look, or standard such as black, blue, burgundy, green and purple, you are spoilt for choice.

Slumber party or just kicking back, you will look great in the Panties and Tees. The sleeveless tees are teamed up with a cute pair of panties with matching pictures and great fit. You can choose between the candy colours and blue, brown, green and red, all with adorable pictures.

Denim Skirts are always flattering and a great item to have in your inventory. You can dress them up and down so easily. With four great skirts to choose from - black, grunge, stonewash and classic - you will have trouble picking your favourite. Shirt from Sn@tch.

Denim Jeans are another staple that every person falls back to when they want to be comfortable or just look good. Available in stonewash, black, grunge and starlight, you can find a new favourite here. They come in boot cut and with prims.

Another perfect top for summer, the Sweeetheart Corset Tops. With so many colour combinations such as black & aqua, pink & mint, blue & lavendar, you can mix and match them up to your heart's content.

*MNA* is jumping into the fashion arena and they are off to a stunning start. Full of colourful casual designs, they are perfect additions to your summer wardrobe and perfect for mixing and matching with each other and what you already have.

Taxi to *MNA*

Rob Moonites has been a busy wee beaver lately! Not content to just make clothing for the blokes at his store *FIR*, he is now turning his talents to creating for the ladies of SL as well, under the brand name *MNA*.

I love the denim jeans. Called Candy Jeans, they come in four delicious colours that you can just eat up - Pink, Aqua, Mint and Lavender (now referred to as the candy colours by me).

I've teamed the yummy jeans up with the Hard Candy Blouses. These are great for a casual or a dressy look thanks to their prim sleeves, collar and belt - which is texture and colour change so you can play mix and match with it. The blouses come in the candy colours, or in black, white, brown and blue.

With the *FIR* shamrock logo front and centre, the Sleeveless Tees are a great addition to your inventory and are available in Brown, Green, Red and Blue. They look great with jeans or with the Candy Skirts which come in the candy colours.

The Sleeveless Tees also come in the candy colours and each one has a different picture on them.

Taxi To *MNA*

The most important thing you can have in Second Life is your shape. Everything else is window dressing. Your shape defines who, or what, you are. From fantasy wet dream shapes, to fantastical, to realistic - there is a market for everything and anything you want to be.

Stacy Maracas has been a SL resident coming on 6yrs now. She's seen and done a lot and now is bringing her talents to designing shapes that are low cost, copy and modifiable under the Snapped Right brand.

Marisol stands at 6 ft 8, she has curves in all the right places and is a very womanly shape. Her face is very defined and is stunning. I teamed her up with the new Sayuri skin from Tuli and Bang Bang hair from Lamb to give her a more asian look.

Rita is also 6 ft 8 and is more of a curvey shape. She has more of a "girl next door" look to her, which works well with the Stephanie skin from Exodi and Frederique hair from Slink. I wore eyelashes for this picture.

Solana is 6 ft 9 and has a more slender shape than the others, but she still keeps her curves! Her face is delicate and well defined, a more classic beauty. It looks gorgeous with the Elle skin from Belleza and the Rigel hair from Uncle Web gives it a more rough touch.

Lucita is a very shapely 6 ft 7. She has a beautiful face which looks even more gorgeous with the Jesse skin from Belleza. The new streaked Sylvia hair from Truth completes a playful look that works well with this shape.

Tweaking shapes is what makes them unique to you and Snapped Right lets you do that so you can create your perfect SL you!!!

Taxi to Snapped Right

If you haven't been seduced by the gorgeous designs and amazing fabrics at Ala Folie...omg you are soooo missing out. I am in love with what I have seen so far and cannot wait to check out more!

Laura is the newest release from Ala Folie and I adore it. Its the perfect spring/summer dress. With two skirt lengths, babydoll and maxi, you can look amazing at a casual event or a more elegant one. It also comes with the headband, earrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch and shoes. Its two total looks in one stunning package!

Balcerise is another recent release perfect for the new seasons. The vibrant floral motif adds a stunning touch to the decolletage and the skirt. At the waist is a big red flower to give a playful and flirty touch and included are shoes, earrings and necklace. You will turn heads whenever you wear this!

Soie et Taffetas is a masterpiece of visual and textural elegance. Rose is a delicate confection of white and pink taffeta and lace, and Noir has rich dark purple and black combining to make a statement. A sheer halter top is worn over a strapless bodice embroidered with a flower detail across the top, meeting up with a high-waisted curve skimming skirt which flares out at the knees with lace. At the shoulder, an explosion of lace adds a shawl-like touch and joins at the shoulder to the top by a stunning flowered brooch.

As with all Ala Folie outfits, you receive far more than clothing. With Soie et Taffetas you get these amazing flower jewellry sets complete with earrings, bracelet and necklace. You can also see part of the shoulder brooch which connects the lace cape. With Rose is a delicate white/pink flower in gold, and Noir has a dark burgundy/purple in silver.

As if the jewellry wasn't enough, each set has a bonus in it. A short skirt with waist bow for a more sophisticated and casual look. It comes with a headband and flower.

Run into Ala Folie asap to take advantage of the new release discount on Laura, and watch the ICON Lifestyle blog cos the satellite store on the sim is having a sale sometime soon. You will kick yourself if you miss this one!!!

Taxi to Ala Folie Mainstore

Elymode has done it again! New out, only in the new store at Umbrella, comes RubyStar, a fun and flirty collection of halters, shorts, skirts and socks!

Pink flowers are the design detail for this collection. On the halter tops, they are a cute touch that dresses it up and ties it into the rest of the collection. The top is totally backless, except for the band at the base - totally sexy! The shorts have the flower motif as well and sculpty cuffs to give the shorts a more realistic look. Who can really resist the finishing touch - the knee high socks. They really do complete the look and make this the look for summer.

If you are after more of a girly girl look, then the matching skirts are perfect for you. They look fab with the halter tops and socks and open up my favourite thing about Elymode - all the mix and match opportunities! You can't see it in this pic, but the skirt has the flower motif as well.

If you are in the Elymode subscribo, you would have received the RubyStar halter and socks in this gorgeous pink yesterday! If not, what are you waiting for? It looks fab with your fav jeans and can mix and match with the rest of the RubyStar collection.

The RubyStar halters, shorts, skirts and socks come in five stunning colours that mix and match like a dream, or you can wear them in the one shade. Either way, you will look dazzling this summer!

Taxi to Elymode

Its no secret that Sn@tch is my favourite store on the grid. This week Ivey outdid herself with her new releases and they are must haves!!!

For the perfect new season look, I teamed up the Beach Capris in khaki with the Lace-N-Stuff Cami in gold from the Delicious Consequences outfit (below). The Capris come in a 6 colour pack and have sculptie bottoms.

Delicious Consequences teams up 5 Lace-N-Stuff Camis with a sexy Lace Skirt in black. These camis are top of my fav list! I love the selection of colours, the gorgeous band around the torso which transforms them from simple camis into something you can wear for a casual occasion with jeans, or for a more formal occasion with a flowing skirt or dress pants.

Still on those Camis lol. They come in a pack of 7 stunning colours - all different from the ones in the above outfit so you are not doubling up if you buy both. The Beach Shorts come in a 6 colour pack, and also have the sculpty bottoms. They are dressy enough to wear for many occasions as well.

Love Bleeds is a sexy cocktail dress in 5 rich colours. It has a gorgeous beaded detail around the decolletage and is just a classic dress for parties, events or any occasion.

A couple of weeks ago, the fabulous Dragon Tattoo shirts were released for the Hump Day special. They are now together with the most amazing jeans in the Dragon Lady set. The shirts come in two layers and are sheers. I am actually wearing both layers together to get a more opaque look. The jeans are AWESOME!!!! With panels of lacing down both thighs, front and back, they will draw attention whenever you wear them.

During the post release group chat, someone asked if Ivey was planning on releasing the jeans seperately. A few mins later, after a quick PS session, the jeans were up in the store and for sale. Its a huge bonus for those who did cash in on the Hump Day sale of the tops or for those people who just love the jeans.

Taxi to Sn@tch

NLimbo is one of my fav pose stores in SL. They have a fabulous selection of couples poses that go from sweet and romantic all the way up to extremely naughty! Its a great place to get inspired and spark up some creativity!

TP to their store and check out the boards placed out in front. You will find a selection of possible new logos that they are thinking about. Vote for your favourite and as a thank you for helping, a gift has been set out.

Called "Hold", its a pose that can be a romantic cuddle with your loved one, or something a bit more raunchy! Its also not been released in store yet, so come vote and snap it up for free before you have to pay for it!

Taxi to NLimbo

Sn@tch started out as an alternative store with designs leaning more towards the gothic/grunge/vampire cultures than the more mainstream fashion, a focus that has changed to include mainstream designs whilst not losing its alternative focus.

Perfect for sexy summer days is Aw Shucks - a sexy babydoll dress with a crochet bodice and underskirt and adorable floral print fabric. It comes in 6 flower colour prints and looks just as good worn over leggings or jeans as it does alone.

Continuing the theme, the Crochet Tanks are great for a tease with the "peekaboo" weave that exposes as it conceals. With 9 stunning colours in the pack, you can mix and match to your hearts content and look great doing so. I teamed them up with the QT Plaid Capris for a casual, but still cute, look. The capris come in 8 colours and have black leather cuffs around the knees.

As we all know by now, corsets are one of my top fashion weaknesses and the new Laced Corsets are a new favourite of mine. With 9 stunningly coloured corsets in one pack, you are spoiled for choice and always have the right one for whatever mood takes you. The look fabulous with the Ultralow Vinyl pants. In 7 great colours, they will mix and match into your wardrobe fabulously!

Ack @ accidentally cutting off the bottom of these shots. By the time I noticed, I was too pooped to redo them. Romper Room is one of my favs from the recent releases. With a black and a blue highwaisted skirt and 5 vibrant coloured ribbed v neck shirts worn under the suspenders, its a great playful look that lives up to its name. The shirts look great on their own with jeans too.

McLovin is another playful outfit for the schoolgirl or cheerleader hiding inside us all. With two shirt options, cropped and long, and 5 skirt colours, you will look great whatever way you choose to wear it. Also included in the outfit is a pair of kneepad socks to complete the look.


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