Welcome *MNA*

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rob Moonites has been a busy wee beaver lately! Not content to just make clothing for the blokes at his store *FIR*, he is now turning his talents to creating for the ladies of SL as well, under the brand name *MNA*.

I love the denim jeans. Called Candy Jeans, they come in four delicious colours that you can just eat up - Pink, Aqua, Mint and Lavender (now referred to as the candy colours by me).

I've teamed the yummy jeans up with the Hard Candy Blouses. These are great for a casual or a dressy look thanks to their prim sleeves, collar and belt - which is texture and colour change so you can play mix and match with it. The blouses come in the candy colours, or in black, white, brown and blue.

With the *FIR* shamrock logo front and centre, the Sleeveless Tees are a great addition to your inventory and are available in Brown, Green, Red and Blue. They look great with jeans or with the Candy Skirts which come in the candy colours.

The Sleeveless Tees also come in the candy colours and each one has a different picture on them.

Taxi To *MNA*

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