The very first photo competition I ever entered was at Dyn. Since then, my photography skills have improved and Dyn's clothing has gone from great to fabulous! If you haven't checked out Dyn lately, you have no idea what you have been missing!

Perfect for the upcoming festive season parties is Sarah, a sexy metallic gold minidress. Its simple shift dress design lets the molten gold be the "wow" factor. You will dazzle in any crowd when you wear this.

My favourite of the new releases is the Liess tunic which looks fantastic with the new silver leggings...or just with your fav pair of Dyn jeans. I just love the mesh of different silver fabrics, metallic, shiny and matt, which patchwork into a stunning tunic. Another winner for the festive season parties.

Another sexy new release is the zipped tops which come with an open and closed option. Even closed its a sexy tease by exposing a little cleavage without giving it all away. The open version looks good with or without anything underneath it...depending on your modesty that is. I teamed them up with the new flared pants.

Taxi to Dyn

One of my favourite new outfits for this time of year comes from Elymode. If you haven't visited and checked out the wonderful designs in store, you are missing out. With gorgeous colours and great seperates, you can mix and match to create your own looks.

The new Wrapped Denim Shirts and Skirts are just stunning and totally mix and match versatile. Its hard deciding which one I like most - the gorgeous wraparound shirt with cute hip tie detail, or the skirt, which doesn't make my butt look gigantic and poke out of the top.

The design of the shirt is gorgeous. I love how it wraps around the body, leaving patches of skin visible for a sexy tease. My most favourite part of the design is how it wraps around the waist, giving a belted effect which compliments whatever you are wearing, before joining up on the right hip with the ring, tying them together.

I ended up buying another top, this time in green, to go with my favourite leather pants. You can see the details a bit better than in the top pictures. This is definately one top I will be wearing often, cos it just goes with everything.

Taxi to Elymode

Nymphetamine has done it again! Paeoti Pomeray has always made clothing that are not only stunning, but real showstoppers as well. Her new release, Torrid's Penchant, is right up there with her most incredible works.

This time she has stepped into the Steampunk genre for her inspiration. I admit I had to google "Steampunk" when I first heard of it. Reader's Digest Condensed Version: Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy which is set in an era or world where steam power is still used. This is usually 19th Century Victorian England. Fashion has no set guidelines, as such, but its usually a mix of modern and Victorian. You will find gowns, bustles, corsets, petticoats, suits and vests, along with accessories such as timepieces, goggles, parasols and rayguns. Thank you Wikipedia.

Torrid's Penchant incorporates a Victorian inspired gown, complete with corseted top and bustle (a sexy feature of many Nymphetamine outfits) and a top hat, which is fast becoming one of Paeoti's trademarks, with feathers, netting and googles. The choker is fabulous too!

Even if Steampunk is not your thing, its a stunning outfit to add to your wardrobe!

Taxi To Nymphetamine

There's a couple of stores where I can always be found on new release day. Sn@tch is one of those stores. I am without a doubt a total Sn@tch fan-girl...not so much in the creepy sense, but in the "I own everything Ivey's ever made" type way. Well almost anyway.

New this week is my new favourite tank and pant set - Rocket Girl. Consisting of a 5 colourful tanks with a leather top half and net bottom half, these tanks are incredibly gorgeous and look amazing on. Teamed up with black cheetah fur pants, its a stunning outfit. What I love most about the clothing at Sn@tch is not just are they transferable, but you are able to buy the components seperately too. The tank top is called After Hours and is available in a fatpack of 8 colours. The pants are the Hitmaker Cheetah Fur Pants and come in a fatpack of 7 colours.

Also new this week is the new Plush Skin Range which comes in 3 skin tone colours. Tone One - porcelain - is the pale tone which looks so good for the goth look, or for blondes. I teamed it up with one of my previous purchases, Miss Maverick 2, cos bloomers are back in style! With three colours in the pack (black, red and pink) its a cute and flirty alternative to the thong and corset.

Tone two - flesh - is a more natural looking tone. Another new thing Ivey is doing is creating outfits out of the range of seperates she has out in store. As she says, it can get boggling when you have fatpacks of things and simple outfits all ready to go can be a blessing, so she has done the hard work for us and teamed up tops and bottoms for all occasions. Simply called "Evening", the Le Jazz pants are put together with the Stretch Jersey top in red for an outfit that can take you through the day into the evening. Check out the other combinations in store.

Tone three - tawny - is a darker, suntanned look for those who prefer a darker complexion. I Double Dare Ya was a new release last week and I love it. With black plaid capris and 5 coloured wrap tops, its flirty, playful and sexy.

The Plush skins come in freckled and non-freckled versions with the uber-awesome lush lashes and brow shaper and at only $500ea, they are some of the best value skins you will find around these days. The makeups range from natural through to some pretty wild ones, so pick up some demos and test drive these looks today!

Also wearing :
Darla hair in Brunette, Dark Red, Light Blonde and Mahogany from Alli & Ali

Taxi to Sn@tch

Nymphetamine was one of the first stores I discovered in my early SL days...and its remained a personal favourite of mine. With stunningly theatrical lingerie, outfits and gowns, paeoti Pomeray has outdone herself with her new releases.

Flirty Fannie PeekABoo Bordello Set features rich red, white and black textures in a burlesque type outfit which will cause jaws to drop when you wear it. It comes with two top options, covered and uncovered (nipple tape NOT included), lacey topped stockings, a gorgeous ruffled and lace skirt and top hat. Simply an incredible outfit.

Flirty Foxy Fanny Set is one of my new favourites. A black bodice with white bow and lace detail teams up with a sexy black thong with white lace skirt, full length gloves, stockings and top hat. Just watch them go crazy when you wear this sexy number.

Flirty Flaming Fanny Lingerie Set is the real jawdropper though. Sexy white thong and underbust ribbon with lace teamed with a top hat will drive any man (or woman) totally out of their mind when you wear this for them.

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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