Glam Affair is taking part in the Big Boobies Show which opens April 1st and runs till April 30th with three stunning fantasy based Zara skins, complete with appliers for the ladies who want to role play with their Lolas!

First up is the Light Fairy skin with appliers.  This is perfect for the inner and well endowed fairy.  Just make sure you have strong wings!!! 

Bring out your inner darkness with the Dark Fantasy skin with appliers.  It's just what the naughty drow or dark princess needs in her skin collection.

And who doesn't love playing under the sea once in a while, so bring out your inner Ariel with the Mermaid skin with appliers. 

I have been neglecting my blog again recently, so yes, it's catch up time!

First up some fabulous jewellry from Emo-tions.  The Eternal Sets come in Spring (inset), Summer and Autumn (main pic) colour combinations and are perfect to add some splash to your wardrobe.

Everlasting comes in three gorgeous colour sets (Gold, Silver and Turquoise) and include earrings, necklace and a stunning headpiece.

Cheerno has a fabulous dress available now.  The Cake Dress has a colourfully layered skirt flaring out from under a simple black bodice and is available in 6 stunning colours. 

Time to catch up with the great tattoos from Hiatus.  First up are the Unique Maori sleeve tatts in faded and standard which I have teamed up with the I See You neck tattoo in front and back versions. 

Next is the All The Things In Life leg tattoo which scrolls down the left leg in faded and not faded versions and Follow Your Heart, a sweet tattoo for the stomach. 

And lastly you will find the awesome mesh Fur Shrug and Leggings from Peqe that you will find at Zodiac this month.  These are fabulous for these cooler days as the season changes and the days grow colder - on my side of the world anyway.

Glam Affair has released a new skin at the Skin Fair, and it is just stunning!

Called Zara, it is available in all six skin tones, with blonde, red and dark brow options. Above is the clean version of Zara.

It comes in 12 absolutely gorgeous makeups that will give you a hard time trying to choose which one to buy... give in and buy the fatpack and have them all!

There are also matching hairbases included on tattoo layers with the skins.

If you only buy one skin at the Skin Fair this year, then it needs to be Zara!

Another quicky catch up post today with some neat stuff from awesome stores!

Peqe has this gorgeous mesh dress taking part in The Boutique.  The TLC Dress comes in 4 stunning colours and all the regular mesh sizes.  I'm accessorising it with the cute Shon Clutch from Earth's.  It comes in 13 colours and in versions for the left or right hand and has a HUD for colour changing some of the detailing. 

New from K-Code is the fabulous Ingrid Shirt which looks great with jeans or team it with a skirt for a more dressy look.  It's mesh, comes in all the standard sizes and in 4 gorgeous colours. 

New from Emo-tions is the stunning Cosmic hair.  This tight curly style comes with a hairbase and is just adorable!  With is I'm wearing the new Celeste Skin from sYs which you will find at the Skin Fair.  It comes with a ton of options built in the skins and tattoo freckle and mole layers.  It's well worth checking out.

Also from sYs at the Skin Fair is a new skin for him.  Omega comes with several hairbase options and a ton of freckle tattoo layers.  With it is the Joshua Hair which you will find from Emo-tions at their FFL booth as a free gift.  Also worn is the Johnny shape from Maverick Designs and the Fashion Neutro Shirt from Egoisme - both also can be found at FFL.

Tameless has a ton of new hairs out recently and it's time for a catch up post to show it all off.

First up is Tess, a sexy bob with side swept, colour changeable streaked bangs.  Available in Natural and Fantasy colour packs. 

Karyn is a half style hanging down over the right shoulder worn with a hairbase.  It's available in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

Swept back from the forehead, Tulla has tendrils framing the face and hair hanging down over the left shoulder.  Available in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

Kara is a mesh style with pony tails hanging down over each shoulder.  Available in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

A full style that falls down over both shoulders and has face framing bangs, Sarah is full of volume.  Available in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

And lastly, Nora, a ponytail sweeping over the left shoulder with shaggy bangs framing the face.  Available in Natural, Fades and Fantasy colour packs.

I've been so busy with event posts that I have fallen a wee bit behind in my regularly scheduled blogging, so a million apologies to the stores I have been neglecting, and here is the first catch up as I try to...well...catch up!

First up from Glam Affair are the stunning Amberly Skins in Candy makeups that you will find this month at Collabor88 - Artic tone only.  There are four brow colours (Dark, Red, Blonde and Raven) and they are edible!  Pick up the gorgeous Hathaway hairs from Tableau Vivant while you are there - you won't regret it! 

Also from Glam Affair at Collabor88 are the fabulous I Follow Rivers hair accessories.  These are available in seven colours and the perfect finishing touch to any look.  NB - the ribbons in the pictures are part of the hair, not the accessories from Glam Affair.

sYs is taking part in Whore Couture with some super sexy mesh clothing.  The B-Girl Jacket and B-Girl Mini Skirt have just the little touch of sexy to your wardrobe.

Hiatus has two very rawr tattoos for him just out.  The Rider covers the chest and arms and comes in faded and standard versions with shirt, undershirt and tattoo layers.  The shape, skin and eyes worn are from the Eros Medium Skin Pack from Evian which you will find at Fashion For Life, which opens later today, so I can't give out the LM just yet.  Next FFL post, I promise!.

Also from Hiatus is the Flying Skult for him. This sexy chest tattoo also comes in faded and standard versions, shirt, undershirt and tattoo layers. Also wearing Eros in this picture.  The pack includes a great selection of facial hair tattoo layer options, body hair skin options as well as tattoo layer options, eyes and teeth add ons.

There's lots of goodies at The Arcade for your home, from furniture to knick knacks and everything inbetween. Here's a quick look at some of them!

A - Resident from D-Lab
B - Music Box from ContraptioN
C - Cookie Bear from Sway's
D - Tako Blue from the Donation Machine

A - Steampunk Lamp from Trompe Loeil
B - Space Text Art from Scarlet Apple
C - Brash Cans from Commoner

A - Esc Clock from LISP
B - Make Love Not War Art from Scarlet Apple
C - Trumpet from Balaclava
D - The Sugar Battalion from Half-Deer
E - Rainy Day Jar Little Luck from Pixel Mode

A - Blue Tako Plate - Petits Fours and Orange from Schadenfreude
B - 8-Bit Pouf from Scarlet Apple
C - Unicorn Handbag from Miamai
D - Backpack from Tableau Vivant
E - Tako Tea Tray, Tako Teapot and Tako Teacup from Schadenfreude
F - The Bibliotheque Chair from Alouette
G - Greta Curtains from LeeZu

A - Antique Telephone from Floorplan
B - Plushie Pal from Intrigue Co
C - Chick Fish from the Donation Machine
D - Mason Jar with Electric Candle from Trompe Loeil

A - Sousaphone from Balaclava
B - Brash Cans from Commoner
C - Mech Wings from O.M.E.N

Not long now till Fashion for Life opens, so once more, another quicky post!

Taylor Puff Sleeves Dresses from G Field (sold seperately)

Emma skins from Amacci - A) Peach in Nutmeg  B) Rose in Pale  C ) Fresh in Pearl

Left - Odile from World's End Garden
Right - Precious from World's End Garden

Left - Odette from World's End Garden
Right - Shena from AD Creations

Inset - Louise Dress from AD Creations
Main - Maria Dress from AD Creations

Another quickie Fashion For Life preview.

Nevelyn Dress from Vogue
River Rocks Jewellry Set from Chop Zuey

Marilyn Dress from Vogue
Semiramis hair from Emo-tions

Savannah Gown from Vogue

Jumpsuit in Magenta, Fur Shoulder, Crocodile Bag and Royal Accessory Set from Crystal Line

Tiffany Dress, Tiffany Headpiece and Tiffany Shoes from Solidea Folies
Bree Shape from Body Doubles

A - Chene Face Tattoo from White Widow
B - Cream Face Tattoo from White Widow
C - Evasion Face Tattoo from White Widow
Bree Shape from Body Doubles

I have another Fashion for Life preview for you today. Don't forget this event opens on the 9th March, so get ready!

Tee and Mini Combo Dress from Coco
Leather Belt Buckle in Red from Coco
Lip Clutch (hand held or over shoulder) from Coco

Celeb Gown from Shiki

Crimson Dreams from Shiki

Cleo skins exclusive a - 1, b - 2 and c - 3 from Akeruka
Emma Texture Change Jewellry Set from Virtual Impressions

Petra Medium Skin Pack from Evian - comes with brow and cleavage options, eyes (5 colours), shape (worn in pics), eyeshadow layers, lipstick layers and teeth

Jade Medium Skin Pack from Evian - comes with brow and cleavage options, eyes (5 colours), shape (worn in pics), eyeshadow layers, lipstick layers and teeth

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