Here's another quick post with some new hair and a gorgeous full body tattoo.

The Haila Tattoo from The Plastik comes in all the clothing layers, as well as tattoo layer, so you have plenty of wearing options. It also has a variety of opacity options and is also tintable so you can customise it to suit you.  (Hair from Emo-tions)

There's a new group gift at Emo-tions. The Colien hair in brown is a cute style in partial mesh.

Rina has a long mesh braid falling down the back from a matching hairbase.

Britney has a mesh braid falling over the right shoulder and comes with a hat and matching hairbase.

Doing a very quick catch up post today cos I am waaay behind in my blogging!

Tracey hair from Emo-tions in 2 colour packs at The Deck.

Maren hair (for him) from Emo-tions

Bethany and Alexia petite hairs from Tameless

Fiona and Cassie petite hairs from Tameless

Marianne and Gweneviere petite hairs from Tameless

Gisele gown in petite and standard avatar versions from Tameless.

There are some amazing creations from Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant out at a couple of special events at that moment, and you will kick your pixels if you miss any of them!

First up from Glam Affair is the incredible Lisanna Hat in 6 colours which you will find at L'accessoires. (Hair from Lelutka, jewellry from Mandala)

At Collabor88 this month you will find the gorgeous Dorota Shirts in 3 colours from Glam Affair. (Hair from Wasabi Pills)

Also at L'accessoires from Tableau Vivant are the Colourful Glasses. These unisex glasses have a menu for changing lens, frame and arm colours.

And from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88 are the Shiny Pants in 6 fabulous shiny colours. (Hair from Uncle Web, Boots from Ispachi)

I have a quick threesome of fabulousness today as I do yet again another catch up post!

First up is Delilah from Tameless. This wild explosion of curls not only comes in standard avatar size, but there is a version of petites (inset) as well! Wo0t!

There is a new gown out at Emo-tions. Accentuated with gold, Diana is the gown to bring out your inner goddess.

Sunshine is a rerelease with a difference. Instead of roses, this new version has a colour changeable band in plain or pearl.

And there is another two in one style out instore now. Rebeca pulls back curls in a sexy tail, or in a stylish knot at the back of the head. Just touch the menu to change your style.

HyeWon is a gorgeous new skin from Je*Republic. This skin has some amazing makeups (I chose 4 at random to show you) featuring strong eyes and soft, muted lips. Its a great skin for redheads.

The Vintage Fair is in full swing with tons of awesome retro items from a lot of favourite SL designers and stores. If you haven't popped over yet, what are you waiting for?

U & R Dogs is there with some amazing jewellry you need in your collection. First up is the gorgeous Cembalo Earrings. These come in gold, silver and vintage (not colour change), so you can pick your favourite metal or buy them all! The gems are colour changeable on the menu so you can create the perfect earrings to match you look. Hair - Sylvie from Wasabi Pills (at FaMESHed)

If you love the Turandot collection that has been released recently, then you need the exquisite matching Ring to complete the set. With 11 parts, you can create a different looking ring every time you wear it!

Fashion Voodoo opens soon (so no Slurl yet sorry) and The Plastik will be there with some new exclusive items. Above is the Beatnik Woe halter top and Misfit Pinstripe skirt. Hair - Veronica from Wasabi Pills (at Vintage Fair)

A - Gambit Wilde dress.
B - Trickster Painted bandeau top and Swindler Leather earrings.

For a while now I have been intrigued and tempted by the gorgeous petite mesh avatars taking the grid by storm, but I resisted the urge to run out and buy one - until Tameless released their range of hair for petite avatars!

I ran to Yabusaka to grab their Mesh Fairy, and found myself in Petite Heaven! The Petite Avatar Kingdom has everything you could need to make your petite avatar, from the actual avatar to skins to hair to clothing to accessorises and beyond. This adorable little fairy comes with not just the mesh shape and a skin colour hud, but also includes the fairy dress, wings, wreath and leg ribbons from G Field. I picked up a Mynerva skin pack which includes a skin, two eye colours and a starter lipstick pack to change your avatar's lips and was back at G Field picking up a sexy little outfit for my sexy little mesh self. They even have my fav boots - Will - in miniature for the petites!!!!

But on to the reason I jumped in and went petite finally! Tameless has adapted some of their fabulous hairs for petite avatars, cos fairies can be fashionistas too! Let your inner petite out and explore a whole new world! Marketplace URL
A - Nadine
B - Elizabeth

A - Clara
B - Bonnie

A - Tatana II
B - Olivia

A - Alma
B - Flower

A - Esther
B - Honey

A - Yvonne
B - Lilah

The latest issue of Too Sexy Magazine has hit the grid and Issuu.

RicoRacer Flux sizzles on the cover and in our centerfold. We get to know this fabulous male model a little better!

We celebrate all things mesh with fabulous fashions in The Hot List, gorgeous mesh hair, stunning mesh shoes, mesh sims that you need to check out and even home decorating with mesh!

Always wanted to be a Glee girl? Do our quiz and find out which one you are. Gaah I'm way too nice to be Santana!

And so much more!!! Enjoy!!!

Time for one my all too common mash up/catch up posts.

I love this outfit from Emo-tions. Lados combines a sexy metallic bodysuit with sculpted layers added to make this the perfect outfit for your apocolyptic role play.

There's a new double style instore as well. Melody can be braided back for a stylish and casual look which can take you to a formal occasion, or hit the menu and shake those braids out and let your hair hang free.

From Stars Fashions you can be Perfect in silver and be the queen of the club. This stunning metallic minidress comes with bracelets, earrings and sexy stockings.

Also from Stars Fashions is two adorable avatar packs complete with shape, skin, eyes, lashes and a few makeups. Inset - Sissy. Main pic - Vancouver.

Here's a quick look at some fabulous horns from The Plastik, hair from Amacci and a shout out to my new favourite top from Zaara.

The Arachzis Horns from The Plastik are just a-mazing! Made from unrigged mesh, there are just so many options you can use to make them just how you want them. Above are the Amethine horns worn with the circlet.

The other versions are A - Rage, B - Fauna and C - Wraithe. With the horns and circlet comes a HUD for changing the beads, rope and metals on your horns, but you can also buy Opal Addon Packs which allow you to change the texture of the opals - which I have done on the Wraithe Horns. These are definate must haves for role play, costumes or when you just wanna be a bit horny...

New from Amacci comes Sione, a mnessy swept back style sure to look great with any look. It comes with two versions. There is a scripted streak version which uses a HUD to change the streak colour and you can wear the wisp of hair at the side or not, and a nonscripted, no streak version.

Lola is a short, sassy hair you'll love for your casual occasions.

Just got a quick shout-out to Zaara. I stumbled across her new mesh top on Marketplace and I have to say - LOVE IT!!!! The Ashima Blouse comes in a ton of fabric choices for a smoking price, or save big like I did and buy a pack of three for less than the price of two! I love the fabrics, the texturing, the design and how they fit. Put this on your "Must Check Out" list. It's something you won't regret!

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