Emotional Stars

by - Sunday, August 05, 2012

Time for one my all too common mash up/catch up posts.

I love this outfit from Emo-tions. Lados combines a sexy metallic bodysuit with sculpted layers added to make this the perfect outfit for your apocolyptic role play.

There's a new double style instore as well. Melody can be braided back for a stylish and casual look which can take you to a formal occasion, or hit the menu and shake those braids out and let your hair hang free.

From Stars Fashions you can be Perfect in silver and be the queen of the club. This stunning metallic minidress comes with bracelets, earrings and sexy stockings.

Also from Stars Fashions is two adorable avatar packs complete with shape, skin, eyes, lashes and a few makeups. Inset - Sissy. Main pic - Vancouver.

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