Catching Up Yet Again!

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have been neglecting my blog again recently, so yes, it's catch up time!

First up some fabulous jewellry from Emo-tions.  The Eternal Sets come in Spring (inset), Summer and Autumn (main pic) colour combinations and are perfect to add some splash to your wardrobe.

Everlasting comes in three gorgeous colour sets (Gold, Silver and Turquoise) and include earrings, necklace and a stunning headpiece.

Cheerno has a fabulous dress available now.  The Cake Dress has a colourfully layered skirt flaring out from under a simple black bodice and is available in 6 stunning colours. 

Time to catch up with the great tattoos from Hiatus.  First up are the Unique Maori sleeve tatts in faded and standard which I have teamed up with the I See You neck tattoo in front and back versions. 

Next is the All The Things In Life leg tattoo which scrolls down the left leg in faded and not faded versions and Follow Your Heart, a sweet tattoo for the stomach. 

And lastly you will find the awesome mesh Fur Shrug and Leggings from Peqe that you will find at Zodiac this month.  These are fabulous for these cooler days as the season changes and the days grow colder - on my side of the world anyway.

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