The Arcade 3

by - Friday, March 08, 2013

There's lots of goodies at The Arcade for your home, from furniture to knick knacks and everything inbetween. Here's a quick look at some of them!

A - Resident from D-Lab
B - Music Box from ContraptioN
C - Cookie Bear from Sway's
D - Tako Blue from the Donation Machine

A - Steampunk Lamp from Trompe Loeil
B - Space Text Art from Scarlet Apple
C - Brash Cans from Commoner

A - Esc Clock from LISP
B - Make Love Not War Art from Scarlet Apple
C - Trumpet from Balaclava
D - The Sugar Battalion from Half-Deer
E - Rainy Day Jar Little Luck from Pixel Mode

A - Blue Tako Plate - Petits Fours and Orange from Schadenfreude
B - 8-Bit Pouf from Scarlet Apple
C - Unicorn Handbag from Miamai
D - Backpack from Tableau Vivant
E - Tako Tea Tray, Tako Teapot and Tako Teacup from Schadenfreude
F - The Bibliotheque Chair from Alouette
G - Greta Curtains from LeeZu

A - Antique Telephone from Floorplan
B - Plushie Pal from Intrigue Co
C - Chick Fish from the Donation Machine
D - Mason Jar with Electric Candle from Trompe Loeil

A - Sousaphone from Balaclava
B - Brash Cans from Commoner
C - Mech Wings from O.M.E.N

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