Dazzle With Ala Folie

by - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you haven't been seduced by the gorgeous designs and amazing fabrics at Ala Folie...omg you are soooo missing out. I am in love with what I have seen so far and cannot wait to check out more!

Laura is the newest release from Ala Folie and I adore it. Its the perfect spring/summer dress. With two skirt lengths, babydoll and maxi, you can look amazing at a casual event or a more elegant one. It also comes with the headband, earrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch and shoes. Its two total looks in one stunning package!

Balcerise is another recent release perfect for the new seasons. The vibrant floral motif adds a stunning touch to the decolletage and the skirt. At the waist is a big red flower to give a playful and flirty touch and included are shoes, earrings and necklace. You will turn heads whenever you wear this!

Soie et Taffetas is a masterpiece of visual and textural elegance. Rose is a delicate confection of white and pink taffeta and lace, and Noir has rich dark purple and black combining to make a statement. A sheer halter top is worn over a strapless bodice embroidered with a flower detail across the top, meeting up with a high-waisted curve skimming skirt which flares out at the knees with lace. At the shoulder, an explosion of lace adds a shawl-like touch and joins at the shoulder to the top by a stunning flowered brooch.

As with all Ala Folie outfits, you receive far more than clothing. With Soie et Taffetas you get these amazing flower jewellry sets complete with earrings, bracelet and necklace. You can also see part of the shoulder brooch which connects the lace cape. With Rose is a delicate white/pink flower in gold, and Noir has a dark burgundy/purple in silver.

As if the jewellry wasn't enough, each set has a bonus in it. A short skirt with waist bow for a more sophisticated and casual look. It comes with a headband and flower.

Run into Ala Folie asap to take advantage of the new release discount on Laura, and watch the ICON Lifestyle blog cos the satellite store on the sim is having a sale sometime soon. You will kick yourself if you miss this one!!!

Taxi to Ala Folie Mainstore

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