Black & Blue Fair - pt 1

by - Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its just days until the Black & Blue Fair begins. From June 4th - July 3rd, some of your favourite stores and designers are taking part in the Black & Blue Fair to help raise awareness for Mental Health issues. Around the fair will be visual aids to help educate and inform, so you can become aware as you shop!

One of the stores participating is a new one on me...Hello Dave...and I was lucky enough to have a blogger pack dropped on me earlier today, and after scrambling through everything, its a store I definately want to see more of.

I'm a recent recruit of prim nails and I must say, I am beginning to like them. The Colour Choice Nails come with a HUD with 18 gorgeous polishes, so you can match your outfit or stand out in the crowd. The hand sizes range from 10 - 70 and the glove layer already have most of the popular skins covered. Awesome!!!

I always love finding new shirts to add to my collection, and these are keepers! I like the dressy feel to them with the silky look fabric and belt, and how they are brought back into casual wear by the fun designs on them.

This happens to me more often than I care to admit...bra OVER the shirt! Called The Morning After, it comes in a variety of colour options and with ripped tights. Definately how you would look the morning after a hard night!

How I Love You makes me feel very 80s. Maybe its the ripped leggings which you can wear alone or with the underpant coloured layer - loving them!!! The shirts have a lovely design too. Well worth checking out.

The Friendship Bracelet is just adorable. With chunky squares and bangles, its a statement piece. Dangling from one corner are two little figures with red hearts, which are repeated on one of the bangles with the wording "True Friends Are Forever". Lovely sentimen

The Soul Bracelet has the same chunky design of squares and bangles, with feathers and the wording "True to my own soul".

Hello Dave will be at the Black & Blue check them out! I know I will be.

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