Black & Blue Fair - pt 2

by - Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wheee the fair opened to bloggers yesterday, so I bounced on in to check it out. This is definately a fair you don't want to miss. Not only will you learn lots about mental illness, but you will find some awesome fashion too.

Another new store for me is [ III ] which is owned by one of the fair organisers. Great stuff!!! Its another store I am putting on my "to check out" list and you should too.

Lets start off right. CORSETS!!!!!! My fav clothing item and a great standby to wear with jeans, or dress up with a sexy skirt for a night out dancing. Above is the Baby (light blue) and Mummy (darker blue) Latica Corsets. They look stunning on.

My fav though is the Auntie Latica Corset. I prefer the muted blues and greys of it. A super sexy dress for home or out, if you are adventurous, is the Sheer Volume Dress. Its sure to drive your special someone nuts when you wear it.

If you are needing more shirts, then the Dead Ringer ones are definate must haves! With a cute ring detail on the front and the most amazing back ever (you have to check that out for yourself!) you cannot go wrong! Lots of yummy colours too!

All poses for the above pictures are from the new Runway SS pack from BeScene - poses for system skirts!!! Just what I was needing and I am sure you will too...cos we all know how hard it is to get a pose right when you are wearing a system skirt!

High waisted pants are great, and the Romica ones are perfect for dressing up and down. With dark grey textured pants topped by a black corset high waist part, they will look great on anyone! Tank from Cyanide. And a finishing touch to any look, a great necklace. Pearls Are For Girls is a lovely mix of pearls which will add class to any outfit.

I have so much more to share with you! So I better get back to doing pictures!!! Be sure to check out the fair when it opens on Thursday!

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