Nice New Sn@tch!!!!

by - Friday, July 30, 2010

Recently Sn(a)tch has released some stunning new dresses, so I decided to feature my favs from the bunch today!

I love love love this dress!!! Faking Innocence is a gorgeous maxi dress that comes in four colours - champagne, jade, pink and white. It will make you feel like a sweet virginal princess when you wear it. Hair from D!va.

The Marie Corset Dresses have gorgeous bright jewel colours - blue, gold, pink and purple - and the patterned fabric is stunning too! I love the sculpted skirt that stays in place and photographs so well - I just need to get a little better at my prim editing to fit it just right! You will love this!!! Hair from W & Y.

Another dress I love is the Gallery Corset Dress. I'm a sucker for corsets and this is a glamorous dress you can wear anytime for any occasion. It comes with 6 coloured corset tops that you wear with the black skirt. You will love that skirt cos the texture is stunning! Hair from Truth.

The Distress Dress comes in two versions - solid and striped top - and bares a lot of skin for a flirty tease look. The cropped tank is attached to the skirt bottom at the fron and is bare at the back and comes in a pack of 6 colours. This is a cute, fun look sure to impress. Hair from Ploom.

And finally, Out With The Old Sundresses! These have a retro 50s housewife feel to them and such lovely floral fabric that you will love wearing them as you bounce around the grid shopping, exploring or just hanging out. There are 5 colours in the pack. Hair from Lamb.

Whether looking for a glamorous, grunge, edgy, flirty, fun, cute, playful or sexy dress for your special event or occasion, look at Sn(a)tch first. You cannot go past the value and the range!

Taxi to Sn(a)tch

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