Newbie Challenge

by - Monday, July 05, 2010

This is my new alt. I haven't quite decided why I made her yet, but she's there if I ever need her.

As with all my alt's, I refuse to spend money on them, beyond maybe a couple of items. For this alt, I have spent a grand total of $145 - prim lashes and nails - which will not be featuring in this post.

Shape - Madpea Hunt Gift at Body Doubles
Skin - Cupcakes Gift at Fab Free
Hair - Claudia Gift at Exile (Subscribo)
Top - Glam Halter at Sn(a)tch (Lucky Chair)
Skirt - Long Simple Skirt at Elymode (Under 30 Day Box)
Eyes - Moss from KMADD's Gift at Fab Free

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