Summer Of Love Fair 1

by - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yay I'm back!!!! Bout time too...cos my inventory is set to explode with everything I have to blog!!! Well it should keep me busy for a while, which is a good thing! Before my graphics card decided to die on me, I had hit the Summer of Love Fair, which is running until August 8th and is chock full of fabulous things from so many great SL stores!

One of my most fav indulgences in Second Life is the stunning gowns from Evie's Closet. Without a doubt they are some of the most spectacular designs on the grid if you are into period era clothing or just want to feel like a princess for a bit. The Madeleine Gown is one of the most gorgeous gowns to come out of the closet! Its available in Green, Purple, Blue and my fav....Red.

Another one of my fav stores is Acid and Mala. You'll find this sexy bikini in one of the Hunt Question Mark thingies around the fair. With it I wore the Thorn Earrings and Necklace from Amacci. There are three versions of the necklace, and the gems in all of them can be changed into one of 9 options. They are sold seperately at a wonderfully discounted price.

From Holli Pocket come the Seashell Kini Love bikinis in 8 different colours. The pants are very low riding on the hips and do have hip bows which I seem to have forgotten to wear. Worn with it is the Rosary Necklace from Fusion.

This sexy swimsuit is from Lizzie's. The cutouts and white bodice give it a very glamorous look that will be perfect at the beach or any pool party. With it I'm wearing the Crystal Heart Pendant which is a free gift from Darlinks.

My all time fav TShirt store is at the SoL Fair...and I just HAD to pick up these two for my collection from T Junction. My friends would say the Dorkalicious one is sooo me....but I reckon the Virgin one is more me. *wink*

[III] has some fabulous shirts at the fair as well - for men and women. They are perfect for adding to your collection.

Indie Rose has some adorable summer dresses available in 6 colours at the fair. They have a gorgeous beaded detail around the bodice in a contrasting colour to add a touch of glamour and have a hibiscus flower fabric which screams of lovely warm summer days.

Taxi to The Summer of Love Fair

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