Everywhere Daddy Daddy Haaaaaair!!!!

by - Saturday, July 10, 2010

Like most women in SL, my biggest addiction is without a doubt...hair! I have some sexy newness from two hair stores - Calla and Hair Solutions.

First up is three new styles from Calla.

Sainfoin is my favourite out of the new releases. Its a gorgeous french braid angles down the back of the head and secures at the nape of the neck by a clip, which make it perfect for a casual or glamorous evening look.

Cereus is from the Sultry Collection and has new textures! Look how it moves when you do! Grab a demo and have some fun moving around to watch how it yourself!

Rosebay is a mix of sculpted and new textured flexi whisps create a shoulder length style that looks and moves great!

Hair Solutions have been busy lately, with several sexy new releases.

Katherine is a waist-length style that falls over one eye and twists down the back. Its a sexy tangled style that is just gorgeous.

Elenita is a sexy tangle of curls that falls over the shoulders and down the back and is a stunning addition to any hair wardrobe.

Mei Ying is a shoulder length bob style that has two longer ponytailed sections. Its a cute and fun style.

Cassie has a bouffant top that adds height before exploding over the shoulder in curls and waves. Its a great style for jeans and tees or an evening gown.

Taxi to Calla

Taxi to Hair Solutions

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