Kosh By Gosh!

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kosh really is an incredible store. Is there nothing they don't do? Which reminds me, I really need to drop by and rebuy my fav eyeshadow layers that seem to have mysteriously vanished from my inventory.

If you love earrings, the Gingko Earrings are something unique and different to add to your collection. they will look good with anything!

Add a special touch to your home with the Ronjas Mirror. You have a choice of finishes that will fit into your decorating style and add a gorgeous finishing touch to any room.

Add a gothic touch to your home, sim or store with the Crow Fountain. This stone fountain has trailing ivy and a couple of crows and comes with or without sounds. It's a definate must-have if you like a bit of darkness in your decorating.

Perfect for summer is the In Between Days House. This cute little house comes with so many option and is so adorable you will just love it.

The house comes in a pack with different options. You can just rez the house on your land or my favourite option is the Sky Isle. This is a little island of land complete with grass and flowers and comes in two footprint sizes.

You just can't have Kosh without Concrete Flowers. It would be like peanut butter without the jelly! Check out the store and hunt for the little bee and in it you will find the adorable My Own Tree Necklace in versions for males and females. This is part of the Spring Seasons Hunt which starts on April 16th, so keep an eye out fot that.

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