Hair from [Me.] for Me!

by - Friday, April 15, 2011

Kia Goodliffe has rebranded and is back better than ever with her new store simply called [Me.].

Alexandria is the newest release and its just adorable. Long straight hair hangs down under a knit hat with a cute little bow on the front. The hat is colour change so you can match it to your outfit.

Angelina is a long style with a few wisps framing the face and is a lovely wilder style for when you want to look your sexy best.

Ivy is a cute style with long bangs covering the eyes and ends that flip up giving it a playful look and has a colour changeable band with bow.

Kasia is a curly shoulder length style with a knit hat which is colour changeable to co-ordinate with your outfit and is perfect for a more wintery day.

London is another more wintery style with a cute knit beret style hat and two adorable braids hanging down over the shoulders. And yes, you can change the beret colour too.

All the hairs come with a HUD for colour changing and resizing, and you can add streaks for a more egdy or fun look.

Welcome back Kia!

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