by - Friday, March 11, 2011

And now for something a bit different from

Addictia is fast becoming one of my favourite shoes stores. The designs, options and colours are just fabulous. The new Organic Ankle Boots are stunning. With wooden heels, floral toe tops and knitted collar top and heel covers, these are like a wardrobe of boots in one pair.

You can change the knit texture from plain to striped, the belts from plain, floral or lining. They are colourful and gorgeous, sure to become your new go-to boots.

I can't let this go without showing off some fabulous shoes from my fav store... Sn@tch. (Taxi)

A - Spinner High Tops. These are the most versatile sneakers on the grid. You can change the textures, lace colour, ring colour, heel colour, tongue colour - pretty much every part of these fabulous shoes.
B - Wild Thing Boots. Gorgeous leather boots with a fur top and a cute heel.
C - T Straps. Chunky t-strap pumps with colour changeable socks.
D - Pouncer Wedges. Chunky wedge shoes with colour changeable flouncy bows on the front.

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