A Bit of Fantasy!

by - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The one thing I love about SL is that you can dress anyway you want and have fun while you do it.

Being a fairy is one of my favourite ways to dress up in Second Life. There are so many cute outfits around and Angelwings has released a new fairy outfit called Trixy. It comes with dress, wings and flowers for your hair.

If you love Trixy, then you need to run into the store and hunt for the blue version which is in a mini-hunt instore. You need to find all 8 pieces and buy them for $0. You will love this!

Fantasia is a fabulous place to find sexy and fun fantasy wear and one of the newest releases is Feathered. Its a sexy feathered bikini with a prim black leather belt with feather attachments.

Reasonable Desires has been a name in good quality and sexy costumes for a long time now. Jackie Hammer is a fun construction outfit that comes with many clothing layer options and two jackhammers - one for posing and one animated. It also comes in two versions...clean (above)...

...and dirty. The dirty version has dirt layers and comes with panties instead of shorts. It also has everything else the clean version comes with.

The newest release is Cabaret, a sexy multi-layer outfit reminiscent of the 30s cabaret girls. The outfit comes with posing barrell, top hat, monocle and so many clothing layers that you can create many saucy looks.

You can find the 30s Vamp and Retro Pinup poses also instore which work fabulously with the outfit. Its a totally fabulous outfit that is not only sexy but versatile.

Second Life is the place to explore, have fun and let your creativity out...so costumes are a great accessory to help you have fun!

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