Group Gift Skins!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bella Di Notte is back with a bang and a group gift of the new skin, Rosi.

The skins come in four tones and have two brow options - dark and light. Included in the gift is a tattoo layer of the Rosi gift makeup so you can wear it with your other skins. Above is Rosi in Natural (earring pic) and the tattoo layer worn with my Laqroki skin.

The Light and Dark skin tones are delicious.

The skins come with cleavage options on a tattoo layer. These are included in the gift pack, but will be sold seperately in the store. This is the Tanned skin tone. Aimesi eyelashes were worn.

The official release of Rosi is coming very soon. When they are released, freckles, makeups and cleavage will all be on tattoo layers. Lip colours will be on the skins, but all eye makeups will be on tatt layers. Freckle layers can be worn with other skins as well. Each lip colour skin will be sold alone. Eye makeups will be sold seperately or in a fatpack so you can play mix and match to your heart's content.

LaVie has a new release coming soon - Echo. What I love about LaVie's group gifts is the fun and decorative tattoos that they come up with for them. The Dragon Tattoo skins come in three skin tones - Pale, Normal and Dark - and have a facial tattoo...

...and full body tattoo...front and back. So sexy!!! Look for the Echo skin line coming soon!

**There might be a one-off group joining fee**

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