Sexy Stuff and Minidresses!

by - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today's theme is sexy stuff and minidresses. I found I had a lot of review copies in my inventory that I had been overlooking, so I threw them on, drooled a bit and did some piccies...and here we go! Hopefully I'm not too out of date with some of these...

DK Designs isn't a new store to me, but it is one I had forgotten. They are taking part in the $55 Thirsty Thursday event (which is tomorrow btw) by putting out the Jewell Top in purple for $55. It looks great untucked with jeans or tucked in with a favourite skirt.

While you are there, you might want to check out the other great sexy stuff at DK Designs. The Nuria is super sexy with the lace panel giving it a total tease look. Tracy is a sexy slip dress for those who like to make a subtle impact.

Also remember to hit up the subscribo in store and see if Amy is still hiding in there. Its a super sexy welcome gift from DK Designs to you. Rose Choker is from G Fields. Recently House of Hucci sent out a subscribo gift too. Start Your Engines is sure to get motors running when you wear it out and about. Two very good reasons why clicking subscribos is a sure fire winner!

WoE has released the Tatiana Ruched Minidresses finally. You might have picked up one in the Platinum Hunt or found one in the WoE Gatcha. If you love them and want more, head into store and snap up the fabulous colours which are out now. The earrings and necklace are from U & R Dog and are my current favs!

DCNY has a super sexy cheongsam inspired dress out in store. The Jasmine has the flowers of the same name decorating it to give it a glamour touch. And just cos you can never have enough, Vextra Design has a super sexy Little Black Dress for you to add to your inventory!

Taxi to DK Designs

Taxi to House of Hucci

Taxi to WoE

Taxi to DCNY

Taxi to Vextra Design

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